HYMPUS_MAX_Musica e MUSIC :.....Tectonik......Electro

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Replay Legends: @RequiemTao 1st song public enemy bring the noise remix by benny benassi

Jason Turner: Bring the Noise by Benny Benassi

Legionanime: gosta gosta

KristianDolfan: its a remix by benny bennassi and PUBLIC ENEMY, so its probably flavor flav

BazzHunter001: ok its kinda remix. there is the singer from another song and i want the name of the singers somg lol!!!! plz!!!

matthias2401: whats the name of the song ???

Wallace diniz trajano: Hi friend your favorite song lyrics and (BRING THE nOIz) when I am downloading several songs after I put more on youtube has several good songs to dance ..... not yet put a time but I will not have place. a hug and t+++++

RequiemTao: What's the name of the song ?

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HYMPUS_MAX_Musica e MUSIC :.....Tectonik......Electro 5 out of 5