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PilarDanTDM: Best song ever

MK HarleyQuinn: i love this song so much :)

Grace Olayemi: who's watching in 2017

Hi im Frankie Solis: beutiful song cheerleader its so beuty

hawaa sharaath: oh i think i found myself a cheerleader

Starboy Rocks: Lol

Edea Cabinet: this is song buitiful

Ritchelle Taguba: i dont have cheerleader

iCxliforiaDaPotato: THE

iCxliforiaDaPotato: LYRICS

Metal Core Gaming: oh i think that i found myself a cheeseburger
cheese is always right there and i eat her

Victor Revillas: this song is dedicated for all friends. i want to listen this too much when i drunk. cause i feel cool ^_^

ruweydo habad: Yeah yeah

Dani Jt: 😗💑💔💖💋👄👍👍👍👍👌 mantap

Ali Imron: ''Dont judge me'' brings me here

channel story: l like

JCM: now thats classic xd

Nyaneswari Paramasivam: nice song but to shot but nice

Syahmi Gahani: wak natang..

Syahmi Gahani: dengki wak etek..

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