anime music video [ranma ] -- material girl (madonna)

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Apr 10 2015 by Download
Ben Best: Nice job on the video.

Jonathan Porter: Ah, crap! I don't care if she's a series of painted lines(of perfection), Nabiki's a freakin' hot mama! XD

TheOddestOtaku: My avatar is DEFINITELY smiling at Nibiki right nao. Great video!!

Chrisfragger1: Ahhh the days when people actually put effort into their AMV's

Rebecca Gale: perfect song to go with the clips! well done :)


TheKat027: @queenado Yeah ^^ but it's pretty good

Garados1: Weil einige Leute einen an der Murmel haben! "laugh"

Auri Lee: This is a really good aMv and this is a good anime but this is the old version of anime but its still good now they upgraded anime a bit

mirandalin778: Nabiki is really cool!

AnimeDoctorDJ: Definitly beats madonnas video. NABIKI FOREVER.

IzzoMahachi: she is really a material girl

animeariel: hi a cute video !!! and a cute song !!! well, i love ranma 1/2 !!! it´s my favorite anime !!! i hope you do more and more videos !!! ok bye bye take care wht software do cha use ???

Gaarahinafan2: Awesome!

straytracer: Decent job on the lip-sync, EXCELLENT job on the content! Especially the comment at the end. Where'd you get this?

ana5mia: well done

soulger222: Nabiki is my favorite girls in ranma

Fled91: dunno... the song fits perfectly in Nabiki, so this video is marvellous


norfolk316: Does anyone actually believe she is REALLY destined to marry Tatewaki Kuno (well he is rich) lol I am not sure whether to be jealous of Kuno or pity him. The cheapest "favor" thing I saw nabiki do was agree to go on a date with Tatewaki and agree to write in a Daily Exchange Book with him (though she did pass it off onto Ranma lol) for a piece of Cake and a Soda. She charged poor Doc Tofu a hell of a sight more just to Pretend to be his fiance. Nabiki is one fickle lady.

dimmy4simmy: i love this its so ace

Victoria Bartley: I always did love Nabiki

Brenda Nieto: quien lo diria nabiki la chica material good :D

kiiro14: Is it weird that I find Kuno hot at 1:01? LOL

Rhinneh: Awesome ^_^ Nice lip-sync. :D Loving the Nibiki-theme. Her personality matches the song great *nodnod*

shadowwrune: That was the perfect song for her and you did an excellent job. The only thing that could have made it better would be better lipsinc, but lipsincing at all is difficult so great job.

Starcom777: inapropriate? don't see why... Thumbs UP !

ringirl777: awsome perfect song for her ^_^ love the vid

camperadelana: 22 people don't have idea about music

queenado: Why does it say "Released 2001" at the beginning if this song came out in the 80's? O_o

Meggysno2: I love this video I have on a disc that my brother gave me ^^

queenado: @TheKat027 Ahh okay thanks. This AMV is pretty old then O.o

pthaeloblue: HAHAHHAHAH!!!! I love nabiki!! she's the best!!! HAHAH!!! I agree!!! NAbiki and kuno forever!!!! ;pppppppppp

glatiator187: i like how she's about to taek ff jacket...(drools)

chaosgoettin: because one charakter made the "freak you"? :D ...oh, and you can see sexy Nabiki aaaaa~ll the time :D

norfolk316: Nabiki is hot but god no one can afford her! She could bankrupt Trump!

rstyeast73: The song fits Nabiki's persona. The lip-synching is pretty good. Like she says "can't blame a girl trying to make a little bit of cash."

levoisa91wingardium: awesome mv...

zenegermen: This song is for Nabiki, maybe Madonna saw a few parts.XD

duofantasy2: nice vid and wtf?? 3:43 is he flipping someone off or what?

KagomeMiley1fan: wow that was perfect for Nabiki

Compuvenger: @duofantasy2 The Japanese use a middle finger to indicate 1. Though he is mad at Ranma in that scene and is telling him "I've only got ONE thing to say to you" Which is pretty much the English translation to the gesture...

plantman103: Yea, no kidding! She is always scheming something to make money. She even charges Ranma for the hot water to change back to his normal male self when Shampoo was trying to kill him as a girl. That is before Shampoo found out the truth about Ranma and his curse.

EdDogg83: Very good movie, great timing too :)

BlackChevyGirl: AWESOME!!!! XD

TheKat027: @queenado This video itself was released 2001 not the song Material Girl

13Nii21: hahaha soo kewl this video! :D

Compuvenger: Probably the boob rubbing of ranma.

ElementalMutant101: well that works!!

KagurasSacrifice: why is this flagged as inapropriate?

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