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FabricaPoop: i'm having a good time, what about you guys?

Emilia Grzesik: Carly you and Owl City sound great together

Emilia Grzesik: it's not on Monday morning it's always bad when you go to school on Monday like wired hair all messy assemble spelling all at once !!!!!!

Acey: #OwlCitySpree »»»»»

Dalila Guelma: 2016 ...i like the music in carly

M. Rijalun al musawwir: top

阮燕妮: good

AfrosUniques: freaking toothpaste ad

清水浩子: i like good time

黃子瑜: good

Tatiana Germanova: Omg both of my favorite singers singing together!😱

Dashawn Pittman: I love this song

Tony Stark: Is that Lionel Messi ?

こう原田: 👍⌚

べるぐら: find Messi!!

Sol Pelizzari: porque te cortaste el pelo carly

Sol Pelizzari: amo el video jajaja

SMK Hdez: Jajaja la canción cuando mi vida era feliz a ya por el 2011 :'v

Anna The Best BanANNA: This is a very famous song but very few know who it is by

Samra Cecun: time flyes⏰

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