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Mar 07 2014 by New Albums
Peter Sander: #Tone_Loc - Wild Thing

Johny Awesomest: Jamlegend :(

EKDrifter458: Every time I hear this, it always reminds me of the movie "Uncle Buck", an awesome for when your getting ready to go to a club at the weekend :)

sheila Roberts-Woodraska: Lets Get The Party Started!!...

Douglas Smith: Love the hook on this song

Jennifer Watkins: Yes wild thing.......

Mr11ESSE111: He have two hits,funky cold medina and this

Dallas Martin: +Erick Miller so me

ioulia k: the 3 angels of charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candace Yow: Like to do the Wild

Justin Vman: I can't believe this guy is ace ventura ha crazy

Summer N Galveston: Still sexiest voice winner..funny.. no one even tried to compete..bring this back..This history made for real..take it..leave it..hate it..that's how the cookie crumbles ..:) most likely u love this crap!!

TheAngelOfWar HaloTwo: LOL'd at number of dislikes

Zugravu Stefan: i can't give you my soul. but it's my soul

maureen tepania: love it

1@mR0ckf0rD: whenever i hear this music in the movies, i know something naughty will scene please. LOL!

Clarence Jones: hiphops timeless icons all revealed their music-making styles- honestly, if you're into that true hiphop, you will really enjoy that, the calibre of guys they got to explain their approaches is stunning

friendlyflow: me like(d) the tambourinegirl

Candy McVillo: I always loved this song .... how did Tone Loc come up with a great guitar riff ?

1capricornradio73: HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MR. FUNKY COLD MEDINA HIMSELF, MR. TONE LOC! Born Antony Smith, rapper Tone Loc shot to fame with his massive hit singles, “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina.” Tone Loc's debut album, “Loc-ed After Dark” arrived in 1989 on Delicious Vinyl Records and was met with huge success based on the popularity of his two hit songs.

Boomshakala Boom: when boddies start slappin from the Wild thing!

Mike Matthews: Sounds better with the phones

wesslan74a: i been in love with the girl at 1:54 for 25 years now =)

Thomas Verni: *****TODAYS TOM THE BOMB 80's FLASHBACK MUSIC VIDEO (1989) :WILD THING by TONE LOC !!!!!*****...The Bills will be doing the wild thing on the Jets later today !!

GodzillaKills999: they still play this at the club!!!


madkillercal: Devon we dont care if it's a wild thing!!!

popoff21: Like how Nola Darling from She's Gotta Have It is the main girl in this video

Bear shortlegs: Best music😊

PassionParties WithShannon: ohhhh yessss. :P

wrxstinyr: Jamie's Cryin'.

Pete Lopez: Robert palmer and Shania twain copy videos,awsome

Suzy Burning: LOL Too Wild :)

Mikol Sadowski: Uncle Buck

Angie Waggoner: Oh yeah

Ed von P: Classic 

John Henshall: Jimmy Fallon brought me here

Hailey Adams: Ace Ventura Pet Detective <3 First time I ever heard this song i was 9 years old.. :)

Veronica Calahan: I LOVE the video background Tone mimicked from Robert Palmer...a touch of classic rock added

leny perez: yes i love some wild thing....

Xavier Sánchez: perfect for a wild sex

Glen Burns: jamiescrying killer riffs song

scotthitman1: reminds me of the uncle buck movie with john candy

elthe3rd: For like 10 years, this was the greatest selling single / 12 inch ever.

Matthew Taylor: I said, "be my queen, if you know what I mean, and LETTUCE do the wild thing!" 

maggot1111666: All of these old rappers could make so much money if they would re-record everything in high def.

John Smith: Reminds me of my Amiga, could play this on tracker - 4 tracks mono.

Devin Schneider: who dont know the words to this song?? lol everyone should know it

Alberto diaz parra: the music of my life ok

Les Mackenzie: tone tone tone tone tone loc loc loc loc

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