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Fan Comments

Charlene Parker: Awesome song

Monica Queensbury: Should this be on in the background when I seduce my next guy?

DawnStudios: I can't believe I've actually forgotten this fossil...


John Hurst: Love the slight to Robert Palmer W/the girls

Wes Burns: Released: 1989

War Paintz: You know it- ALWAYZ!!! ^^^ <3

Elizabeth Goodwin: Uncle Buck, anyone?

paulczar: "Excuse me, I'd like to ass you a few questions!"

clint rathman: I just read on imbd that is the video that launched his career. It costs 340 bucks to make

tripintraveler: is it just me, .. or is that most uninterested group of women ever assembled on stage for a music video?.. Dayum.. some of them should have checked for Pulses, .. ive seen Frigid before.. but Damn.. that takes the cake

germany121374: holy testicle tuesday

whatthehellvideos: van halen's jamie's cryin' is the drum roll and guitar riff sample

CAntonio Kaibil: good all days

tepetti: Jamie's crying

Andre Caillot: tone loc is probably 50 now

Hugo Flores: Vili vanili

discokidx1: the rhyming is so basic and awkward, i think even vanilla ice is better

Cory Smith: Love it when those drums roll

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