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Jan 15 2015 by Music agent
Anonymous Guy: This song is generic and meaningless crap. The main rhythm at the beginning is just power chords, anyone can freaking play power chords! Ross Lynch hasn't proven to be a halfway decent singer, nor is he even close to a skilled guitar player! He's a bitch-ass teenager who throws crapty music out and the majority of preteen girls listen to it! And not because they like the music, if they paid attention to that they wouldn't be able to stare at his face more, plus they would discover how simple and annoying his music is, you know, if the quality of music even mattered to them. Ross Lynch's face, music, acting, and overall crap quality in everything he makes a failed attempt to do makes One Direction's claim to be the next Beatles look somewhat credible.

Gracie Plagman: Love this song!

E. Carter Hudgens: you are cute ross lynch

Asuna Rose Midnight: #music #rosslynch 

Yolanda Cuellar: So cool


nani pinero: it didn't get a billion hits... YET

Kimberly Blaise: Lol

killdrone123: love it awsome

Mary Paige Kolanko: I love Austin moon

zipporwhilllofthelps🎥: I love it

Tarina Pacheco: Lol love it ross I now you will get a billion hits

christina Smith: no

Mica cuenca: .........

MCheartsNdcake: Better than JB

lyricsmaker104: lol i love this song and this video is awesome!

melvin whitacre: I know he'll get a billion hits 

Sabra Schneider: Ross is fricking sexyy!!

Dorothy Davidson: I think you are very sexy and will rock the world with your song.

Jamesia Cartwright: He is so cute

ricardo Hernandez: Luv this video of ross lynch

ronda charles: I love u ross 


Gayle Wood: go Ross

ronda charles: I love u ross 

MinecraftGamers: Love this song

Jeannee Brookings: Mariogamefreaks1 you'll never know

mariogamefreak1: This video will never get a billion hits.

Janie Lopez: I like this song

Mica cuenca: #cool

Deandre Chavis: Cool i heard that you lost your swagger but the song is nice

Sabra Schneider: I love ross so bad

brianna wandell: 

Janeth Hernandez: I love it

imcrazyfun: still listening in 2014 ..

killdrone123: the video is cool and the song my faverit song

brianna wandell: For like music 

Andra Buica: e melodia mea preferata cantata de ross lyngh

Friducha Chucha: tha is awesome

Billy Stallings: You are the best singer in the world

Jasmine Brown: I love this sog

brianna wandell: I love this song I think it should be on TV every day 

brianna wandell: Nice 😎

Anthony Straw: Psy listened to this before making Gangnam Style

Tammie Ellis: I love this song

Robert Grullon: Ross Lynch is my future husband so he is taken

Michael Paterala: To all you Disney fans, Ross Lynch

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