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Unleashed GM: kill the dj down

beatriz: this is green day's rock the casbah

ming meii: me at the school dance when all they played was desiposito and Jake Paul.

ONE FVCK1NG MINUTE: this 4 kids shouldn't be allowed on club

Chris Beijerink: Shoot that freaker down

pewpewpanda: Eal peecup what's left in da club a pocket full uv pills

Jose Lol Xd Xd: Songs like a song from Phineas and Ferb xd

Star Butterfly: Green Day on motorcycles! That! Is! freaking! Amazing!

Szabolcs Kiss: Wait i think this song has set the record for the most use of the F word :D :D

Lo Vincent: shane dawson with a hat at 1:04?

Petra Zítková: is it good idea? Is it good to give motorcycle to Tré? I dont think so.

ModernMonster82: Why isnt this on green day channel???

frank iero is a bottom: GIRLS KISSING

frank iero is a bottom: this song is so freaking weird i love it but what

Brittney Johnson: Why isnt this on green day channel?

D JJJ: 1.5x speed... that’s all I’m saying.

Responding to what This dumbass said: Kill the dj except daft punk

slydeery: Some parts of this song made me think of seether's song : fake it

Krissy Parfait: ................................🕯️🕯️
🕯️🕯️............ ..........🎼🎼
🕯️🕯️someone claim the DJ
Stop the fin DJ
Someone claim the DJ
Don't let that fkn dj play any marraige songs
Cuz turns out hubby n wife in Adam was formed by 1st calling a 1%woman to be the only title. Totally disrespecting the 99%of the helpmeet superhero she was created to be
Then Adam claims that 1% bone bone flesh
Then she 1%suicided secretly unwritten
Then secretly double cursed with Adams curse to eat thistles n thorns plus her curse to pain in childbirth n animosity between her n the serpent n animosity between her kids n the serpent
Then claimed as Adams woman
Then said by Adam to bcom mother of all earth
Then labeled by Adam his wife

I think we should stick to claiming on claim contract ....idkwhy Adam says everyone will leave their parents to marry n BCM one
Adam proved marrying only 1%of a woman makes her suicidle killing the part of herself he claims bone of my bone .....

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