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Dec 28 2014 by Fresh releases
Senge Solange: The music is so good 

Bill Aigbekaen: Sorry erro 250 Phelps Ln, North Babylon, NY What is wrong with you?

1twinkeR: omg tell me too!

Fredrick Mogaji: What is the last song called?

Jessica Schultz: FANTASTIC SONG! I looove this kinda music! =D Wonderful!

OKOYOMON: I love the part where they had the lists of God's name in different languages My soul was lifted

babylove584: thanks for posting.

EfikZara: lol, I made vids to this same CD -_-". Mine are quite different though, lol.

Stella Mike: praaaaaaaaaaise the LOrd Haleluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuya God is good

ronnietwins: E se o Jesu. great is thy faithfullness.

yesidefashionstores: Thank you for uploading this song at a point in my life when i am so overwhemlmed with gratitude...all i want for xmas is for the lord to know i am so so very grateful!!!

anyigeo: I AM BLESSED

mob k: thanks

bluedreamsred: this is wonderful song through out the world.... God blessed you guys the more...

oluomo04: re:opendoors, The meaning of that line is 'What my God has done for me is a miracle or it's wonderful, i'm amazed'. Well, it might not be the perfect but am sure it's very close. Remain bless

chikasgurl: @leston4life the second song is also igbo.. it means he has really blessed me...

Pendukenni Phalaagae: AMEN!!!!

Eji Denis: No much difference with those worldly songs and everyone is here liking it. See the woman raping out of Gospel track, not inspiring at all!

OKOYOMON: u welcome dear God bless you!!!

ogbonna20: Codewit may almighty GOB bless you bless you bless you, carry on my guy

PrincessNUN: this is so amazing. God is truly my STRONG TOWER. I laugh everytime the enemy tries to destroy me because i know with Jesus i have the victory. Amen. i thank God i foubd this song. i would love to buy it.

liskindy: you are the God forever more

kellyhandel: codewit,may God bless you in multimillion folds for blessing my soul by these ministration

mob k: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz codewit ,tell me where l can buy the cd/vcd

queenblacks4: Jesu Igwe = Jesus is King Emeela Jehovah - Thank u Jehovah

mcshantu: where did you download it from? I have been looking for it.

misspetitpousin: i am blessed,in jesus name,AMEN

latrice lee: Bless Nigeria.....:)

yinksman: o gozirima ngosi..did i get it some on plz? i love that part

TheArdentGooner: FINALLLY!!!!!... been Looking for this song for aaggggeesss.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

OKOYOMON: this one deyoooo I love my daddy Jesus

OKOYOMON: my Lord is goooooood cant stop loving this song!!!

mario4ya: I love dis....

jejelady: Codewit O se gan,,, If only u knew wat u had done for me with these praise uploads

dakirae: tankyou for the song i am enjoying since one friend of mine yoroba show it to me i am not from nigerian but i love there culture

MrOpemipo: This's what i want to be hearing everyday it give me hope and joy...Thank you for this

R0531YN: Praise The Lord. I love Him so much. Thank you for the songs Codewit

Kashif Nazir Anjum: I am blesssed by His word,praises and worship this morning,He is an awesome who usually do the unusual,thank you daddy for healing,strenght,power giving to me,halleluyah to God!!!!!!!!!!

Oge Onwurah: Thanks

chidovers: thank u Jesus ,its great to know UUUUU

omo31: Nigeria, Africa or the World, the song is just too wonderful. God bless you as you agree.

angelyetty007: I THANK YOU LORD

OKOYOMON: Hi dear the meaning is what the Lord has done for me is a surprise.. come and see if im wrong some one pls let me know thanks

segment ben: GOD BLESS THIS BRAIN AND THE REDEEMED VOICES..........Love this brethren

PASTOR DEBORAH ODILAKACHI JOHN CHILAKA: nigeria redeem praise 4 is the best music.

theKuNku: its ibo.. it means "God had blessed me, with plenty" and they keep saying it and thanking Him

man2011ish: The song is awesome,God is good all the time

vayisha: Nice one codewit. Nice graphics, that kid was kinda scary though, bless him!

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