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Yuexin Tan: carly的歌真的是首首满是经典😍😍我的童年啊😍

Ainsley Cannon: that guy is gay. not trying to be mean its true

Striving T: I miss 2012

Loi Loi: {\_/}
( e.e)
\. \.


Ed Linares: Happy (late) 5 year anniversary to this song

gabrielly abrao:

Miss Chinita Princess: All the boys try to chase me...

Sophie D: lol this was the first time i knew gay was a thing when i was little XD

EternalDreamerrr: What a hottie!! ^_^

Dorky Girly: lolz that ending dough xdddddddddddd

Gary Nickerson: stupid bubble gum little girls music

Perkeren: dumbest song ever

Iyari Ramirez: hi

Baagii M.: i love you carly rae jepsen.

buggypower elpayaso: Por que tiene tantas visitas esta canción si solo tiene 2,7 millones de subs

Milii Meza: {\_/}

agnes sowah: He was gay? LMAO. That was so unexpected

Juggalo-Law: I love how the ending ends so funny

BlazingDemons: Iconic

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