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Dec 07 2014 by Songs Tracker
Eleiur cel Batran: muistilor

ky fuffany-fussany: Travie McCoy: Need You (LYRIC VIDEO)

Mirigo: The sims 3 brought me here!:))

guitarb3ast7x: @trololo31 Missed.

LordPufficuss: Anyone know the simlish version better than the English one?

bffl4eva2u: 0:01

Thar Kyaw: Press 2 & 5 2 first and 5 second do it fastt =P "I need timeee" =PPP

Clifton Chong: why not you try learning it yourself?

TheCrisis59: i need you to understand,am not ready yet...... give me a lil more time

Vanessa Panemalaythong: quality sounds better than the official vdo! :) thanks! <3

Jewell Malfoy: luv this song!!!!!

kkjm94: I was listening to this on a playlist while I was on a different tab. The ad confused the hell out of me. "Sour cream and onion, I want you all over MY FAAACE." Best ad I've heard, if only for the element of surprise.

estigma93tnt: lol

irinea dem: i love travie i love this song i love the Official video and i tottaly love this video(:

Laura Galloway: Travie McCoy is too freaking boss.

Samuel Rios: *------*♥

Mateus Reis: freaking awesomeeeeeeeee

citiesxlpro1: Anyone know this is in Sims 3 Late Night?

Zadena Fox: i belive fair amount of people thanks sims for that ^.^

igotthatswGAg: I like how people fight over videos if there is millions more on the same song you don't like this video go search through the other million.

heyitsmeeee666: @nonyabizzgirl Oh no kidding?.. wow.. Impressive.

adam daugherty: @trololo31 you can undo dislikes

nonyabizzgirl: I think I murdered the replay button. o_O

eris ravencrow: wow nice song and great effort for the lyrics video ,,, like it !

Joker: Eargasm!!!

fireflie4: i really love this song and the lyrics

teeminus2seconds: 0:00

Victor Sandgren: this kind of lyric video is awesome!

spexoglad: i thought this was the official music video!


criclo1106: Nice lyrics!! Gr8 vid!!!

mandi baby: thumbs up if u <3333333333333 this song

Ivana Thomas: best song ever.

beriligum: this is his BEST SONG

NtvChannel: "If i gave you my heart, be gentle" - The main message of this song! love it!

Giorgi Mgaloblishvili: <3

Bar Rozen: And when you know you know ... I said i need you !!!!

PartOfElectroShimmer: ??

Darwin Lopez: Retarded question.. so has this always been Travie's side project?

Krystal Hall: Great lyrics video & love this song

mrguitarfingers: Will some1 plz make a lyric vid I can watch on my iPod please

DB9Productions: @trololo31 I allways say this to my friends ..

rose ann marcial: freak 82 dislikes ./

jenny911: The Sims 3 Nightlife.

Kujtesa Hyseni: This song really bring out his beautiful voice!!


Kelly Snooks: /:

waleedmurad32: y do i never ever get liked comments

nigeljoy: i love lyric videos

Ayuni Nadrah: 78 people never been messed by someone before. And when their heart has been ripped out and torn to pieces, they'll start listening to this song again and wish they could undo the dislike

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