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Sep 01 2014 by Music agent
Chris Delacroix: Just woke up and had this song in my head...Good morning!!!

Ταίσια Ματβέυ: Αναβίωση άλλης Πανσελήνου. Ε, δεν ήταν αυτή και η πρώτη της ζωής μας!!!! Αυτό το χορεύουμε.....

Rachel Harrell: time to dance!!!!!

NONI J. MILLER: lol one of my Pops fave hiphop

Brian Workman: #MusicBomb 

TinUser: Mr. Sark anyone? 

Санал Чемидов: Old school.

CharlieFNGuando: Wild thang 

Marsiozo O: I want that portable scratchtable ;) oh yeah -- and sum of those sweet broads ;)

Yvonne White: So back in the day !

Malcolm C: 95 South ..!!Rolling

Max Power: Uncle Buck!

bad@chaos: love the shameless and obvious sampling 

Bruce Chameleon: uncle buck

mackjsm: Look!! REAL RAP... this new crap a 6 year old can write... this music had people moving.. 

beau koleno: aww, no big lipped alligator moment

Omar Dario Jimenez Gomez: What the hell is this crap?

Lauren Dubuc: Yeeerrp! 😜

Charles Martin: My wife's most popular 80's rap. LOL

MrIzzydye: Even after all these years hearing this track again is still DELICIOUS. 1989 ... know what I'm sayin' ?

Mr11ESSE111: He have two hits,funky cold medina and this

jessica Caldieraro: thanks for adding its a great song


don g: Girls remind me of Robert Palmer videos

Wallie Newen: those girls look like Robert Palmer girls.. or is it the other way around?

Michael Anthony: Werk!.....Tone

Amber Gibbins: Love this song.

Flávio Allão do Vale: Essa mistura de rap com rock é excelente!

S La: That song make me think of Uncle Buck!

Marilyn Henriksen: Spring Break. South Padre Island. 1990. HA!

Terri Torres: Love listening to old school music and classic rock

trublu71: Good memories ! Good times! Hot women !

Agnieszka Ramirez: Great song it looks like he borrowed the Jamie's Cryin riff from Van Halen.

rick smith: the best on the best

Julia Press-Simmons: #workflow

Crystal Denny: uncle buck

Latif Habib: wicked mix

Arthur Walker: love this thought of robert palmer cant think why,

calypso3316: Wow, those chicks look like they are have an "awesome" time. Either that, or their faces are paralyzed. 

icejadedfirebunch17: That Uncle Buck vibe. :))

russell banks: a MTV classic , wish it still exhisted , lol ,

Artist inventor of the Qr 2d Barcode image: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Сергей Никитин: Old school.

MikeyIronheart: Thanks for this, Cracked.

Atro: Hasta la vista, baby! Made popular by Arnold but coined by Tone Loc in 1989.

michael bennett: just heard funky cold medina on the radio and i was so annoyed when it wouldn't say wild thing.. then i looked up wild thing and i realize even the versus are but the Funky Cold Medina is what made me go on here and hear it.. i use to listen to this when i was a kid.. 

Marcel de Visser: Neuk muziek!!

Lowell Thomas, Jr.: Yes ...we were ALL once like you, baby baby !!!

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