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CAntonio Kaibil: good all days

tepetti: Jamie's crying

Andre Caillot: tone loc is probably 50 now

Hugo Flores: Vili vanili

discokidx1: the rhyming is so basic and awkward, i think even vanilla ice is better

Cory Smith: Love it when those drums roll

Pearl Unewing: cool

Darnell Hendeason: Who was the bok girl in this video?

wayne mckinney: I hope he paid Van Halen a lot of money. for using the drumroll from Jamie Crying

Tracy Pedersen: I have awesome memories of wild thing. sister's best friend, my sister and my mom and myself would be driving down the road and we would be singing this song. .my mom and my sisters best friend would be hitting the dashboard singing and my sister and I would be in back beating to it in the back seat..and this was about 22 years ago..I will never forget this memory. mom and my sister Tania <3

Greed Greed: Anyone notice Uneekwa from New Jack City in this video? lol     She was Beautiful....

Freddy Ortiz: Puras paisanas y puros

james dean 357: nice

Jett Rink: "here's a quarter, go downtown and get a RAT to chew that thing off your face!"

Rocken Balls: ace ventura .  whoo get it!

Nvt Nvt: Those chicks in the 80/90 clips really have something supersexy thing going on..

Jörg Thomas Kulemann: {wild wisdom} 'j.'

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