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Feb 23 2014 by MP3 player
ricardo Hernandez: Luv this video of ross lynch

ronda charles: I love u ross 

ronda charles: I love u ross 

buica andra: e melodia mea preferata cantata de ross lyngh

lpslovergirlmlp5〈3: I love it

lyricsmaker104: lol i love this song and this video is awesome!

Jeannee Brookings: Mariogamefreaks1 you'll never know

My Channel: Awesome Song!!!!!!!!!!!

killdrone123: the video is cool and the song my faverit song

MinecraftGamers: Love this song

Tammie Ellis: I love this song

Friducha Chucha: tha is awesome

Deandre Chavis: Cool i heard that you lost your swagger but the song is nice

Janie Lopez: I like this song

mariogamefreak1: This video will never get a billion hits.

Anthony Straw: Psy listened to this before making Gangnam Style

brianna wandell: 

Billy Stallings: You are the best singer in the world

ronnie watkinson: check out ross lynch fav star for me

Eve Virgin: 

Paul Cantrell: Pop music video of the day is...

Mustafa Kütük: I love this austin

denver clemens: ya have to watch this amazing video,great job ross!!!

Bruce Bates: As a marketer I love this song....

Joely Styles: Yeah

len bell: ok

brayan vasquez perez: eso si es rock

frankie grillo: =o Austin & Ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =0 =b...

Aaron Hundley: this my song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Paterala: To all you Disney fans, Ross Lynch

Shelby Evans: love you Ross Lynch!

esperanzafenequeable: I wish you were my bro

Alicia Lubrant: well he has 1,789,679 views

johnell short: so true

froggirlash: I'm always improving

CRYANA88: I yeah..

Mihalko Lyamin: (✿◠‿◠)

Rebecca Phillips: I love it

kyle spirithunter: why the fock people thing ausin hot it's alley :P

RomanceAnd2ndChances: This is amazing. Why can't you do more show like this?


Rainbowdew DoesMC: damn i cant believe this was 2 years ago

REINBOW DAYUSH: i love it :D

Mihalko Lyamin: Love it!! It's in my head.... <3 •‿•

Mihalko Lyamin: lol yeah!

Lama Tamara: I love ross lynch

Adam Wassell: Love this song bro

Kristy Nissley: Mom Austin moon

Ryan Tristani: He just really did rite my favorite song<3(:

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