anime music video [ranma ] -- material girl (madonna)

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Tyler Tisaowa: This was actually made by Phade, but encapsulates Nabiki in a nutshell :)

JF Hern: 3:57 I started laughing

naerokano: the title perfectly describes Nabiki ^^

Benny Moonwalker: Nice job on the video.

Jon Porter: Ah, crap! I don't care if she's a series of painted lines(of perfection), Nabiki's a freakin' hot mama! XD

Chrisfragger1: Ahhh the days when people actually put effort into their AMV's

gen101394: so? it' still pretty good

Starcom777: inapropriate? don't see why... Thumbs UP !

PirateNinjaKitteh: this AMV was actually made by the creator of amv(dot)org =3 pretty cool to know, huh

Ixtabay la Matlacihuatl: NABIKI GREED

chaosgoettin: because one charakter made the "freak you"? :D ...oh, and you can see sexy Nabiki aaaaa~ll the time :D

Compuvenger: @duofantasy2 The Japanese use a middle finger to indicate 1. Though he is mad at Ranma in that scene and is telling him "I've only got ONE thing to say to you" Which is pretty much the English translation to the gesture...

kiiro14: Is it weird that I find Kuno hot at 1:01? LOL

TheKat027: @queenado Yeah ^^ but it's pretty good

TheKat027: @queenado This video itself was released 2001 not the song Material Girl

Naomi Suibhne: omg I can't believe I'm actually watching this. This is like ancient history. If I remember correctly this was one of the first amvs on amv(dot)org

KagurasSacrifice: yeah probably ^^

Compuvenger: Probably the boob rubbing of ranma.

Garados1: Weil einige Leute einen an der Murmel haben! "laugh"

KagurasSacrifice: why is this flagged as inapropriate?

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