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Jul 04 2014 by Torrent
varna butler: this is like one of the best sings ive heard i went around my school asking if they knew it, they didnt even know, they let me down "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW IT"

Wayne Ioanis: I dont like it I love it

Joe Mama: 0:24 its "(all) these other girls"

Monica Ekeroma: i lovethis saong

Latayjah Punch: Yay I'm a cheerleader

Ana Mesui: But my siblings and I listened to this song since 2010 or 2011

Lani Ufi: Cuz oh I think that I found myself a CHEERLEADER ;) Love it!

BJ Magalei: I am ben and I am a poly

Jayda Stowers: Cool song

marise wati: luv this song


sam leota: Love this song..xo

lexi love: Love this song♥ <33

chelsea lavelle: My fave song xxxxxxxxx

Nia Wichman: Luv this song!!!

John Mcdonagh: Love this song it's so good I think I found my self a cherleader I love it it is sooooooo good. Xxxxxxxxx 

Maninoluga Muliaina Papalii: Thumbs up if your poly nd you love this song!!

Trisha Mae Daclan: I love thia song :)

levi fox: best song ever :) <3

shannen martizano: thumbs up!!! i like it ^_^

Amy Mcgregor: Um if you have a problem with this song your crazy ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♥★●◇☆◆○¤》¤■

heavenly Edayan: i love this songs so much this boy sang it to me

Ana Mesui: Me and my fam. Been listening to this song since 2012

Keanu Williander: Varna this is old

Breanne Jackson: Love it......awesmazing

Sarah Brade: what a tune 

ramon leonguerrero: GUUAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Represent!

Bongbabe420808: "cuz im the wizard of love and ive got that magic wand,all these other girls are tempting but im empty when your gone"

No Felx Zone mami: im his cheerleader 

Ana Mesui: Me and my fam. Been listening to this song since 2012

raheim betty: putting this on replay

Kathleen Marie: Do you need me? Do ya think im pretty? Do im make ya feel like Cheating? Im like no not Really! <3 it haha

samoa116: thumbs up if your poly nd you love this song!!

HAYN Baller: i always find myself singing this to my gf <3

elizabeth forr: cool i love it...

yazzie113ify: I love this song!!!

lakesha171: great song

Alexlynn Pogia-Martinez: I like so love this song


shadae barbee: its jus in my head <3

Mamameitaki Te Whare: I am likening this song man

Siavalua Lakisa: chad u talking to me

sheryla92: I love this song...a lovely song

princetlance: My girl wants me to sing it to her, so i'm learning the She's definitely my Cheerleader, cause she's always there when I need her...

crystal foster: <3

York Diaz: Man i shared this on facebook like 10 time i think hahaha man this is hella nice

Avalei March: OMI are you a Jamaican!

Freddy Milne: Keep replaying this song! I <3 it!

Hannah Palmeira: I like it

Stephanie Clanton: Niiiiice looooove the soong

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