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Chloe Groves: This is a brilliant song like if you agree!

Chloe Groves: I love this song I haven't heard it for sooooo long

Mineminer 0603: i always hope good time and i think that's right.

ShakeMySnake: Stop being freaking frustrated. "I wish it was 2012" "2012 is the best", shut the freak up.

금 Tn: good!!!!!!!!!👍😁

재혀기 youtube: IS there some korean people? im korean people. but this music is English music.so I write to English this sentence .

Bryon Kevin: American songs are very exciting because they seem to excite or excite people 's minds because they are some exciting songs.
I would like to say that if you are exaggerating, you will feel like you are going through the sea, sky, and land, such as cars, boats and helicopters. And if Korean songs are popular around the world, but if they rank next, American songs would be okay. In addition, most of the common language of the country is English, so I want to be honest and understand
Personally I like the exciting song like Good time

freddyy: i came here from american dad

Ni Blue: Carly Rae jepsen was on the rise ever since call me maybe but now she's sinking

mcsq baited: 2012 ... Less ads less advertising

LESS EVERYTHING .. Those were the days

nastja zg: my song in 4th grade❤💞

Francescas World14: its my birthday now!! can i get couple like??😂😘😘😘😘

hosana akira: meu sobrinho falou q ele parece o Messi

Derpy Hooves: that was 5 years ago ;-; i can't feel it

Madeline Francis: this is so cute and innocent i love it aw and miss 2009 when owl city was huge

Katja Flocki: bester song zum Feiern♥

Hayley Hughes: carly sang this bfore jsutin came on stage at my justin bieber concert

Carly Poirier: c dommage qu elle aye arretez de chanter c etais ma fan etant petite car je m appelles Carly 😍😘😚

Fanatical Demon: 0 people could dance in this video.

GaHyun Hwang: Oh My God. It's been so long... I missed this song, 2012 so damn much 😭😭😭

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