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Sep 18 2014 by Fresh releases
Shelly Lynn: Always a good tune...

Kim Cockrill: Good afternoon all I was just sitting here kicking it old school and had to post lol. Hope to be back soon. much love to all

Simone B.: jjjeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

Sleeping N: Throwback Thursday yall. Tone Loc - Wild Thing: 

Ταίσια Ματβέυ: Αναβίωση άλλης Πανσελήνου. Ε, δεν ήταν αυτή και η πρώτη της ζωής μας!!!! Αυτό το χορεύουμε.....

Max Power: Uncle Buck!

Rachel Harrell: time to dance!!!!!

A.J. Beautiful MILLER: lol one of my Pops fave hiphop

MUDSWAT: This video almost gave me a bad acid trip when I was younger... Haha, still love the song !!

fubukifangirl: Homage to Robert Palmer

Troy Hawley: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Ktsparkles Wall: OMG. LOL Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Paul Brock: Throwback Thursday yall. Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Brian Workman: #MusicBomb 

Alertcriminal: The Darkness II brought me here. =D

MrWuzzaFuzza: Mr sark you funny cunt

TinUser: Mr. Sark anyone? 

Санал Чемидов: Old school.

CharlieFNGuando: Wild thang 

Marsiozo O: I want that portable scratchtable ;) oh yeah -- and sum of those sweet broads ;)

Yvonne White: So back in the day !

Malcolm C: 95 South ..!!Rolling

jose ramirez: the egyptians where black africans,thats why the whites cut all the noses of the almighty temples over there. check it yourselves. black power now

TheSparkafied: Classic song,.. This crap is still the cream of the crop in 2014!111

Frank Wachtmeister: Based on Van Halen`s "Jamies Crying"

Хрюн Хрю: Real star. Not rubbish. Must be, everybody is filling this child's charisma! I love him. Girls are beautiful! Musician is a genius.

rick davis: I really miss my '79 Granada,Pioneer SuperTuner and Infinity speakers.......original powersharing

Roman Pantring: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Untamed Lawson: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:


J Collier: Great song to get a buzzzzz on

Weston Huffman: Yes, I remember that guy with the turntable around his neck spinning the Delicious record.

Bruce Chameleon: uncle buck

TIMESTANDER: This sounds just like Funky Cold Medina.

Ray Fuselier: Love those wild thangs. """"

Gordon Wright: Tone Loc - Wild Thing:

Lorraine Wedderburn: Mix - Tone Loc - Wild Thing: Tone Loc - Wild Thing

Danny Bate: Virgin Trains advert!

PEPE GOMEZ: Fue uno de los videos mas caros de su época... (sco.) Buena rola

robb1982bbor: R.A.T.M. says Respect, Mr. Loc. (me too)

Хрюн Хрю: People are perfect!

Ted Mosby: Love that he used a sample of Van Halen's Jamie's Cryin

lee mappley: Dems da days type. 

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