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Dec 05 2014 by Lyrics
Tula Smith: This voice moves my soul more than anything I have ever heard. What a voice, what a talent and what a loss to the world. I wish there were more songs to hear, but, if there could only be one...I am happy it is this one.

Gracen Gragg: I've listened to every version of this song I can find and this is without a doubt, the most beautiful,touching version I have ever heard. What a voice.

Otis Bromley: This is one of my favoret Irish songs, and video is awesome.

ch0okz1: A beautiful and touching memory to have of your father. He must have been an exceptional gentleman in the true sense of the word. Thank you for sharing this with us.

m.b. mccormick: This has been one of the best renditions of the song I have ever to have had the pleasure of hearing. Your father was a magnificent singer. His rendition of the song gave me goosebumps.

texreb66: Absolutely heart wrenching. The way it should be sung. God Bless your Da

Naroutolover: may your father est in peace too

emy601000: how sensitive and beautiful sung. Also my beloved sister was in love with the eternal beauty and trought of this song. Hope they already have met in heaven. The love for them never passes away.

Aaron O'Roarty: Thank you very much

GeneMcNutt: An incredible singer.!!! Magnificent.!!! He makes it seem like a real message, and brings it to your heart like no one else I've ever heard..

Aaron O'Roarty: Thank you, you are so kind, he was an amazing man a true gentleman

allan connochie: completely collected by her; or whether she changed it. Some have claimed it is at least partly based on a tune collected from an Irish fiddler called Denis O' Hampsey in the 18thC. So that is the generally excepted brief history of the tune. If you are claiming it as Scottish then when was it first published in Scotland and by whom - or who of note has claimed it as Scottish and on what basis?

allan connochie: Weatherly wasn't American. He was an English songwriter and lived and died in England. The tune which is Irish was sent to him by a relative in the US and he fitted it to the words which he'd written several years earlier.

MzzB1946: I love this song, but your father's version of it is exceptionally lovely. He sings it just as it should be sung and it fills me with tears to hear him. If he's anything like my mother, he is close when you are listening to him sing. Thank you for sharing this.

Thundergee: fantastic voice, am a higgins born in scotland, but my father raised me in irish ways..i actually had to sing danny boy, in a village in philippines, i got a standing ovation, but ur fathers way of singing is brilliant...the irish tri-colour flies over a beautiful part of davao city..and the locals now sing danny boy on karaoke...love to your family xxx

Fayeusen: tears** Just loved this version.. May he rest in peace. You could be proud :D:D:D really.. BEAUTIFUL. -Norway-

Agares: There will hardly be a man who can sing this song better than your dad. Splendid piece of classics by a brilliant passionate man. God bless you.

Green Manelishi: Gle mhath.

ttoflea: You were truly blessed to have such a gifted father, dear sir. His melodic expressions are quite tender and sweet, are as meet for the song as one might ever find, and my heart keens to Mr. O'Roarty's most reverent passion for this classic. I am sorry I only now discovered your father and - alas - shall never be graced with a chance to hear him in person. I also would like to extend my sympathy for your loss, and say I feel your loss poignantly, as I lost my dear sweet mother in 2007, in May.

harmesy37: A keepsake for ever, Beautiful

Daniel Atkins: That is the most beautiful song I have ever heard and I really can't stop crying. I am right there with you my friend. Dedicated to my father and grandfather. Thankyou so much for putting your dads wonderful song on here it truely means a lot. God bless him

canikickittt: i was looking for the right version of this song for me, and when i was brought to tears by the first verse, i knew this was the one. thank you so much, your father had a beautiful voice. my condolences.

Aaron O'Roarty: Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you so much!

Naroutolover: I feel bad for you your father is dead but I know how you feel for my great-grandfather wanted this to be played at his funeral. Beatiful but sad your father was very talented at singing you have my regards... I miss my grand-father

bean shapedhorror: What an extraordinary voice. If you are whizzing over renditions give this one time.

