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Leo Butera: Brasil ??

Danielle Schott: Still makes me cry

Ayrill Sabrina: Who is watching 2017???i listened this song from 2010 xD

Salt!and Pepper: thanks for getting married, having me, then either you're fighting over me or saying how much you hate me.

LadyGaga VEVO: forever my favorite kelly Clarkson song

Leila Pinto: música linda amo💋💔

KawaiiCupcake4Ever :3: my parents 3 weeks ago were in huge fights and my dad got mad and broke up with her but the got back together when he came home from the hospital.... I can't tell why he went. but it tramitized (sorry if it's wrong) me for a week

Danijela Ilić: ?2017? 😂

lary e lucas: minha história 😣

lary e lucas: brasileiros ???
2017 ????

Νίκη Νικολάου: its so good

Mundy Meinhardt: the story she tells still burns on my soul .. so much pain .. this is also my story ..

Mundy Meinhardt: when this song came outt and i heard it il go to a other channel but nowe ive seen the video ... omg this is ..was my life .. this was my life .. so freaked up .. 💔

YourHomieHenry: @1:23 PAUSE 😒. DIS BITCH had the audacity ta put no seasoning on the damn crap but wanna wonder why he done left yo ass.. DIS CRUSTY ASS BITCH ain't even cook da ham and peas, she just thru dat hoe on da table and was like DINNER IS SERVED. y'all da reason why all da kids in the dayum district be runnin to my damn momma house like day just done seen BUTTER AND SALT FOR DA FIRST TIME . . . LOL smh ! #butthatsnoneofmybusiness #sipstea ☕☕☕

Lalthatpuia Joseph: i cant stop listenning this song before i slepp when my past and till now.

Hayley Marshall: Reminds me of how much I became like my mother and it makes me sad 😭

Harshine Srihara: this is a beautiful song

Uno Drinks Bleach Because Of Shane: Who else is back after a long time?

Taylor Kilpatrick: does anyone know what they are fighting adout???

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