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Bamps Roger Dominique: Thank You so much for this Heart touching song ... For Me personally " The Most emotional singer I ever heard " bring tears to my eyes time after time ... Thank you deeply from my heart dear Aaron to post this

Rina Rennie: Move heart and soul ache as I listen to this Beautiful Song, God Bless you. Miss my Dad so much.

jmichaelbellenger: Talk about singing from the heart.....
Could not be more beautifully sung....
-thank you Colin and Aaron!

Kathy Sickendick: Pure, rich, love, from a man , a gift to us all. God be with You, Aaron, and thank you for sharing.

Wake_Up_Peeps: What a beautiful voice he had Aaron. You must be so proud.

Ivone Bühler: WOW! Aaeon O'Roarty, But; what a wonderful video. Thank you.

Thomas WALSH: Just to confuse matters further I believe that the music of Danny boy is an old Irish harper and the words were written by a man from Bristol Keith Wetherly

Snoop: I've always wanted to visit Ireland... Lots of love from America! <3

terilynn wells: Pretty !  my son's name is Daniel  he just got deployed 

Tula Smith: This voice moves my soul more than anything I have ever heard. What a voice, what a talent and what a loss to the world. I wish there were more songs to hear, but, if there could only be one...I am happy it is this one.

Otis Bromley: This is one of my favoret Irish songs, and video is awesome.

mark cooper: a beautifull song

David Barry: that's newtown cove in tramore,county waterford

texreb66: Absolutely heart wrenching. The way it should be sung. God Bless your Da

Aaron O'Roarty: Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you so much!

Hassaneke Prince: was played at my daddy's cremation he loved this song

Kenny Shrimplin: Tá brón orm as caillteanas do Athair, a rá Ba mhaith liom a bhfuil sé guth iontach! Tugann an amhrán ar ais cuimhní cinn sa tír d'aois. D'fhág sé deora i mo shúile. Bealtaine tsíocháin a bheith in éineacht leat agus go léir ár sinsear na hÉireann. Éire Deo

T BXTWO: Awesome rendition. I love his gutsy soulful voice punctuated with the moments of hauntingly beautiful falsetto . I've been listening to Danny Boy a lot lately. I wish I had found Colin's recording in the beginning. Now I have to reset my standards. He must have been well loved in life and missed in death. It's great to have this legacy. Wonderful as in Wonder Full....Is there a Gaelic word for Bravo?

Jim Vaughn: It's peace....The video is great. I love his singing.

canikickittt: i was looking for the right version of this song for me, and when i was brought to tears by the first verse, i knew this was the one. thank you so much, your father had a beautiful voice. my condolences.

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