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Harper Craven: Dude this song to me actually reflects how they feel about the music industry. It's all about electronics, DJ's, and who looks the hottest. Not about musical or writing talent. Green Day still has that and just like me they want to bring that all back. But not by killing anyone lol

xxfer xDiazxx: jajaj la pista de esta cancion es tan rara

FlawlessPiner: 1:29


Riiny Sann: Please don`t actually kill the DJ because then we don`t have anyone to put this on

Riiny Sann: This doesn`t feel like Green`s freaking awesome though!

Valentine LJ: 2:58 yfw looking in cancerous comment section

Nytheris: What did the DJ ever do to you? He had a wife and children. Not cool man, not cool.

Queen of Loserville: Billie: okay we're riding motorcycles I guess
Mike: riding bike's? Need to look badass!
Trè: weeeeee! Look guys, I'm on a motorcycle and I look cooooool!

Brat2 Grimm: Да - я русский.

Brat2 Grimm: крутая музыка.

James Adams: but what did the freaking DJ??

iPreferGeek: Mike looks like he could be a biker

boros NIki: Best song ever!! <3

Erin DiPiano: live fast, die old

Mr. D: damn
now i'm very love greenday

רועי דנון: this songs reminds me of panic by smiths

Hailey Carter: I liked mikes hair. It looked nice

Pretty Ryro: And now close the goddamn door.

Yami Mustafá: I forgot how much I loved this song

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