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kuli ram: Use too listen too this as a kid my dad use too play it, absolute classic..!!!

madan sharma: Universal Truth

Parminder Singh: what abeautiful song sing by Mohamad rafi ji

Rajkumar Tiwari: good philosophy and real meaningful ,with melody--RAFI SAAB aapke baad melody ham hindostaniyo se rooth gayi but thnx to technology you are still with us

Vishwa Mitter: Rafi,the great in every sphere of singing.make many people happy day night

surjeet singh: purane punjabi ganea de age aaj kal de gane nhi tik sakde.

Amarjit Madan: splendid wording splended music leaves engraving message on mind .alas nowadays there is vulgarity inwording andnoise . music is thing of the past.

Bhartvir singh: i do hope you must like this sweet song of my chioce

Bhartvir singh: its a realty

CAPRICORN: There is a great lesson to be learn from this song. How true the message is, wish we get this message and be for one another.

Gurvi Sandhu: thats aa real song

Hansraj Madan: yes, ditto here...

Bhavesh Sharma: looking for this song for a long time.remind all childhood memories.really enjoyed the song

prabhjot bhinder: kaun kise da khanda bai .....dana pani.

xa rehman: no nice

Saurabh Aggarwal: very lovely song

Saurabh Aggarwal: wonderful song with meaningful lyric and refreash old memories. thanks for the writer and rafi sahib for this lovely song.

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Guddi - Dana Paani Khich Ke Liyanda - Mohd.Rafi 5 out of 5