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Kevin's soto: Tbh I'm 15 years old and I grew up hearing this type of music. I think this music is better than Modern rap music.

Andy Gadd: This tone loc tune is too funky. The Asian chick's face has filled in from pork, noodles & the chip monk bought lunch.

Chris Wilkinson: Tone Loc's stuff written by Young MC

Frank Guerin: uncle buck lol

Critical Thoughts: It sounds like the drums were sampled from "van Halen - Jamie's Crying"

Magic Mike: boy a lot of niggers have watched this video

Frank Goin: the one song that makes this honkey get jiggy whit it !!! I love it !!

Angie Score: This will never get old; just better w/ age. 9/8/17

angela robertson: Uncle buck !!!!

Jonathan Rivard: #DeliciousVinyl #ToneLoc #OlSchoolRap #ClassicRap

Anna Le Bon: My husband loves to rap this out naked.

BILLY BOBCAT JR: Tone Loc made you HONKIES proud by sampling honky music.

007DMX007: First time i hear this song in Darkness 2.

Brenda Joseph: I still know the words to that song today. Just cuz it's funny..

Joshua Preston: This was in Uncle Buck. Wasn't it?

Tim Prodan: When I here this it takes me back to when I was a young buck...

Jonathan Lehmann: C&C music factory things that make you go Huuum

Jonathan Lehmann: I was just thinking it looked very much like Robert palmer girls from your additive too love video things that make you go Huuuum!! Am i right??

The pun: Like a boss

Mc Panda255: For a vid with almost 17 mil views this isn't very good quality

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