Macangusagain: Would love to have heard him in person,I have never heard the song sung with more emotion-passion -feeling-love, yes I sure as hell would have loved to listen to him, a very sweet tribute indeed .

scooshlebush: sung from the heart,with conviction and soul! may god take his soul into heaven and he will forever rest in peace god bless

allan connochie: @850ovlov what proof have you got that it is Scottish? As far as I know it was sent to Weatherly and described as an old Irish tune!

David Barry: that's newtown cove in tramore,county waterford

Aaron O'Roarty: I'm sorry about your grandfather may he rest in peace.

phatpete49: Well done Aaron- a beautiful tribute. May he rest in peace, and party with his brothers!

GabriellaVirredici: Beautiful. ~Gabriella♥

hyeresman: This version brings tears to my eyes and I'm stunned by the perfection of it, there is a spiritual magic here, what a fantastic singer that puts so many others to shame, I hope that there may be a CD of his work available so that his name & talent will not be lost

Katie Sharp: Your father had allot of talent. My condolences.

cmlavita .: Most beautiful song(Danny Boy) I ever heard ! any other song did your father sang before he passed away ? Nobody sang ' Danny Boy ' like your father did !!! Thank you and God bless !

Nordic Healer: I have listened to this song sung by many artists and choirs but this version tonight reduced me to the deepest, most inscrutible tears which unexpectedly and suddenly overcame all composure....sigh... This man sings it with such Heart-felt Conviction, such Depth of Emotion, that it's clear the song has become part of the very fiber of his Being... and he sings it for a special friend. The Irish countryside scenes also add even more dimensions and beauty to the whole. Thank you for posting...

Carol Z: This is beautiful. I love this song and the photos and the singing are wonderful. Thank you so much!

Aaron O'Roarty: thank you so much

jkschlomer: If I need a good cry, which cleanses the soul, I know where to go, to this version of Dannyboy I have one grandson named Daniel Fion, and he is the apple of my eye. His Mom is from County Clare, and we are very close, I have cared for him since he was an infant, all 5 years of age, my precious Dannyboy

allan connochie: @850ovlov The tune wasn't actually called the Londonderry Air until nearer the end of the 19thC quite a while after it was first published and presumably if it was traditional a long time after it was written.

allan connochie: @850ovlov But to claim it as Scottish there must be at least something to go on? Something to suggest it is Scottish? The history of the tune is easily enough found on the web. It was one of the tunes supposedly collected by Jane Ross of Limavady to George Petrie of "The Society for the Preservation and Publication of the Melodies of Ireland" and first printed in the "The Ancient Music of Ireland" in 1855 under the title "anonymous air". There seems to be some debate as to whether it is a tune

Pablo Marchenay: Best interpretation...very impressive and intense. Thanks from France !

tro55: this is very beautiful. i do not understand the words, but this music speaks to me (sorry if one can not understand my english, i german am =)in another way so much. Just wonderfull. Danke aus Deutschland (thanks from germany)

Theresa Harrison: my mam sang this song all the time to us when we were weans...i sang it to my weans and i hope theyll sing it to theyre weans. Ur lucky to have have this recording of ur da singing it so beautifully...i wish i could hear ma mam sing it again :( warm thoughts to u n urs for ur loss x

ttoflea: Having now listened three times, I will say Mr. O'Roarty has risen to the top ranks in my book, and more for his soulful, tender-sweet treatment. I'm sure he was a wonderful man, for it clearly shows in his song..

alan todd: Hi Aaron, I was saddened to hear of the passing of your father. Back in the 60s he was known as Colin Dale and i was the Bass guitarist in the backing trio (The Boston Movement) the name came from the Pianist Joe Boston,. We had some riotous times i have to tell you! Although i never met you, i remember he had a daughter called Donna(?) and his girlfriend at that time was Diane. If you can get an email address to me i have some recordings i could send you. Regards, Al Todd

Jim Vaughn: It's peace....The video is great. I love his singing.

Montanaquilter: My dear friend Wesley Davis, Jefferson City Montana, died this week. This song is a great comfort to me. Thank you so much for posting it.

alan todd: Aaron, I sent you some photos of your father. Please let me know if you received them

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