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Dec 04 2014 by Torrent
David Bowers: They filmed this Nov 26 and 27 1969 at Madison Square Garden that's what is printed on the original album cover´╗┐

David Bowers: My favorite song ever since I first heard it 34 years ago.´╗┐

tou06: Got that album from Santa when I was 10 yrs old .. I'll always Love Santa ....

phoneix91: thats on Gimme shelter. the whole movie is freeking badass

rmsh1976: His guitar was an Ampeg Dan Armstrong. Where does Mick address the monitor issue?

Stephen Crawley: KEITH ~~~~~~~ !

Mr. Midshipman: I've fallen and can't get up

alexandre1129: You are absolutely right. I'm 19 and we both missed the fun which is pretty sad... Not just that, the music in this decades is mostly crap!

noveds07: I was 3yrs old when this was filmed... Just f'ng awesome.

pabluchostone: madison square garden?

Brian Allan: At 1:48, is Jagger pointing down at a fan trying to scale the stage?

England In June Productions: Kick Out The Jams M****F****ers - Keith and Charlie hit a monter GROOOOOOOVE !!!!

Kapernakus07: I swear I was born in the wrong era I'm 25 and I think the best music came from the 60's I love this performance

LarryRickenbacker: Legend has it that Jimi and Janice were dancing behind that wall of Ampegs during one of the MSG shows. Arguably the most Testosterone fueled riff ever put on vinyl.

robsterino: It's awesome how Mick seemlessly controls that stage directing the tech to fix the monitor on stage so he can hear Mick Jones' guitar. What a total badass version of JJF!

Adrian Van Vorhees: 9 out of 10 in this NY crowd appear to be very uptight, It's like they went to the show at the urging of a friend . . . Those 9/10 must be the miserable unsmiling oldsters in my NYC neighb'.

mircea1910: "Welcome to the breakfast show!"

Johnny Knobbe: Mick Taylor misses a chord slightly at 1:31 and Jagger looks at him and then leans over the monitor as if to ask Taylor if he can hear the monitors ok. Taylor nods that he can and Jagger points to Richards to come front and center to take the spotlight. Jagger hasn't yet obtained confidence in his fairly new 20 year old lead guitarist. By the end of this concert Jagger's concerns are gone and the Stones are on their way to earning the title of "The Greatest Rock n Roll Band in the World".

jamal49: Just simply the best version of this song--EVER!

Mike Cannata: Mick Jones??? try Mick Taylor!!!! MLC

josephmalekzadeh: he's a pretty good guy....generous.

andrew slayton: hey is the mick jewgger???? [jamie] gotta be

David Bowers: 'I was crowned with a spike through my head '

jamal49: I have a vinyl recording of that tour and I tell you it's the BEST "Midnight Rambler" I have ever heard or seen them do.

dragyourhalo: you said it, 72-73 tours were even better than this...somehow

cn854: Welcome to the breakfast show....

Jeff P: The beginning of the best of their new road entourage. Mick Taylor was truly a wonderful addition to the band.

Jorge Marull: Great concert... I love to see the stones at this early stage of their music career, you could feel the strength of their performance.

cactaceous: "grow up you hippy boys and girls" Ah, it's you who have to grow up gangster. You're a 32 year old guy who comes in to videos of people you don't like and say crap to get a reaction from people. Very mature. And by the way a fan of Alien Ant farm should not be talking crap about anyone's tastes except your own.

cactaceous: Not really. He became a heavy drug addict by being so young and hanging around with Keith and Gram Parsons, that's why he quit. He was too freaked up. he was great though. the best Stones albums were made with him. After he quit the Stones have only made two good albums in 30 years.

David Bowers: My boys playing in the Garden!

Brian Allan: Check out the demeanor of Mick T. in this one, where he's just happy to be a Rolling Stone, to his demeanor in the 1972 Ladies and Gentlemen vid of Tumbling Dice, where he's too good for them. What a difference three years as a rock star makes.

Keepsu: Mick Taylor mixing it up a little at 2:10. Oh yeah baby!

andrew slayton: this has to jamie from glendale road. gotta be

dragyourhalo: may i ask how you got that vinyl?

ebkvideos: Did I just hear the teacher from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the beginning of this video? If so let me know. Let's see his name would be Ray Walston what a great actor.

skychurchify: Long live the Stones!!

tou06: Absolutely !

albertinoRRT: Rock & Roll at it's purest and most RAW....gotta love it

three mile smile *cameltooth1*: He was probably happy to be playing when he joined. Years later, he probably couldn't smell his own crap because they did so much cocaine and whatever else.

zorbazig: Historical !!! For me , GYYY'sOUT is one of the top 5 albums of all times, and of all styles of music !!! The Perfection !!! The symbol and archetype of Rock'n'roll --------

SoberGeorge: Thanks for the post! Saw them in Phoenix in 1969 (I was just a baby)... Ike and Tina Turner Review opened. The '69 tour was really a turning point for the Stones in many ways, and it paved the way for the many stadium tours that followed. Keith used a very unusual clear Lucite guitar during this show... strange that I remember it, however I don't remember what kind it was... Anybody?

jbstonesfan: @anonymouscrank 100% Correct..the Stones, to me the greetaest band oin earth, have always had one of the worst fan bases of all the so called super groups.

Mr. Midshipman: I broke my pee pee and its swelled up, feel it nurse:)

tokaicarl: your dead right- most of the good music camefrom 60''s + early 70's

samysam121: like i said, i crapped myself when i heard this version lol.

bpdlmorrison: aguante los stones

Johnny Knobbe: 73 tour in Europe was better but it was never released officially so it lacks the sound production quality of ya ya's.

Kaluszko1965: 1. it's in altamont , 2. greatest rock n' roll band ever

Mrmiles4: coka5841, why do you say this?

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