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igbiai langeslag van asselen: Who came here from the Ariana Grande lip sync video ?

Allegra Logan: Salt and Pepa must have sample this as the beat is same as in Push it.

Cindy Coontz: Cindy. Coontz

Cat Owens: hey , hey I flippen love this song dancing feet :)

Fate Christensen: love it

YouHateMe: The main chick in the front is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I said it back then and looking at her now I feel the same way. My goodness

Zero Hexer: 4:20 lol mlg

james white: Anyone listening in 2016?

JackEnnis: freak best version I ever saw/heard... WILD THING.

Perry Noydicus: FernGully brought me here

Matthew Santos: 1989, such a long time ago...Makes me happy to hear this but it also saddens me where music is now days....Throwback Blues..

Elsa Maria Sorforger: this is rap music landmark history

Amy Serna: uncle Buck

Charlie Gatica: still hearing in 2016 anyone?

Mike McCaulley: I'm sorry I'm feeling like an old f**** man right now listening to this song brings back a lot of high school memories with the pay phones and beepers yes yes pay phones and beepers back then you gotta beat that he had to go to a pay phone and dig around for a quarter to make a phone call damn where did time go where

GRUPO MAIS: Caramba meu isso me fez lembrar de Extra Beat , de BH , dançava pra caramba estas musicas , ninguem me ganhava no baile na epoca . Show de Bola !

Shawn Christianson: Uncle buck

Alexander Kogl: If you watch this video closely, you'll see Tone-Loc.

jb420: Blank Check

A & L Awesomeness: Catchy 😂😂

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