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Macisback12195: Still my favorite

john guy: Love this song

Mike Sande: this is my favorite crap you have wrote yet. sickest song ever!!!

AnilystTV: To all my fans, my brand new album 'Syllable Sliding 3' will be available on iTunes OCTOBER 19TH!!!  Mark your calendars for the hottest album dropping, let the countdown begin!!!

Matt Feigl: Beast mode activated!

AnilystTV: To all my fans, Syllable Sliding Vol. 2 will be out on 10-31-13! Halloween day yall, be ready for the hottest mixtape dropping!

Brittani Navarro: Should I be concerned? Or do we need to throw a dictionary at your face?

MOE XV: freak the dislikes

zumies555: dude different thing


Msaon Macintire: OSUM song C: ur OSUM @ FRIGGIN RAPIN

Lee Robson: I don't like rap, but i came across this song and Absolutely love it.

Ryan Sheffield: The music video does

Salacious Mustard: cause its got 3 mill views.

Kyle Cotton: look at the video, it says it at the bottom

armel823: Because the official video does.

Teerak: i was hoping for some lyrics haha

Taco Lord: First one i heard

GlobusTheGreat: His best song, first one i heard.

juan alvarez: Who produced this Song?

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