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Marco Succi: R.I.P DJ

Kayla makes animations: They must be pissed at the DJ

GigicaCeasulSuparat: One of the best songs I've ever heard, damn

Federico Hernandez: it's. raning. like. a. mother. fuker. out. side

SophieCupcake02: i think the trilogy should be called the trelogy

¡El Angry: Cuando tienes que hablar de la electrónica para llamar la atención claramente tiësto se pasaría por los huevos a estos pendejos jajaja :u

Daddy Dirnty: Im sorry but they all look friggn hot asf in this video

carlos fuentes: muy bna musika

つり野球: My favorite song

витяй орёл: Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!

Teen Gohan: 1:04 IS THAT SHANE DAWSON?!

EmmaThe Potato: Something's telling me they didn't like that DJ.

Israel Rojas: lll

maxi iraci: It's a band that grew up with me and I can not stop listening to it green day the best band of my life of 9 years accompanied me all my life and I will not abandon it thanks green day

Vixon: Thought this was a geico commercial at first

just lizards and me: kill the freaking dj...bieber

creations of my own bored mind 121: Looks like such a fun video to be in.

mel_greenday: my god. how sexy is Tré.

The Magical Guinea Pig: Why am i watching this at church?

Frances Welsh: Billy Joe really doesn't like the DJ at this party!

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