Neverending Story Medley - by Gijs van Winkelhof (Gijspiano) Music Video for Free!

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Julian 303: Beautifulley played.
Magic and everlasting.
Let's go back there Forever...

Ian: I prefer the nostalgic grainy quality of this video. There should be a date/time stamp in it.

M Oviegeek: After 10 years it still is the best NeverendingStory medleyπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Charles Sevens: It's time to remake the video contemporary with the decade we're living in. Although, I do like the wizard-like sleeves. Well done, sir!

dogfouling: Please could you record a midi file of this medley? I would gladly pay for this, as I'm sure many others would. Many thanks!

surfvolcom: I personally will fight all 8 people who disliked this video. I just need name and addresses.

EpcotCenter 1982: To fathom that you play by ear is just mind boggling. You are so incredibly talented, Gijs. Loved this!

Danaya Khartchenko: BRAVOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MegaAndrew79: swamps and ivory sad and beautiful

YonkelC: Mesmurised.

paolobbbbb: Wonderfull...congratulation!!!!!!!!!

Martin Jones: Really beautiful man! Thanks. Awesome

MrChrisSmook: the movie was not redone in HD so why should this one?

MichaΓ«l Colignon: Yes but UNTOUCHED then!

Dan Hill: This is excellent, just a shame the video quality is so bad. I've watched this video so many times because it amazes me, I'd be thrilled if you made another betterquality video.

8ishy8ear: Lushious..

Jeena Paradies: What is the very first song called? Or is it just the short part written extra for the movie?

BlitZ CLAN: Superb. Thank you.

GregCarterX: I'd add money to get that done.

Neohin: beautiful!

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