Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) - A BILLION HITS - (Full song with lyrics on screen) Music Video for Free!

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Dot B: I keishawn root a billing hist

Norman Jobes: cool

Roselle Sandoval: Awesome song! I can't believe Austin and Ally ended

Normagene Deck: This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

DisneyChannelSongs: Love this song

Latoya Hawkins: I'm a good singer.I'm Nicayla Lenay Hawkins Latoyas doter.

Tricia Pan: cool amiation

Goat head: This comment section is filled with weird and horney comments

SelahSS: Great video and AWESOME animation 😊

Meet Patel: I think ross lynch is the best

Blanca Garcia: I think Ross Lynch is SUPER cute and very talented!!!

Blanca Garcia: I wish I was really talented like Laura Marano.

Magical Can Of Beans: Are you people serious? I know most of you are young and nieve and haven't yet realized how crapty your music taste are but... really? Really?

Dora Caicedo: laura you are so right

Carlos Guardado: Соол

Laura Manrno: Ross wanna have sex I am in to you I was just knitting about not being in to you.

Laura Manrno: This video is cool and awesome I love you R5

Zakir Stocks: +Ross Lynch Hey, there! I just wanted to say, ever since your television series, Austin & Ally came out on Disney Channel, your super cool music video, "A Billion Hits" is AWESOME! I just can stop watching this! Man, you are awesome, not only as Austin Moon, but as yourself, too as a musician! I love the name of family group with your 4 brothers & sister, R5! I also love your music video! You are AMAZING! I'm SO adding this video into my favorites! I am DEFINITELY getting used to you, your nice family, & your music video! Your friends, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, & Calum Worthy are also awesome in the show, too! How I love you all!

Yolanda Cuellar: So cool

Gracie Plagman: Love this song!

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