Neverending Story Medley - by Gijs van Winkelhof (Gijspiano) Music Video for Free!

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Nov 17 2014 by Music agent
Danaya Khartchenko: BRAVOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MegaAndrew79: swamps and ivory sad and beautiful

YonkelsIntrinsi C: Mesmurised.

Pacer: Great composition. I wish this video was 10 mins long and the melodies were stretched out a bit more. The main theme was perfect placed near the end.

xrismoltisanti: SPECTACULAR

tynzer: brilliant!!!!! had me entranced from the first note

missmelina13: crap zeg, wat een topper, respect!!!

Nate Sassoon: @SlowerEqualsBetter : YES, me! When I saw it for the first time I went into a hysterical breakdown:)

drawingnumber1: i especially love the part from 3 minutes onwards! great job!

lara6683: omg. Nostalgia. Wow! So good.

dopeyjamdonut: My heart is pounding! It is soooo amazing! How did you manage to do it by ear?! It's incredible. I think I'll subscribe... Yes I will.

jayemdaet: Gijs - I literally listen to this at the very least once a week, if not multiple times a week. I adore this medley! Thank you so much for doing this and placing it up on YouTube!

Dashiqui Crochet: wat een gevoel kun jij in muziek leggen zeg! nu kan ik dus helemáál niet meer slapen omdat ik zo enthousiast ben. thnx a whole lot :P:P:P

Egyptana: WONDERFULL *_*

srargazer2409: I seriously want to learn these notes. Have keyboard at home. Willin to learn . Please teach me the notes. Awesome video and spectacular job teachin yourself.

mikevmpr3: happy flight is my fav

Jeena Paradies: What is the very first song called? Or is it just the short part written extra for the movie?

Marco V.: your the man!

silverbulletgirl29: I wish you had a cd for sale! I sure would buy it if copyrights weren't an issue. :} I can play by ear, but I sure as heck can't play like that and that fast! Can you play the theme from Legend with Jack & Lily kissing in the forest when they hold all the animals?

TB163: Beautiful!

vampiremiyu86: This is purely amazing, and to know that you learnt this by ear makes it even moreso. The timing was perfect!!! The swamps of sadness part gave me chills!

SinaOnBroadway: Wow, that´s absolutely amazing and just great! :-) I love The Neverending Story and I adore the movie and it´s score; you did a very good job!

Jumpiny2k: No special effects, no drum machines or added electronics keyboard tracks, just solo piano! This is just FANTASTIC! YOU, HAVE A NEW FAN! LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS! Your website is just as great. Everyone should visit it, there more clicks of him playing. Thank you for sharing Gijs! Amazing!

MegaAndrew79: pure genius

klerik2222: ooooohhh Maaaaan :-) EXCELENT!

TangerineSteve17: 40 odd thousand views, and I bet i've contributed to about 5000 of those. I do wish you'd make it again with a birdseye camera angle. Great audio quality though :) 5 stars

fosky12000: omg FANTASTIC

schneggilein89: hey :) you inspired me to play songs from the neverending would be so nice if you would check out my version of flight to the ivorytower...and maybe give me some tips to play better :) i posted a video response.

persianninjatkd: beautiful!

Guus Blok: held!

Emilia Mastrandrea: very good job!! =))) i love it!

Ed Witt: Dude! That was freakin' sick!

Amadeu Alves: Pretty rich arrangement... I never get tired from hearing it. Congratulations!

FlameWing Phoenix: its beautiful

GAZArts: wow gave me goose bumps!, specially when the artex theme came on. well done!

katrin kalkus: wowww

Raligard: 5 stars and added to favorites. Absolutely stunning! It's rare I come across a solo piano performance that blows me away and you my friend have provided one! This is just amazing. Thank you for playing and sharing.

thecoatessisters: This music brings back memories... :)

AlecTrevalyn: it's people like you, who make the world a little bit better ... :-D and not the commercial interpretators .... they have no given talent like you, they have money and technology ..... but no talent .... realy a great work ....

invisiblelemur: @takashi69z Any idea where that score is? I'm trying to find the sheet music like everyone else - a friend wants an arrangement for his wedding.

Lapislazuli84: nice play again! But low/bad quality.. :(( But i bend for your talent.

Patrick Frank: THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! SUPERB JOB! I wish I could play that song, just half as well...!! and you weren't even reading music! *applause*

92aht: Woow, this song is so beautiful! Very nice!

darkness12seven: 7 people ended their story.

knightelliott: This should have more views! Bravo!

ElizabethxPete: THATS THE EMPRESS SONG! xD its SOO beuatiful! were can I find the original? Even though this is really beuatiful too

Vanessa Wong: Media converter?

Debi Kay: Amazing, you are incredibly talented and I love that movie :)

paolobbbbb: Wonderfull...congratulation!!!!!!!!!

Samuel Lamarre: it's a never ending story! forever! love you falcor! sam (france)

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