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stoCKtonRidaz: old song don't repeat again.

thia419: Although this is a remix version, Dao Ban Don is still one of my favorites!!! I use to rock this song when I was 5 years old!! This song reminds so much of my family back in Thailand, mainly my grandmother.

878superman: Moms exposed me to this at a young age... This will always remind me of her. To the ppl that are wondering... He is Dao bondon, this version is a remix of the original.

digitalkaos2374: I believe this is the version of the same song when he was younger youtube dot com/watch?v=lf-45g0mb3w&feature=related

mrtoua xiong: exx123456 His voice not very good his is hight of age.

Ger Vang: Yes this is him. No one can imitate his voice.

sam boriboun: One of my favorite oldies thanks for sharing.

KJEboys: This song is hard to find! Thanks for the post!!!

Mai Xiong: WOW NICE SONG My Father Remember this songs when he was still young...

bukway: THANK YOU THANOU67 ive been looking for this classic jam

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