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Apr 17 2015 by New Albums
ANTONIJA H.: Beautiful..:))..Thank you very much...Jeffrey.!!...

Ruth Cameron: Traditionally sang at New Year here in Scotland......Happy New Year Everyone.

Ann D.: Check out this video on YouTube: This one rendition is from Scotland...Beautiful... Happy New Year Kindly sent from the Damm Family for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy...2015...

Marcello Granata: The melody - not the text - is well known in Germany and Austria, too. A german text, translated into something that means "Say farewell, brothers", was added. But I prefere the original lyrics. It's such a beautifull song :-/

arma jackson: In indonesia this music in translate song disappear for exit school. Verry awesome . Saya suka banget .sudah tiba saatnya kita akan berpisah marilah kita mohon pada yang maha esa. Verry beautiful song

Vera Graña Cassano: Beautiful and pleasant Scotland! Love this song...God bless Scotland and Scottish.

MeowXo Rox: Happy New Year!

Damian Rybiński: I'm from Poland and I studied in Scotland half of year under the Erasmus + program. I fell in love in Scotland, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, thousands new friends... and wonderful songs(I love Loch Lomond song). I hope that I'll come back to Scotland, to beautiful old Edinburgh, full of life Glasgow and my rainy Hamilton. You are better side of UK my friends don't forget about it. Greetings from Poland.

Christina Thompson: And here's my hand, my trusty friend, And give me your hand too, And we will take an excellent good-will drink For the days of long ago.

péter csorba: Szeptemberben választanak szabadságukért!

Kalle Anka: Sorry to say but Robert Burns did not wrote the song, he merely wrote down a folk song. (sorry for the english but im from sweden)

杏野華: 日本のは別れの歌だけど、スコットランドのは出会いの歌だってことを『マッサン』で知って、聴いてみました! やっぱりいい歌ですね(^ω^)

Jeffrey Powell: "Auld Lang Syne" Really a very beautiful song... I always wondered about the meaning of the lyrics in this song and I never knew the history behind it till now. I learned something new already for the new year!

xZ ya: Check out this video on YouTube:

En-Pu Chang: I miss Scotland so bad! 

Smile Team: it is also disgusting me even when I think of we have a lot such men. on this earth.they are real lower than any worms, even worms better and peaceful than them, even if they seems to graduate from Harvard or Oxford, it is disguise, the more they know the wicked things they do, the worse their own lives seems. 

brotherhoodz97: Scotland will be free! September 2014 they vote for independence

Smile Team: Real rich is not how much money you own before you die, it is what inside of you. finally. 

Smile Team: I felt I have many similarity with British people, particularly Welsh and Scottish, because I came from a province and part of China where we all have very straightforward and very brave spirit--sometimes may seems very rigid too, stubborn, etc. we have the most beautiful people there, from movie stars, queens recently two first ladies that wives of Mao and Xi are all from our province, even if they are not all success in their lives. with the leaders from other parts. And also, we are always richest place in China, and most great thinkers from our region too. Therefore, we are not much focus on become king over there, like scottish, not eager to separate, and independent as long as the whole region in peace and we are still rich and happy. I am also proud I came from over there. And two of my close boyfriends in toronto and vancouver are all actually from scottish tribe too. one from harvard. but at that time, I do not have much faith to go vacation to mexico as he invited me, cause knows only they do trading drugs and not safe, I have a lot negative thought the past 7 yrs I was in toronto because the dissatisfaction of jobs and life style, always in oppressed way I felt. So after 7 yrs peanut jobs with no saving, I think about change and went to university on 2006. abandon everything there. 

tata kitcho: I learned this song when I was a boy scout and 12 years old and get to sing it every at the end of the school year, when all of us going away for a long vacation. As we were singing, it always made me cry. even now in my twilight years I still tear up, whenever I hear it. Thanks

Smile Team: I do not need to always think rich, rich will find me. And, friends is everywhere with same souls only, regardless American, Canadian, or Welsh or Scottish, etc. I have no bias against anyone. --I mean, I never look myself too high above others, due to my racial groups. any groups have good apple and bad ones. Hitler has this ill, that is why he suicided, in the end, this showed, what he believe is totally wrong. 

