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Nov 25 2014 by Fresh releases
Max Power: Uncle Buck!

Nette Rich: One of my top 5 Old School Hip Hop crushes. Yes, Tone Loc! 😍

Simone B.: jjjeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

Chris Delacroix: Just woke up and had this song in my head...Good morning!!!

felipe rodriguez: This song brings memories when I was a Freshman in high school. Lol. Cool song. 

Denise Bodinski: Do you see a little Robert Palmer in the scenery.

gabino barrera: very wild and very sexy song too.

Damo 007: God it's really no different to FUNKY COLD MEDINA (which is quite a funny song)

D. Scott Whitaker: These are the 80's and I am down with the ladies.... Thanks TL, I forgot I was a walking corpse...LOL

Paul Brock: Throwback Thursday yall. Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

God Hates!: Looks like Ton borrowed Robert Palmers band.

sr197877: Some words from the classic " wild thing " by tone loc. Shoppin' at the mall Looking for some gear to buy I saw this girl she cool rocked my world And I had to adjust my fly She looked at me and smiled and said "You have plans for the night" I said, "Hopefully if things go Well, I'll be with you tonight" So we journeyed to her house One thing led to an other I keyed the door, I cold hit the floor Looked up and it was her mother I didn't know what to say I was hanging by a string She said, "Hey, you two, I was once like you And I liked to do the wild thing" Wild thing Gee that must be a mother with an open mind!!! 

Michael OlSkoolRayVA: Definitely.., NOT Ol'Skool Rave BUT.. 'Ol'Skool Class' Nev-Ah-D'Less! [WiNK & a SMiLe]

signspam: Thats Juice...

teknomogul: props to the robert palmer-like ladies in the video

MUDSWAT: This video almost gave me a bad acid trip when I was younger... Haha, still love the song !!

Ταίσια Ματβέυ: Αναβίωση άλλης Πανσελήνου. Ε, δεν ήταν αυτή και η πρώτη της ζωής μας!!!! Αυτό το χορεύουμε.....

Messagefrom Montie: I was laughing at Kevin Hart who mentioned him in that Chris Brown skit. That made me want to blast this video. Loved this guy's music at the time. I wanted to see him act more. He was cool in "Bebe's Kids" and "Poetic Justice."

Tmickens Tmickens: For the big bicth especially long pickle them

Minethere Always: ok my inner black self has gotten enuf soul for today-))) Tone Loc - Wild Thing

Dustin Hach: Still good

Ingo Schmolinski: Ich freue mich, dass ich diese Musik wiedergefunden habe!

Kevin Pitts: i like to kiss and kiss

Earl Miguel Mendoza: Tone Loc ~ Wild Thing #ForFriendsMusicEnjoy 

Yega: First drum beat I ever learnt to play :D

Ken F: From the scene in "Uncle Buck" when John Candy is walking down the elementary-school hallway smoking a fat cigar. 

Kim Cockrill: Good afternoon all I was just sitting here kicking it old school and had to post lol. Hope to be back soon. much love to all

Dj Nono Panamá: Tone Loc - Wild Thing - YouTube

Brian Durham: Jamie's crying by Van Halen is the sample.

A.J. Beautiful MILLER: lol one of my Pops fave hiphop

sam tito: No me jodas el lunes 

Lorraine Wedderburn: Mix - Tone Loc - Wild Thing: Tone Loc - Wild Thing

Peter Piper: 23 Skidoo! I love this new music. 

fubukifangirl: Homage to Robert Palmer

John M: This is the song from Uncle Buck and every time I hear this song it reminds me of Uncle Buck.

pumpkintubs: this song should have a billion wild things listening to this wild thing xxx

jose ramirez: the egyptians where black africans,thats why the whites cut all the noses of the almighty temples over there. check it yourselves. black power now

Bruce Chameleon: uncle buck

Johnny Cade: Listening to this and funky cold medina,it hits me that Tone Loc,got a habit of accidentally checking up transvestites "You stupid Sal's Pizza garlic-breath smellin' motherfreaker. Today is the last day of the rest of your life."Tone loc

AM 1490 WAYB: has it been 26 years this classic came out? i remember buying the 45 to this song(still got it),still have the album''LOC'ED AFTER DARK'' too(and on CD TOO).

Henry TheGreatAmerican: Once you get passed the cool intro, the rest of the song is repetitious and sucks.

Troy Hawley: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

rick davis: I really miss my '79 Granada,Pioneer SuperTuner and Infinity speakers.......original powersharing

Steven Faucher: Uncle buck when hes at the school after he leaves the principals office


Robert Battle: The chicks lool like the one's in Robet Palmer's video!!!

Brian Workman: #MusicBomb 

Dustin Rodgers: ROCK ON TONE

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