LMFAO - Im In Miami Bitch, Bay Edition (Music Video)

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Nov 30 2014 by Lyrics
CoryGeorgeMusic: For those that love to party,Come to my page and check out this club track. It's really intense. Come and see what happens when club life and "feel good" music comes together on a track.

irvin sotelo: im in Mazatlan bitchhhh!!

Vadf Vfea: im in hospital bitch

Cole Layman: party rock anthem is so much better :)

gerfunkel: lol this is some crap music

Lance: I don't know whats going on

ZeroGravityPro: im in north dakota bitch

thimios41: im in Torontoo Biiatch !!!

Busta033: im in SPACE bitch

Rocky Meserve: i love how the chick in the bikini...its not even polka dotted...

Lisa Taylor: How old are these girls? My god, they look 12! And polka-dot bikini not shown the whole video? :( Come on, I'm thinking a re-make is needed. . . And a choreographer!!

Arthur Cuarentas: Two pickle wad with two crack head bitch!! one lonely parteeh!

Christopher Boylen: that crap just makes you get the freak up and dance

wieoderweroderwas: i´m in cologne bitch hahahahahahahah

annaisjesus: you're lookin kinda cute in that polka dot bikini grrrrlllllllllll

Steve Binder: It's all about the Bay bitch LMFAO

Christopher Boylen: man, do they even sell cd's nemore. if they do i think im going to actually gives these fellas some money just cause they deserve the crap

xZCallOfDutyZx: @Dunkzzz95 haha

LooneyAlex: lol 1:23-1:25

Tiago James: i'm all most there girl!!!!

xylosoomro: not so hot.........

eric78634: i wouldnt want any kitty that they could get but thats just me.

rjeev142: haha one of these guys beat up mit romney, i hated that ass of a politician

Aikoriecg: i'm in coco beach♪ :D

SexiiElii: iGot a RedBull & Vodka up in my hand [8)

Lorna Hdez: jajaja this is funny

gloriaponici: what the f*** was that im starting to think there a liiiitle sexy and bad wow

gcs713: The Bay Rocks. I'm In the Bay BItch. So freak off.


Westsidemusicmixes: MAN freak THE BAY ITS ALL BOUT LA

GreenFusel: I'm in Germany, Bitch!

HereComesTheBrothers: @maahszkaah Fine , so good ! :D

WATSkateTeam: @ayman1006 lols

Petr Steiniger: iM iN BxxR (beer) bitch XD

Veva Mayne: I M I N T H E B A Y B I T C H!

pornoboy100000: im in Serbia bitch

laban2007: Im in your O RLY owl!

doudn9: Im in Paris Bitch ^^

Amber Kennedy: Best summer of 09 to this song !!!!!!!!

Raizur: Thanks For the boner biatch..

Laëtitia Bernier: Tr0p CO0l CeTtE zIk! YeAH! LeS LMFAO ConTINUeZ A FaIRe PLeINS de ZIKs P0uR vOs faNS!

Trey Fadey: this is damn freakin good and sexy suck pickle hot girls

theshadowdrift: hahah bay

SNKXSauronX: @boggelxe XD Heil fag :D

chickenmarley446688: the awkward moment when he says "in that polka dot bikini gurl" and their in striped bikini.

Ilona Goossens: the clip sucks idd, but the music defenitely not!

Jorge Castillo: watch?v=flZXuNxIWRw

Filipe Teixeira: LMAO


Mo Spencer: Im in the postman bitch

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