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Snoopy Kehler: Wild Thing

Tim Webber: That drum roll sounds like Jamies Crying - Van Halen 1.

Emily Hamilton: This brings back such good memories of my highschool days :-) 25th year reunion coming up this summer. Don't laugh soon it'll be you too :-)

Willafter: O yes he did!

Ryan Beers: Ace ventura !!😆 !!

Ryan Beers: What... she gets paid 50 dollars to make him holler and do the wild thing what was she a prostitute it seems !!??

Gregory2062: ^^Robert Palmer^^ and their girls , 80/s. hahaha.

knowhere2hide: The best rap video of all time right there. 

Priscilla Tucker: I like to do the wild thing! +Amanda Shock -ShocktartsSX-​

clarice525: Love the song, can't stand the video.

Ane Dijitak: Wild thaaang....

alien5ive: memories. but what happens to the quality?

Raoul Faulkner: Wild Thing Saturday ;)

Carlim Marques: Legal... Muito massa!!!

Victor ALVAREZ: Awwwww. Memories!!! Too bad music is not this good...

LanguageMan1: Those were some good days! Wild Thang!!!

Right Hand Clyde: ahead of their time

Salvation73: Ok Tone, the budget for the video is $50 bucks, here's a second hand camcorder... go nuts. Hey who's gonna be looking at this 20+ years later anyway... 'amiright?

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