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Jun 19 2014 by MP3 player
Emily Grace: This is one of my favorite songs!

Akashi Seijuurou: *Having good time* Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time #owlcity #carlyraejepsen #goodTime #songoftheDay 

Norbijo99 ツ: 18.330 people had a Bad Time. :D

earlyriseband: Please take a listen to my music guys

Tobias bøe foss: this is a starting of a scary movie

Julia Irlin: Carly Rae Jepsen is the only one who did not turn into a miley cyrus

haloxxguy6743: Not to be rude but this song video is homo sexual.

urgyen dorje: *♪(┌・。・)┌*

Ingrid Govan: 20,320 people don't know how to have a good time. 

Zoe Jen: "It's always a-" Mom: By the way, summer is almost over. School starts tommorow "-Crap..."

NovusIgnis: Dear consumer society, could I maybe please watch one music video without seeing an advertisement for a beats product? Really getting annoying now. 

devastator941: To me, this symbolizes life's true meaning: not worrying about what happens after death, or fighting each other, or trying to get as much money as possible, but simply *having a good time*.

Saydur Rahman: Owl city looks like Leo messi 

ChemicleExplosion: This is the song that i hear in my head whenever i come back to watch game of thrones AFTER A MASSIVE CLIFF HANGER...

Alexander DeFeo: I'm the 100,105th comment!!!!!

James Cowan: This isn't popular anymore and its more ear candy than my usual, but I still like it... its fun.

Arthur Robinson: Dat 1970 Mercury Cougar! Oh man, what a car. Needs some new rims, though. Ford's factory rims were always a step below Chrysler's and GM's in terms of sportiness. A clean set of Magnum 500 would look really nice. 


Chuck Norris: I like the song but the video is so hipster...

William Lawrnece: dis sucks!

SuperElectroChicken: This is so off. It's like impossible to always have a good time. Kids, bills, school, job, money, stress, sickness, emotional issues, etc. People don't have time to just go to parties all night they actually have to do stuff. 

CherryCone LPS: I <3 OWL CITYYY!!!!!!!!

Samantha Quintanilla: Great Song!!!!!

Swagga swaggovichy: This song makes me happy! :D

Rarity Diamond: Love this song

juan josé restrepo: It is true!! It's always a good time no matter what :D

FashionRawkz: Carly Rae Jepsen is BETTER than michael jackson. AND THAT'S A FACT.

Nina Wilson: love this song

Spencer Penman: this was played at my school graduation disco

AnimeBase Hayama: owl looks like messi

Pr0worKify - Gaming - Minecraft: Slender would find em' In the wood :D

Eva Gerrish: I wanna be Carly Rae SOOO BAD she is like Aphrodite but even BETTER! SOO PRETTY!

Kawaii Pony: I like owl city's song they are cool

Kita: Only good pop music all the others is admittedly hot girls with the same beat and annoying voices.

Issy Paigee: he looks so much like dan is not on fire! or dan howell

MySkullgirl: a bunch of actors pretending to be friends :D

Josie Pike: For me, its always a great time. :D

haloxxguy6743: +MidnightCPPS Stories 1.your asking me if I'm a homophobe when I clearly said not to be rude 2.All the girls and boys plus Carly except Adam are sexual or just the girls. 3.next time kiddo read my comment properly, club penguin fan.

ChemicleExplosion: this sounds like a song that would be played in a school that has a lot of bullys in it and its trying to use psychological warfare in order to make kids not think about it so that they dont tell there parents and so the parents dont sue them XD

김현수 -mcarteny( Ceo -날갈치 pictures): 메시닮은ㅁ

gdnam32: I didn't know Messi could sing

PoNDny ARPAPRON: ^^ Have a nice day my friends. ^^ *Good Time* . =^________________^//

Troels Sørensen: Very good song. This is a good Time :)

London Goatburger: Yeah, okay, but I want to dance in a forest around a camp fire. Let's do that.

Kuai Liang: That guy looks just like don mattrick with shorter hair XD 

Anna Delgado: Carly is so beautiful God

OwlCityMP3: 600k likes DONE 700k PENDING 800k [ENDING 900k PENDING 1million PENDING

Bubbli Gill: 2 years ago today awe❤️

Flora Cash: take the path less traveled by. click our name. you won't regret it. <3

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