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Oct 03 2014 by Download
김미영: i liked the song a lot until i hear them singing live :/ Carly sing awful !! all of her songs are auto tuned ?? 

TheUnleashedGame: i think he's gay...

Lei Shen: there lyric writer should wither be replaced or go on rehab of some sort 

fiorella perez linares: Alguien que lo sepa que me lo diga en un comentario mi pregunta es que donde esta chica porque saco varias canciones y ya no se le vio el pelo

ScArY Rhayze: did carly rae jempsen play that one girl in yes man?!?

Kola Nut: 【Classic Songs】貓頭鷹城市 - Good Time 雙十國慶!祝大家,有好心情,連假愉快^^¥

Dancerific: If she dropped her phone in the pool how can he call her maybe? XD

ChunkyBunny2: Finish the sentence with your own words! "Its always a good *_______*"? LOL 


Sora: Good:D

Tombalf: At momenys, the guy looks like messi

Broccoli: Soulless music for a shallow and stupid teenage consumer culture.

Feer Guttix: Ad carry maokai ♪

ionpgaming: If she dropped her in the pool How can she call me maybe D:

tahlia bourke: Love this song Carly's so pretty

allen yukine walker uchiha: i love playing this game on tap tap on the ipad

Yvonne Pham: #1 song list

Emily Lynch: This is one of my favorite songs!

Tobias bøe foss: this is a starting of a scary movie

BreeOnMsp :D: I Love It!

Breen Whitman: Interesting that Rebecca Black got lambasted for Friday, her first song. Yet these two, who are somewhat advanced in their careers, release this Autotuned diatribe and people embrace it. Dunno how owl City can lie straight at night.

Madalena Martins: esta musica é super fixe

Bubbli Gill: 2 years ago today awe❤️

earlyriseband: Please take a listen to my. Music guys Thanks! 

grah55: Why have an Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time when I can have Chic - Good Times. Good Time is a house song but hot damn does it suck.

Jasmine Harvick: I am tired of listening to everyone say oh i hate this song or say they can't sing. keep your thoughts to yourself or don't watch it at all but don't be mean to everybodys songs what if everybody makes s music video and post it on YouTube r u going to tell everyone there song is stuipd that's what i thought so keep your thoughts to yourself or don't watch it

Justine OBrien: +YouTube +Vevo #Owl_City #Carly_Rae_Jepsen Its ALWAYS a #GOOD Time

Linh Nguyễn: Good time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen 

Ryan Garza: Aww, she dropped her phone in the pool and now I can't call her maybe :(

Music&Fun: Owl has the body but he won't show it,I wonder why :/

J adrian Gonz V: CARLY RAE JEPSEN <3 <3 <3 the Best!! 

Tederick Budiono: He kinda look like lionel messi

thelovelyhoran: why is Messi here...? :P

Regina Tautvaisiene: Instalok brought me here <3

LucisFerre1: Fluff nothing pop song. 'Crap. 

Game Miner: Good Time :)

54321liz: No one freaking does this. More like eat sleep work and hang out with some loser on sat night

Amirah Arnold: Love them both

aryadi subagio: Liooneel messiiii xD

Jevon O'Neal: I need a cute white girl in my life lol

Winx Club,Howrse and More Movies: Dis' Was on WCCO Once for The State Fair. Last Year!

Hikari Ruzinaki: Is it just me or does Adam and Carly look like a good couple?...

Morgane BENOIT: cool

EmilyH: This has got to be the gayest song I have ever heard in my life.

Diane Foisy: that song is good

Sam BFH: Had the idea to write that ... Guess you did it before me :/

Mark Anthony: here buddy xD /watch?v=nI0LICpjMkI

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