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David Bowers: They filmed this Nov 26 and 27 1969 at Madison Square Garden that's what is printed on the original album cover

David Bowers: My favorite song ever since I first heard it 34 years ago.

David Bowers: 'I was crowned with a spike through my head '

RWL Outdoors: What are you people?, On Dope!?

LarryRickenbacker: Live Rock & Roll doesn't get any better; at least not by Englishmen.

RWL Outdoors: Their best version of Jumpin Jack Flash

albertinoRRT: Rock & Roll at it's purest and most RAW....gotta love it

David Bowers: the greatest rock & roll band in the world.the rolling stones, the rolling stones.

David Bowers: My boys playing in the Garden!

Mr. Midshipman: I broke my pee pee and its swelled up, feel it nurse:)

Mr. Midshipman: I've fallen and can't get up

Brian Allan: Contrast Mick Taylor's demeanor in this video, where he's just happy to be a Stone, to the video of them doing Tumblin' Dice three years later, where he thinks his crap doesn't stink.

MrRabbitBlack: intro of the "Gimme Shelter" movie ^^

Brian Allan: Who's playing the solo during the outro? Anybody know? It sounds out of the physical capabilites of Keef. But also out of the noodling capabilities of Mick T. Anybody know?

Brian Allan: Check out the demeanor of Mick T. in this one, where he's just happy to be a Rolling Stone, to his demeanor in the 1972 Ladies and Gentlemen vid of Tumbling Dice, where he's too good for them. What a difference three years as a rock star makes.

David Geldberg: Everyone in that audience and watching this at tv at home is now dead.

mircea1910: "Welcome to the breakfast show!"

Brian Allan: @jbstonesfan "Supergroup" generally means groups put together by stars from other groups. Except for Ronnie Wood (Stone since 1975, veteran of the Small Faces), nobody in the Stones ever played in another group. Sorry to be pedantic. Yes, the bad-boy vibe the Stones gave off contributed to Altamont, but they sure kicked the hell out of pop music, 1965 - 1981.

Brian Allan: At 1:48, is Jagger pointing down at a fan trying to scale the stage?

jbstonesfan: @anonymouscrank 100% Correct..the Stones, to me the greetaest band oin earth, have always had one of the worst fan bases of all the so called super groups.

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