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Haleemwah16: Owl City look like he can be Messi's brother

Джабраил Курамагомедов: хорошие песни Jepsen

Haleemwah16: The first time I seen this video on TV I fell inlove with it, its gives such a good summer feeling

C.E MA: wish to have group of friends like this :P <3

23klapp: i luv this song!!!!!!!

たくみ: チアダンに流れたときテンションめっちゃアガッた!!

Nixiee: I remember this song when it came..
I really want to rewind time again ;-;

Técnico Enfermagem: I loved the music

Piano Teen: I am finding this song like mad because it contains many of my childhood memory and I found it

Raptorjesuslives: I bet she could suck the testicles out the japs eye

성문김: 시대를 앞서간 노래인거같다.
생각보다 못뜬노래같고
노래만큼은 엄청좋았는데

Brandon Quatro: Still such a good feel good song today in March 2017.

浦下直也: チア☆ダンでこの曲で踊ってたとき泣いたわ…すごく感動した😭

Iktaj Bhinder: Anyone?

칼튼 Carlton: good korea 좋네여

Rhink Kemp: I ship Carly and Adam.

ONE OK LOCK: 日本人いる??

The Hero Of Hyrule: In the pool AGAIN? how do you do that twice? Heck or more?!

ぢゃんけん。: One of the songs I like very much😍😍😍😍😘🤗

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