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BEST GROBAR: Who's watching marth 2017?

Paul Esho: Is it possible to get more likes than your subscribers

Ginevra Pellegrino: veri god

FRAGMAN GÜNLÜĞÜ: yıl 2017 olmus hala dınlıyom mq


Minoru CI: The BL stay everywhere... XD

Fiorella Spinelli: mas de una caemos jajaja

vic: 2017 ???

D Entertainment: Any Ash's fan here ?(Ash-Sing)

bacho sofromadze: Who's Here From Albertstuff?

空飛ぶ金正恩: いつ聞いてもいい曲だよなー(*^^*)毎回仕事行く時にいつも車でながしてるw

Elsa Saraiva: Esta musica põe vontade de dançar


Sisu: that's an ugggly looking bitch

Anas Razi: the song is about to make a billion view

moritz reithofer: is very krassi

Susana Sorichillio: ❤💋 kawaii

Укуренный Хамелеон: забавно что пацан пидором оказался

Vi Sal: 11.03.17

Chuckolino GayFanboy xD: Best freaking song ever I love it so much.

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