Neverending Story Medley - by Gijs van Winkelhof (Gijspiano) Music Video for Free!

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dogfouling: Please could you record a midi file of this medley? I would gladly pay for this, as I'm sure many others would. Many thanks!

surfvolcom: I personally will fight all 8 people who disliked this video. I just need name and addresses.

Janet A: To fathom that you play by ear is just mind boggling. You are so incredibly talented, Gijs. Loved this!

Danaya Khartchenko: BRAVOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MegaAndrew79: swamps and ivory sad and beautiful

Exeron: Great composition. I wish this video was 10 mins long and the melodies were stretched out a bit more. The main theme was perfect placed near the end.

YonkelC: Mesmurised.

paolobbbbb: Wonderfull...congratulation!!!!!!!!!

Martin Jones: Really beautiful man! Thanks. Awesome

MrChrisSmook: the movie was not redone in HD so why should this one?

Michaël Colignon: Yes but UNTOUCHED then!

Dan Hill: This is excellent, just a shame the video quality is so bad. I've watched this video so many times because it amazes me, I'd be thrilled if you made another betterquality video.

8ishy8ear: Lushious..

Jeena Paradies: What is the very first song called? Or is it just the short part written extra for the movie?

BlitZ CLAN: Superb. Thank you.

GregCarterX: I'd add money to get that done.

Neohin: beautiful!

Kyle Feild: I will pay you a substantial amount of money for a transcription of this, please write the music down :)

Debi Kay: Amazing, you are incredibly talented and I love that movie :)

liptito: Dicen que una imagen vale más que mil palabras, yo digo, que un sonido vale más que mil imágenes, amigo, la calidad del vídeo es una mierda, pero la calidad del piano es infinitamente sensacional, me ha encantado.

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Neverending Story Medley - by Gijs van Winkelhof (Gijspiano) 5 out of 5