HD Quality -Chris Rene - The Same Blood Music Video + DOWNLOAD Link - X-Factor 2011

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L.J pitica: Love and Respect!!! I like all songs...Bravo Chris Rene :*

MrGoodwin07: amazing one life one love baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenzie Martinez: Santa Cruz-3

JS4H: @MegaToMLove atleast he ain't doing hardcore autotune

bird2226: This song could have won him the Xfactor. My favorite song next to Young HOMIE and Gangster of Love. Cool to see all the favorite hang out spots in Santa Cruz, I swam in the San Lorenzo river when I was a kid, under the railroad. The SC wharf, fish there and Twin lakes beach and the SC harbor. So cool. Cant wait for your concert in SC this year. Yeah local hommie, you rule!!! Cong on #1 story in the SC Sentinel this past year, front page again!!!

ddaniela9597: love you chris!! youre an amazing singer! <3

guffy307: should have sang dis on x factor would have killed it

AtracBreezy: he uses autotune but i like his voice better when its not, it sounds better to me and has more soul!

MicheeMee7: He is so cute....I could just eat him up...

Hoops Studios: I don't get how people say he can't sing he is amazing

Margret Pupunu: He puttin Santa Cruz on the map. Big fan of his

MicheeMee7: @TheMlviper true, true...

MicheeMee7: whats with all the band aids on his fingers?? LOL

Fiddlesworth Shebilske: Beautiful-3

k4sper ski: @smithentmiami cant vote from europe. but i'm hoping hes going to win since his first audition. but even if he doesnt i think la reid is going to take him on board

7thSiign: @smithentmiami Oh thank god..

7thSiign: @MegaToMLove autotune? why were both the top comments left by retards? Go listen to him live this isn't autotuned fool.

7thSiign: @smithentmiami vote?

95060atl: Dope!"!!!

assinasssn: @THESNEAKERADDICT no no tats on the fingers, so it's not "new" but is certainly bad ass m*****f****** great!

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