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Daniel Gonzalez: shoot the freaking teacher #Lol

Johann Schmidt: #SomeoneKillHummel #ShootfreakinHummel #HoldHerUnderWater #TilThatMotherfreakerDrowns

Johann Schmidt: #SomeoneKillAndrew #ShootfreakinAndrew #HoldHimUnderWater #TilThatMotherfreakerDrowns

Frankie Nile: I have that exact motorbike

CommanderCreative: This is kind of disturbing...
I like.

Mystical. Duck: They have amazing eyes just saying...

Sai Rohit: Song like these save us from those EDM crap(not all)!

The Void: freak billie is so hot

RebelBelle: When I went to a rave venue I literally had Billie Joe's reaction and my ex was a DJ haha

iiJustToxic: What if the dj plays green day? Do we let him live?

Anime lover 40000 Chocolate: Still one of my favourite songs of all time

Austin Blessing: best driving song

ITHEKILLERI: Thumbnail 3:04 pause before

creations of my own bored mind 121: " Please don't kill any actual DJs, because we need them to play our songs." Tre Cool 2012.

Καρκινος: 5 years and the dj is still alive


Tapu Charlie: Weird, normally they sensor green day songs in the official videos and I hate it. I guess they probably thought about it and decided you wouldn't be able to actually hear the song over the beeps

Ludovica Pugliese: Poor DJ, from "hang the DJ" to "Kill the DJ"

Yasmin Fortunato: I love this song🖤

Dawa Tamang: I think the dj was...oh I don't even know his freaking name😂

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