Scottish Music - Auld Lang Syne

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Amos Maclin: Hermosa

You Yourself: Who the freak would down vote this??!
I'll answer that myself...
......Nobends who haven't got a clue!

Verenasofie: dieses Lied haben wir vor vielen Jahren in Scottland bei einem Floklore-Abend gemeinsam gesungen, es war sehr berührend.

Ilse Lieb: super schön

john paul monaghan: proud to be Scottish happy new year to one n all :-)

C.T.R. Lee: Happy new year 2017 people!

Klaus Frischholz: Excellent...-:))

bob metcalf: Peter McFarlane, from Dorchester Massachusetts by way of Cape Breton and the 187th Highlanders... Open the bottle and throw away the cork, this one is for you.

Joseph Garity: God Bless the Scottish people, and their Irish brothers.

Yasmin Martínez: Where ever you are daddy... you'll never be forgotten by my heart. I'll drink in your honor for Auld Lang Syne.

Matt HD: Being nothing but an Anglo-Scottish French Canadian, I sense a soft beautiful touch of melodic-remedy in this music.

Ursula Ehrmann: Ein wundervolles Lied. So schön wie das. Land. Vielen Dank

tx: too slow

Anas Zakiri: Spiritual music, way better than the degenerate music of today .

adalberto pizzato: THAT REMINDS US patetically our destiny towards God.

Emmanuelle Boraud: Belle vidéo en harmonie avec cette musique ... Merci

Jo Zee: Lovely!

Commissar Kitchen: Such a lovely and moving song. Even though I am not Scottish (American from Hawaii) I am proud to have Scottish blood and ancestry. May Scotland live on forever.

Gabriele Fall: BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing!

Gayatri Johnston: love this song

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