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Apr 28 2015 by Download
nino navos: mr ho fei. this song was the reason why i got into fingerstyle. this was the first fingerstyle song i ever learn. i ask for these tabs years ago; i was still in high school then. now, after graduating from high school, going to college, and currently serving in the military, i finally was able to get to this song. the one that started my love for fingerstyle. thank you, sir! hope you enjoy my cover. hana (flower) by Masaaki Kishibe

J0shuaChristian: check mine

chaidaro: I LIKE IT!

hofei: username and password is youtube/youtube

reginamesina: I love this song, I've almost finished learning it. I just need the last parts... Thank you for posting the tabs!

tylernautica: Open D tu"r"ning? what do you mean

ryanblinkguy: this reminds me of some ff7 music

Brandon Quek: thx for the tabs

Victor Lelis Jr.: is this unplugged? if so wat mic did u used?

ed houle: Beautiful!!! Please what exact strings are you using?? I have to know- I have a Taylor 514ce on the way. Hope to one day do some of that. Thanks

IwishIwereJoe: love this song. great sounding guitar too. love the tone. im jealous!

trebojeel17: wahhh...i really melt when i hear this piece wahhhh ..bravo sir hofei!

stmike12: Excellent playing. Great sound too. How did you record it? I have a 414ce and it's also pretty damn good. Thanks for posting this. 5*****

Daniel Mathew: Any body reminded of a pokemon game listening to this?

reginamesina: You are so wonderful! I love how it sounds like two guitars. I want to learn how to do that. I love this song

hofei: oops, I meant to click Reply but I accidently clicked Remove. But anyway, I'll scan them as soon as I receive the book.

hofei: I bought his CD from overseas. You'll need someone who can read Japanese to assist you.

hofei: @dongloy : it was recorded from the preamp to my PC, with a garageband cable

hofei: Is "Childhood Dream" on it? It is a short piece and not difficult to play.

hofei: For this video I use two Samson condenser mics so I can get true stereo. My other videos were recorded using my Griffin garageband cable to my PC.

kablooie267: awesome guitar

hofei: oh yes! I watched your video which inspired me to play it. I also ordered Masaaki's 4th album (Bloom) from overseas, can't wait to get it and play "Rain". Drop me a line if you like to get the tab.

jtothedubya: Superb sound.

Qpidon: Haunting song, isn't it? well done.

hofei: hofei[dot]zoomshare[dot]com

GuitarMasterAcoustic: Wonderful !!

Andrew Garcia: thanks for this.. this is very emotional piece..

Julian Exponiert: No.

peplreallysuck: That was so beautiful. Great job! I would love to learn this song. Do you have the sheet music available? Message me if you want.

hofei: tab can be found on my site zoomshare at hofei dot com. id and password is youtube/youtube

klaimeks: i love this song. Thank you very much for playing this. cant wait to learn this.

marrzipan: Hi, I just went out yesterday to buy the "Oriel" book/CD/VCD pack ("Best of Masaaki"). I bought it so I can learn this song. It is my favorite Masaaki song, and thank god this one looks easy (I like slow). Is there any other song by Masaaki you can recommend that is not too hard to play?

Kez Betsworth: nicely done man sounds amazing...oh and i love the guitar too lol i tryed getting the tab off your site...but it says i have to login? what should i do? lol

TheG24: that a nice guitar mate, i own a martin dreadnought and its really nice but urs has really good tone, nice choice.

MsTyleraucoin: thank you times a million for the power tab! you made my night! and this video is amazing, such an incredible job!

Brandon Quek: beautiful... can i hav the tabs please ..T~T

dodgyharo: Hey thanks heaps! Keep up the great playing! :D Now I just have to find time to learn it. ^_^

Kez Betsworth: nicely done man sounds amazing...oh and i love the guitar too lol i tryed getting the tab off your site...but it says i have to login? what should i do? lol

eddysaur: Great videos, and thanks for linking your tabs :) Also, nice guitar hehe.

Julio Fachada: Great interpretation! You really should be really happy with that great sound!! Favorited... ;)

Canawadry: c'est magnifique !

hofei: @stmike12 : i ran a garageband cable directly from my 514 ce to my computer and record it with audacity

matzac97: very nice and well played and i hope one day my friends offers me too a nice taylor like yours. ;-) André

hofei: Not a cheap guitar but it worths every penny :)

hofei: I use Elixir Anti-Rust Phosphor Nanoweb strings.

hofei: Its action is low and it plays like a dream.

afriend8888: great playing! was wondering if its worth it to get a taylor 514ce. Im really into fingerpicking and looking into buying a more expensive guitar

Judith Beckedorf: you put so much emotion in this, simply amazing :) great job my friend!

tigerpause444: wow!! beautiful piece!

hofei: Anyone knows where to buy Masaaki Kishibe's CD and Tab (online or in U.S.) please let me know. There is another song called "Rain" which I really liked. It is on Masaaki's 3rd album "Bloom".

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