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JustinCraighead Craighead: this needs to be in 10 hours so i can stop pushing the play botton over and over and over again

Wilford Fraser: God I can't believe this song came out almost thirty years ago

Lina Rose: So was a rapper song lol

Shania Kennedy: Uncle Buck Lol

Alberto Fuentes: Anakin Solo... I agree 😁Krittie... you still do. For sure. I let you break me in two, too. Wild thing 🙈🙃

keep fotos: Anyone listening in 2016? 2017!

rinnin: Is This where "Hasta la vista baby" comes from originally?

Tugsireedui Dangaasuren: anyone 2017??

Randy Johnson: Stole samples from Van Halen for this song. Wouldn't believe it until I heard it and only had to pay 180,000.00 in penatilities. Not to shabby

Cristian Fuentes: what about 2017 still living wild thing

Michael Mulin: Ends at 4:20

Blanca Canales: hell ya 2017 all the way

whawhaification: 2017!

Flávion Luís Walker da Silva: GOOD MUSIC, GOOD RAPBAND.

Max N: 2017 hey-ho!

Cindy Coontz: Aman

DJ Razer Shap Aka BadazzCompton: Just heard this on Radio great song

Ruben Caraveo: BABY Your SO FLY...

RIP Jeff Hanneman: This fine young chic was on my "jock" Total 80s right there

J Kearney: still spinnin in '17

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