Renee Joy: For old long since (in English). I was adopted at birth and did not know my heritage until I became an adult, and was not raised with Scots heritage but always felt I was (turns out I'm half, lol) but I used to always play Auld Lang Syne at midnight on New Year's Eve on my trumpet (I play classically) every year growing up out in the country; our neighbors five miles out could all still hear me in the cold winter air when they went out to set off fireworks. :) I still do this at age 40, and will do it as long as my hands can still hold my trumpet.

Will Hoover: ♫ Scottish Music - Auld Lang Syne ♫

Smile Team: Now, that is why, I love all the uneducated but really working men. and women. 

Avante Lewis: For all of my days I will only play the scottish version of auld lang syne at new year's. 

Smile Team: this song is very sentimental, let us recall the movie, and recognize that it is so hard to find and keep even one friend of us in our lives, life is empty, indeed, because to build real friendship and love, even between one man and one woman is difficult, and Jesus also told us, in this world, we do not have one single real friend. I kind of believe this, this also been shown so obvious in power families , and groups in all nations. Let's see. if it is a truth, cause I am a very honest person. 

Renee Joy: The real kicker? I never knew this was an actual Scots tradition until just now...*good shivers*. :) (See my post just below, lol.)

Rick Levesque: I can't believe the way this song makes me feel like Scotland is calling... :-[

Chris Pateman: Beautiful...Thank you.....Happy New Year 2014 from Australians with Scottish Ancestors....All the best....

Smile Team: I also reading some quran now, but compare with Bible, it contains too much arguments and dialogues I can not put much interests in. that is why I am still into reading Bible cause it is very interesting to me. and I also believe it too , that without experience birth and death, ppl will never understand and repent their own sins. so, God is glorious and fair to this all to us . 

Lillibeth Heatherhill: Happy Hogmanay all - lang may yer lum reek! (long may your chimney smoke = long life and prosperity)

7400Denmark: Music is a great thing to the world - and to me ! ThankYou Scottland and a Very Good NewYear 2014 to you all. 

nothingsexcluded: So beautiful that I got tears in my eyes. Thank you. ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

Stewart Brooker: Happy new year , may it be the start of the good years !!!!!1

Wilfred Baker: such lovely song, Dougie Mclean sings so beautifully ,reminds me of the highlands ,aye we share this cup of kindness, .

Jelena Pavlovic: Thank you ! Happy New Year 2014!

William: Auld Lang Syne, partly done in Scottish, with the best shots of Scotland I've ever seen! This is excellently well done and a must see. But, if you have Irish or Scottish roots, this will rock your SOUL!!!

klaus toense: Scottland for ever

davie l: God bless rabbie burns

czar14617: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! 2014

Ana Lia Bell Ower: Feliz Año 2014 desde Buenos Aires Argentina. Felicidades para todos y gracias por la canción.

Maighread Birdsong: LOVELY!

Smile Team: I currently felt, like this song sings, the most important thing from old time is friendship, even among brother and sister and family, because like myself and my two scottish boyfriends, we are all downward in thinking and not be able to have real love and friendship, even now I begin to compare with the filipino families and friends here, we all lack of this pure and good spirit, because all me and my sister separated by evil spirit of jealousy and mean thoughts to each other, also suspicious; about them, each brothers doing all different jobs, and some are soldiers, and also divorced, and not forgiving ; toronto one brother doing firefighting, sister is a waitress, I am thinking, why he do not gather them and me into his own company which doing conference meeting schedules? --he doing very well at kings way. and all parents who are lawyer and teacher passed away and he also has no kids. has only passion of play boy life style?? on hell, who make us unhappy and not enough success we all desired??--I do hope one day friends can gather like this pic , so pure and so happy , so "naive". 

mh605: It's a beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne, and I love the beautiful photos. But you need to give credit to the musician in your introduction. Who is singing? It sounds like Dougie McClean. 

matthew bain: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Julie Goldsmith: Happy New year all! Hope 2014 is a great year for from Sandgate, Queensland, Australia

齊藤勝: (:_;) japan

lonestaroftejas: So beautiful and so moving ...

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