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terilynn wells: Pretty !  my son's name is Daniel  he just got deployed 

John lycanthrope: Danny Boy Ireland - By Colin O'Roarty - irish folk song: https://youtu.be/2wg7WueN3rc

Tula Smith: This voice moves my soul more than anything I have ever heard. What a voice, what a talent and what a loss to the world. I wish there were more songs to hear, but, if there could only be one...I am happy it is this one.

Otis Bromley: This is one of my favoret Irish songs, and video is awesome.

mark cooper: a beautifull song

David Barry: that's newtown cove in tramore,county waterford

texreb66: Absolutely heart wrenching. The way it should be sung. God Bless your Da

Aaron O'Roarty: Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you so much!

Hassaneke Prince: was played at my daddy's cremation he loved this song

Kenny Shrimplin: Tá brón orm as caillteanas do Athair, a rá Ba mhaith liom a bhfuil sé guth iontach! Tugann an amhrán ar ais cuimhní cinn sa tír d'aois. D'fhág sé deora i mo shúile. Bealtaine tsíocháin a bheith in éineacht leat agus go léir ár sinsear na hÉireann. Éire Deo

T BXTWO: Awesome rendition. I love his gutsy soulful voice punctuated with the moments of hauntingly beautiful falsetto . I've been listening to Danny Boy a lot lately. I wish I had found Colin's recording in the beginning. Now I have to reset my standards. He must have been well loved in life and missed in death. It's great to have this legacy. Wonderful as in Wonder Full....Is there a Gaelic word for Bravo?

Jim Vaughn: It's peace....The video is great. I love his singing.

canikickittt: i was looking for the right version of this song for me, and when i was brought to tears by the first verse, i knew this was the one. thank you so much, your father had a beautiful voice. my condolences.

Maria S: This is the most beautiful version I have heard of this song. I literally have goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. Your father was an amazing singer, I feel everything he conveyed through this song.

kern39743: beautiful a lot of covers to this song but this one is truely special words cant describe

m.b. mccormick: This has been one of the best renditions of the song I have ever to have had the pleasure of hearing. Your father was a magnificent singer. His rendition of the song gave me goosebumps.

MzzB1946: I love this song, but your father's version of it is exceptionally lovely. He sings it just as it should be sung and it fills me with tears to hear him. If he's anything like my mother, he is close when you are listening to him sing. Thank you for sharing this.

allan connochie: @850ovlov The tune wasn't actually called the Londonderry Air until nearer the end of the 19thC quite a while after it was first published and presumably if it was traditional a long time after it was written.

allan connochie: completely collected by her; or whether she changed it. Some have claimed it is at least partly based on a tune collected from an Irish fiddler called Denis O' Hampsey in the 18thC. So that is the generally excepted brief history of the tune. If you are claiming it as Scottish then when was it first published in Scotland and by whom - or who of note has claimed it as Scottish and on what basis?

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