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Fan Comments

matt doyle: Is it just me or is life stuck on repeat

jc outlaw: dope

GoldenSunz22: lol it is...u didnt make this,,,,,,,,,,

GoldenSunz22: isnt this DJ mathmatics remix????

quachemo187: You suck pickles for cream

psinosaur: best remix

Sebbe Söder: Cream sucks

Revive: i creamed..

Wayne Boogie: doug e fresh play this only at night

Edward West: instrumental is play this only at night by Doug E Fresh

LifeHasLived: Dope.

360SRH 2: I wanna hear the Cream remix with nothing but the motown intro it already has.. and freak somebody needs to mix the intro to Wu Tang Careful Click Click!!

Damian702lv: Almost sounded like doomsday productions until the beat kicked in

sonuvnothing: for anyone wondering, the background is the theme music from the horror movie/franchise, "Phantasm".

Cody: Wu tang clan is tha crap nigga Cream Remix Is dope as fucc

minimalist34: @Nwahm3 Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Play This Only At Night (1986) THE GREATEST HIP HOP INSTRUMENTAL

420dredog: i swear this is a mobb deep instrumental

qwertyuiopreinier: nice creamix

Ortal Peretz: a dubstep or electronic version of this would be sick.....

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