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Jul 06 2014 by Gossips
Rachel Harrell: time to dance!!!!!

Brian Workman: #MusicBomb 

Chris Delacroix: Just woke up and had this song in my head...Good morning!!!

Mr11ESSE111: He have two hits,funky cold medina and this

D Smith: Jamies Crying by Van Halen

Amy J. Miller: lol one of my Pops fave hiphop

Douglas Smith: Love the hook on this song

Tracy Swearsalot: Wild Thing.

bad@chaos: love the shameless and obvious sampling 

mackjsm: Look!! REAL RAP... this new crap a 6 year old can write... this music had people moving.. 

EKDrifter458: Every time I hear this, it always reminds me of the movie "Uncle Buck", an awesome for when your getting ready to go to a club at the weekend :)

Ayoub Khote: Because +Bobbi Jo Woods posted Funky Cold Medina :D

beau koleno: aww, no big lipped alligator moment

Donna A: #Humpday

Wallie Newen: those girls look like Robert Palmer girls.. or is it the other way around?

Johnny Love: Wild thing! #tbt

Dana Geppi: *Workin' all week...*

Filipe Carvalho: the most sampled song i have ever heard ahhaha

sheila Roberts-Woodraska: Lets Get The Party Started!!...

Jennifer Watkins: Yes wild thing.......

Charles Martin: My wife's most popular 80's rap. LOL

humanmold: You freak to this one the weekends as a teen.

Johny Odd: Jamlegend :(

michael bennett: just heard funky cold medina on the radio and i was so annoyed when it wouldn't say wild thing.. then i looked up wild thing and i realize even the versus are but the Funky Cold Medina is what made me go on here and hear it.. i use to listen to this when i was a kid.. 

Farzana Shan: *Feeling a bit wild*

Sean Cowen: *Changing things up a bit. Tone-Loc. Oh, yeah!*

Ghetto Film School: Did you know Tamra Davis directed Tone Loc's "Wild Thing"? She'll be teaching the #GFSMasterClass tomorrow! Here's the video for a Blast from the Past.

Roland Schreiner: Wild Thing.

Erik Barrett: #peopleoftheinternet seeing as its #wildwednesday I figured this would be an appropriate #jamoftheday!! 

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: *FNS w/RRHK* +Roger R.H. King and Tone Loc... yeah we roll like dat! This was the first rap song by a black artist to crossover to pop radio, and also the first Rap single to be certified Platinum (Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" was the second). The Beastie Boys crossed over the year before with "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)." This samples Van Halen's "Jaime's Cryin'." It was not the first time an Eddie Van Halen guitar riff helped a black artist appeal to a white audience. Eddie played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It," which helped make it a huge hit. Of course, "Wild Thing" was a euphemism back in the lte 80's when people like Arsenio Hall (remember him?) didn't want to piss off the censors when they wanted to talk about sex. #ToneLoc #FNS #RRHK 

Sally Morem: Tone Loc's classic about a guy who gets incredibly lucky. Funny! Tone Loc - Wild Thing

Alysha DeShaé Terry: In spite of the obvious voice thing, I never realized that this guy was also the "funky cold medina" guy.

Laurie M: *I Need 50 Dollars to Make You Hollah*

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: *BY REQUEST ... **+Blaine Hall** for... **+FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS** (80s Night), hosted by Sean Cowen.* Tone Loc - "Wild Thing" And the follow-up has to be Tone Loc. You couldn't help but move and dance to this song, then and now! #fridaynightsessions #80smusic #80srewind THANK YOU EVERYONE for sticking with us, month after month. Getting together with you all each week is always the best part of my week! *The Long Running 80s Music Show on Google+. Accept No Substitutes.*

Roland Schreiner: Wild Thing.

GOOD MUSIC: *Tone Loc - Wild Thing*

Clarence Jones: hiphops timeless icons all revealed their music-making styles- honestly, if you're into that true hiphop, you will really enjoy that, the calibre of guys they got to explain their approaches is stunning

Stella Daniela: Y'all just don't know...

Motavis Jones: #MusicMonday

Brad Blane: uncle freak :D

Christopher Wells: #WildThing #ToneLoc #GotToLoveThe80s 

Peggy Ferrera: Remember this one???

wesslan74a: i been in love with the girl at 1:54 for 25 years now =)

sandy pach: Its funny but i feel like jammin tbis song i woke up wit this song in my head this morning. Lol..

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