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Ella Mae Monet: It's really nice

Eizyle Sabido: I really like this song

America Mendoza: I love u

Dea Martina Maiquez: This Is A Great Song! :D :3 i give it a THUMBS UP!!!

Edgar Herrera: how is it that people do not know that difference between your and you're

Nico Arnette: I. Love. It

i felt like the video was sponsored by NaeNae 💃

Douglas Purdy-Moore: love the song and do you play roblox?

Douglas Purdy-Moore: i just started waching your vids

Lucy knight: Love it on I is the best

Jemmarie Salac: I think I like more this one than the remix..

Just Bring it: YES!!! I already find this song what i need to thumbs down report and freak this song stupidfreak freak freak!!!! my classmate always sing this song while they sing in my mind i wanna kill her or him stupid ass hole another freaking song i've ever heard in my life

Harmony Tillotson: i love this song

Noah Coffin: FINALLY! No more of that remix version. I remember when I listened to the original version back in 2011. Makes me mad when people say that the remix is the original version.

Dadi Hamza: nice song

Taliyah Williams: wtf I heard jellybear

Gianni Swain: Cheerleader

Sahim Rachid: yéyé omi

person you don't care about: why does this sound slowed down?😕

Anita “Ana patuski” dinamita: El ritmo de la cancion no es asi🙊

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