Way Back Into Love - Music and Lyrics - HughGrant - Drew Bar

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Apr 03 2015 by MP3
lilmissmixedup: Just saw this film for the first time a couple of days ago, I love it! This song is amazing.

JennLovesCA: looove this movieee

karenalyse: I love this!

Brian Suano: i like this song hughgrant u have aperfect voice

LiiveLaughL0v3: i believe the movie is called music and lyrics. i'm not sure though

kien93: i really love this song..

Trần Hữu Liên Việt: Here are excerpts from the film 1.

Janie Hoffa: shes not singing

Melissa Sharona: I love hugh granttttttttt (L)

ouafae zehraoui: j'aime j'aime et j'aime trop :)

Dyllan Cecil: its surprising how good a singer drew barrymore is....i love this movie btw :)

Trần Hữu Liên Việt: You also like that this movie? I also enjoyed this movie.

mystyle200: very emotional and very powerful meaning of song love it very much

Trần Hữu Liên Việt: Use as such.

JurishzteR: yeah music and lyrics

SweetLiina: It's so beautiful... *-* Can you tell me the name of this movie?! I've forgotten it :D

DAHOOLAGINS: lol its a duet for a man and a women this is as close as we got just a little bit louder cause this song is intended for humans lol i love hugh grant. and this song. i love music and lyrics <33333

Jesse Cruz: I think you got the begining of the lyrics wrong. Its suppose to be : Ive been sleeping with a cloud above my bed. Isn't it?

kingramses2: she was singing! but she took alot of singingclasses first

Molly Miller: The beginning is I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed. Just So You Know. :)

Joelma Farias: MUSIC AND LYRICS!!!!!!!

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