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Rrwmissouri: I use to be a wild thing when I was younger. (:

Peace & Love,
Rick Ryan

salazam: the freakin kick drum on this bitch

Arnold Salazar: Yes! 5-28-17

foxyroxstar: They Had Seized Camera Footage...Give That Girlfriend The Power of My Queen!

Gabriel Blythe: 2017


Craig Bowman: Any one still blasting this in 2017

A. D. Veronesi: I haven't seen this since, well, when it was original and it always makes me feel great. Just the whole concept of a monochrome video of this dude and his dog, the Palmer models and most ingenious Van Halen snippet that is perfection. Its just right and done with fun.

Cyrious: FAVORITE VERSE - I AINT GOT NO PLANS WIT A MAN ... THIS THE 80's AND LOC IS DOWN WITH 80's. oh wait wrong song ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜

RIP ROBERT PALMER!!! He was dope too

Joseph Novellino: we all listen to this song before you play any games with me to come back to you and baby love with you ladies all night and sweet and nice and warm up to me very happy with me,

Rebecca Bray: This guy cracks me up.. From the 80's to now.. He still rocks

DJ Springtrap: 2017, actually

G Note: Not cool that he stole "Jamie's Cryin'" Van Halen's tune, but I still hella respect this dude in general.

listen2100: Fking A Clubbin the 80s!!!

jasonasdecker: I always wondered, did he borrow Robert Palmer's backup dancers?

Debbie Ola: I like it

Garry Blow Jr.: Love This Song.


Bonnie Christenson: to my hunny lets do the wild thing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

Pixie St. John: Sooooo Sexy !!!

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