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Kentucky Crazies: Eddie Van Halen from jamie's crying, Alex Van Halen drum riff too

Mary Halloumis: 😁😘👌

Rachel Houtchens: Raping kids is worse than being drugged and raped, no matter what happened! Don't you think Sandra? Hmmm Forget that question. I think you are into protecting your son no matter what! Just as you always were!

Rachel Houtchens: I guess I'm supposed to be embarrassed? I'm not because I know the truth of the matter!

gerald nwaneri: Hell yeah, those were Robert Palmer's girls but on second thought i think those girls were for hire...

Colten Preece: my sister love this song

Scott Berryhill: Best version of Wild Thing

L&P GaMexxFr3aK: Back then music was so much better tbh.

Scott Berryhill: my favorite song

Wolfpack8706: Now he needs an Unsung.

Sisko Ivan: Shore im not pissynd.

Daniel Nolasco: awesome

D.S GamerS: 420!!!!!!!!

Mary Canen: tone loc

Dan Jeru: I used to have this in a cassette, about 20+ years ago. I lend it to some girl. Se gave it to his "boyfriend" for anniversary. He puked on it, during a party. Se cleaned and gave it back to me. I still have it.

And right now, that cassete sounds better than this video.

The man with the baby hands: Classic 2006 video quality.

Mary lamb: Can really Busta move to this one

011022033011022033: Dancing around Merry Christmas 2017

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