Beauty And The Beast - Jump 5 Music Video

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deaven: literally crying because memories 

Crissy Tina: 22 years old now and realizing how corney this group was. lol But this disney was the best.. now its sucks ass

MrGabeanator: this is good this is fun

Veronica Michelsen: OMG, I used to love this music video. Memories <3

Deamonslayer576: you could do backflips?

Alma K.: Thumbs up if you watched this on 2013. This was one of my fav songs when i was little!

Sean Furlong: and they all made themselves at home after a CANDLE spoke to them.

Courtney Jackson: Wow why isnt disney like this anymore whyyy

shaila colon: I honestly don't ever remember jump 5 I just only ever heard their version of this song and that's because I had the movie.......but I guess their good :/

andreasblog21: yep i love dancing =)

TheSweeetOne: holy crap, seriusly? wow.

extraasaltyy: when he is says Can we come in? There already inside the House! like REALLY!!

122chelseaT: I remember desperately wanting that disneymania CD just so I could have this song. Still love it!

Lauren Coelho: Gorgeous verison!

AyameKasumi1991: I seen them live twice and they really can do all those flips and i was super close to the stage and they were singing live as well and they were amazing

SammietheAverageGirl: I watched this a million times as a kid and it took me forever to find it on youtube! I'm 14 now and I still love it!

Kisa Tiger: but did you know that their a christian group????

Guilherme Tavares: <3

Lila Rivers: I love this song:)

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Beauty And The Beast - Jump 5 Music Video 5 out of 5