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Feb 22 2014 by MP3 Download
Jeffrey Powell: "Auld Lang Syne" Really a very beautiful song... I always wondered about the meaning of the lyrics in this song and I never knew the history behind it till now. I learned something new already for the new year!

tata kitcho: I learned this song when I was a boy scout and 12 years old and get to sing it every at the end of the school year, when all of us going away for a long vacation. As we were singing, it always made me cry. even now in my twilight years I still tear up, whenever I hear it. Thanks

Renee Joy: The real kicker? I never knew this was an actual Scots tradition until just now...*good shivers*. :) (See my post just below, lol.)

Renee Joy: For old long since (in English). I was adopted at birth and did not know my heritage until I became an adult, and was not raised with Scots heritage but always felt I was (turns out I'm half, lol) but I used to always play Auld Lang Syne at midnight on New Year's Eve on my trumpet (I play classically) every year growing up out in the country; our neighbors five miles out could all still hear me in the cold winter air when they went out to set off fireworks. :) I still do this at age 40, and will do it as long as my hands can still hold my trumpet.

En-Pu Chang: I miss Scotland so bad! 

mh605: And from what album is this?

Will Hoover: 

John Skilbred: Happy New Year To Everyone........Here's to a Happier New Year For All of Us.....For AULD LANG SYNE! Thanks for Posting this Traditional Ballad!

齊藤勝: (:_;) japan

matthew bain: HAPPY NEW YEAR

klaus toense: Scottland for ever

Mike Emery: Beautiful, thanks.

Stewart Brooker: Happy new year , may it be the start of the good years !!!!!1

Jelena Pavlovic: Thank you ! Happy New Year 2014!

7400Denmark: Music is a great thing to the world - and to me ! ThankYou Scottland and a Very Good NewYear 2014 to you all. 

Lillibeth Heatherhill: Happy Hogmanay all - lang may yer lum reek! (long may your chimney smoke = long life and prosperity)

Julie Goldsmith: Happy New year all! Hope 2014 is a great year for from Sandgate, Queensland, Australia

Chris Pateman: Beautiful...Thank you.....Happy New Year 2014 from Australians with Scottish Ancestors....All the best....

davie l: God bless rabbie burns

Avante Lewis: For all of my days I will only play the scottish version of auld lang syne at new year's. 

lonestaroftejas: So beautiful and so moving ...

Rick Levesque: I can't believe the way this song makes me feel like Scotland is calling... :-[

Wilfred Baker: such lovely song, Dougie Mclean sings so beautifully ,reminds me of the highlands ,aye we share this cup of kindness, .

Maighread Birdsong: LOVELY!

Paul Aronhime: Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. -Benjamin Franklin And with that, I wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Years and may 2014 welcome you with open arms and hearts. Tis the year of the horse. So grab a hold a ride far my friends, not onto the many worn paths, but the one you forge yourself....

nothingsexcluded: So beautiful that I got tears in my eyes. Thank you. ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

William: Auld Lang Syne, partly done in Scottish, with the best shots of Scotland I've ever seen! This is excellently well done and a must see. But, if you have Irish or Scottish roots, this will rock your SOUL!!!

czar14617: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! 2014

dofi2008: Its a great piece, but just for your information it was not written by Robert Burns in 1788, it was written about 1745... Thanks for the upload..

Jeannette Oatley: For all of you

LK McGill Wagner: For Long, Long, Since!

ElizabethGS: that's a very dumb and insulting thing to call someone purely because he's German. Only some Germans were Nazis. If YOU don't know the difference you need to open a history book. Take for example the US during Bush's years. Would the assumption be that every US citizen was a republican purely because He was the president? No. So stop with stupid comments on youtube because a young person wants to visit beautiful Scotland from Bavaria. Jackass.

KamikazeHunter1944: Unless I'm hearing it wrong on iTunes, yes, this is Dougie MacLean's recording of the poem.

CelticAngloPress: (Que the Parrots whom condemn the propaganist media but uphold their myths about the only true nationalist party because it fits their marxists anti-Scottish agenda).

ImiteB: Prettiest version I ever heard of this song.

MrMalusignis: @glasgow1234 Even under British rule for so long Scotland has never lost who it is and I pray it never does.

Alasdair William Fearn-Ross: Why not?

Kelvin Ho: I like Long Long Ago song more than this.

Fl4dd3rm0uz: go to wikipedia.. type in "Auld lang syne" and it will tell you heaps about the song... for one that it means "old long since" or: long long since and that it is a poem by Robert Burns set to a pentatonic old Scots folk song melody. Now, STOP BEING LAZY.

Phorus 93: This is such a wonderful song ! I love Scotland. All these sceneries, it makes me want to visit this country. And of course taste a real scottish beer :p

thubronic89: Robert burns inspiring min

Mike Renders: What's wrong with ethnic or religious association? Those that identify themselves as A go to Z those that identify as B go to Y, you get choice in the matter.

Hasan Mostafa: Nice Song! Love from Bangladesh!

maosef: There are calls for welsh independence, however they are not as eager as the Scots. I imagine to some degree welsh independence will depend upon whether or not Scotland can demonstrate that an ancient British kingdom long since losing their autonomy can not only survive but thrive in the modern world. N.Ireland is more focused on the reunification with Ireland or staying UK debate and Cornwall which is the most south westerly region of England is also discussing independence or more autonomy.

drtruth8: Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, not Britain, and finally has the opportunity to vote for independence in 2014. I wouldn't go around saying Scots are British, mate. Please don't get angry; I'm just being pedantic me.

MrAndrew871: eh so we can make our own decisions and not have them forced on us by unelected governments, not have Scottish Soldiers sent to die for Westminster Illegal wars, trident gone from Scotland, there is no need for such weapons on our shows and it shows how hypocritical the Uk is in that regard. Other country's can't have them but we can for our defence, what about the defence of other country's? why is ok for the UK to have them and not other country's? theres so much more..............

Jeremy Scott: my friends and I always end a party with this song, does not matter where we are. Really pisses off everyone else because we are all tone deaf

wolfmk9: Greetings from Wisconsin, USA. The song and photo's simply tug at one's heart - Though, I was born and raised in South Africa, to a now departed mother from Greenock, so perhaps I am biased :) ... My heartfelt thanks... I shall be taking a peek at your remaining 125 vids...

Raysiclove: NEW YEARS SONG

flameskull111: i'm really looking forward seeing your beautiful country after my a-level exams :) greetings from bavaria

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