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Oct 18 2014 by Music agent
Alexsa Rai'jehen: You'll Never Find Another Like This..^ #Realcrap 

Alexis Salinas: 9.3.12' (:

Dra Sears: 2-4-14 Dra&raven ,(:

Kamar Jackson: Me and ride or die favorite song

NaJora Watley: cause i love my baby

Margaret Brady: This is my jam

Margaret Brady: This is my crap

Damarya Lewis: i like song it is good

BreeAnna m: Seem to be

ShyGirl: Thats right papi Im ur Ride or Die tu y yo juntos asta el final VILL3NnSHYGIRL

ATese Nibblins: I'll be your rider your ride or die chick

Alechia Johnson: Alechia badazz go to all way ride or die for her man and be there on time and he go to do the something for me

Jada Wiggins: Meh all the way

Stacey Barr: :)


Stephanie Adkins: I love this song I could listen to it all day 

Jasmine Williams: Love thiz song I'll ride 4 you im not like them other bitches I'll be yo lover n yo bf

Percy Petties: Yaaaa. 2.10.13

nicole williamson: 9-23-13 baby #rideordie love this nigga to death

Oshae Hoskins: 01.5.13 Marquis Xx' Oshay Hicks #RideOrDie (; I LOVE E YOUU Bae

neshay cooper: 4 <3 15 <3 11 <3

tattyanna17: 01~21~13 tot & rob

Kaylah Harris: 12-24-13

bossdiva7: 2-2-13

jaquanlilman: she ugly

sexiLala94: this me and my dude right here :) i love this song

Rica Marie: I like this SONGGG :) !

april hardin: Im going ride or die no question asked thats just

Tatiana Williams: 2.14.10

Davida Johnson: Omge i love dis song

whitney hill: im a big fan lol like this if u r a big fan

ebonylorraine: Nice song <3

Alexis Areniboz: My nigga always said we gone ride till we die weather we together or not! :') yea we wont last forever bt no matter what aint crap seperation us I know that for a fact I gotta stop doughtion us ill do whatever it takes to prove to him ill ride for him got his back no matter what the situation is! ♡09.13.12♡

Diamond Smith: 6*25*11 <3

LADII SOLO: Some of. Thesse ppl say they will ride or die for someone and end up leaving in a heart beat........ but I luvvvvvvvv this song

Call Me Letra: Its Marco From Rich Kidz . .

roneisha watkins: 10.27.12 ♥

Call Me Letra: Marco From Rich Kidz

enny drake: Marco From Them Gem away Boyzz ???? Ayeeeeeeeee (:

Randi Smith: 11.o8.10 .. Love my baby!!

Kayla Love: 6.25.12 <3

NaNaBaDiGoTpApEr: Ill ride ill ride babii ill ride fo yhu

nyiahbaby345: 7.2.13

Tanya Marie: 6.20.11 (:

sade brown: 2.24.12 :) #SoSolid , god cant break us lol

shawnakk580: 02.06.12 3

ItssMeechieeBaee: 05.27.11 <3 Wee Winning <3333

LADII SOLO: i said and yo boy marco duhhhhhhh.........

Dee Middleton: jdw&&dkm <3 8.12.12 <3 <3 Neva End <3

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