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Dec 28 2014 by New songs
AMANDA SOARES: linda,linda canção me emocionou

Diane Villandry: Sooo beautiful and smooth

Brittany Nicole James: Voice of an angel..

prem nirvesh: song for mia ,,so ein starker text


Searching_Hearts_Sing717: Watched the Secret Life of Bees, such an amazing film. This song goes so perfect!! Love it!! hm

shellspacebabe: Did you do that as an act of forgiving? it sounds a very beautiful thing to do

deyette wyatt: i love this song so much......i cry everytime i hear it. i love the movie too. i cry so bad wen May dies. this song remindes me of me and my boyfriend for some reason. god i love him. he fixed my hurt and broken heart. anyway i love this song soooo much. it makes me feel safe.

babukuka: this song is a kind of therapy for me...it makes me happy when i'm down

shellspacebabe: beautiful song wonderful voice heard this after watching Secret Life of Bees

ZeLuv1: made me cry love this song the movie was great.

Gladys Boudoin: The movie was great and this song was just over the top beautiful your voice is a gift and you are a blessing ...

MaryJane2TheBrain: @MstrssPLUSH Sue Monk Kidd the honey song,its not queen latifah and alicia singing it though

estelletlc: Beautiful song n beautiful film honouring the sistahood of women...

mcgather11: Great video, Love the song !!

Katherine Ryan: @MstrssPLUSH Its called "The Honey Song", it was written by the author of the original book, Sue Monk Kidd.

Tiffany Michelle: this song is soooo beautiful cant stop listening to it

Catrina2008: This is such a powerful and beautiful song...I love it!!!!!!

DisneyKing97: I love Lizz Wright!!!

Ember4501: @DrKnows721 Thank you :)

Ember4501: We were watching The Secret Life of Bees and I wrote down this song so I could find it later. My teacher asked what I was writing and I told him, then the kids around me looked at me weird because God forbid if a girl my age likes a song like this.

amorebello5: Incredible

Madame Cissy: I heard this on the secret life of bees and cried....

kylac09: I see I'm not the only who cried when I heard this. It's so pretty...

Ruben Gordon: AMAZING SONG! Thankyou!

DrKnows721: @Ember4501 you hang in there babygirl . . . . having good taste is not a sin !

MsMamabear42: This is one song I've been searching for. One of the most beautiful songs that I heard for the first time during one of themost beautiful Movies I've ever seen. This song IS an inspirational song, I'm sure for many. It just is.

Destiny Webb: That's so beautiful, I feel the same way about my baby. I thought i would live my life alone. But he let me know it was okay to love him, because he loved me already. So I know what you mean very deeply :)

MstrssPLUSH: @shawlasosexy01 : The one the Queen Latifah (August) and Alicia Keys (June) sing? I don't know the name of it but it says: Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through. When Im dead and gone, thats what I want from you. The streets of heaven are gold and sunny, but Ill stick with my plot and a pot of honey. Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through.

emeitalia: great song, I've known Lizz's music for a long time.....just FYI.....some of the lyrics you've written are wrong. You did a great job, but there are a few mistakes. Such as "...I put my feet in, all night long" and "and I put my dreams in, all night long" also "I'll take these bad things, and I'll throw them all away" and "I can feel the waves coming, they're..." Only bringing it up nicely, no offense meant =)

meaniemae: I'll take these bad things, and I'll throw them all away** (correction)

MissBella027: I have watched this film twice in two days. This song has made me want to watch it again. Why not? :-) Such a good film. Queen Latifa and Dakota Fanning are stunning.

shellspacebabe: :) thats lovely its much better to let go of things than to spend years feeling hurt and angry I can see why this song would mean a lot to you

MstrssPLUSH: @MsPLUSHable Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through. When Im dead and gone, thats what I want from you. The streets of heaven are gold and sunny, but Ill stick with my plot and a pot of honey. Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through.

CrystaaalG: When a song can move you to tears...that's real music.

Marekitten59: This song touched my soul,it was like she was singing to me.

bobfari: Can Someone Tell Me What The Name Of The Music Was When Lily and Rosaleen Are In The Truck Going To Tiburon???

ladygaga1272: i cryed wen i heard dis song

Reinaldo Alfonso Pardo Morales: Bellisima . Hermosa Al corazon !! Beautiful Direct to the heart

Olivia Dell: Omg I was doing the exact same thing today in my class! I kept looking the lyrics up on my phone and people were staring at me like I was crazy. I just shrugged and said, "What? This movie has a great soundtrack." Lol

John Parker: Lyrics of the song is dam goodvoice is too sweet

jjmaestopthesealhunt: I love this song, its so emotional.

Rememberthe Kingofpop: I love this song.. its soo beautiful!! The Secret Life of bees is one of my all time fav movies!! do you have the mp3 to this song?

MOONO SIAMUZINYONA: damn I have bin looking for this song.anyone who has the pliz am asking and begging to assist me with it..

Shawla Soremekun: wat was the song that was playing during may's funeral?

Gladys Boudoin: You have a beautiful gift from GOD and you use it well this song is so deep thank you !!!

400racquel: her voice is so relaxing

aljm1111: when i saw the movie i immedeatly started it over!!!

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