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GabiAnholetto: 2015 e eu aqui na bad com essa música

Fabienne Alaudy: b eautiful song!

Kathy Fleming: emotional

Zannle: luv did ha

Karol Almeida Vale: love 👌💚

DIM VAS: Πολύ ωραίο τραγούδι...

Andjela Stepanovic: Because of you..........

EvolutionOfNightcore: A little girl from not too far
Was born in the back of her parents car.
Instead of treating her with love and respect,
They kept her in a cage and treated her as a pet.

She cried and cried saying you don't care,
So eventually they let her dye her hair.
But when the girl was older
The parents didn't want her any longer.

They said they where going just down the lane
But the little girl never saw her parents again.
She went to her neighbours house and told them what was going on
The neighbours kept strong and said "wow they are wrong"

Now I wouldn't call myself lucky
As horrific as that story may be
Because that little girl I'm talking about
Just happens to me.....

Kate Kal: Love this song ♥

Talicia Barbosa: because you

Dari Antipariwth (Staner Noiser): because of you every one around me!!!!

Haley Ferrara: this song to me is similar to me and my real mom

Phạm Thanh Bình: good!!!!!!!!

Phạm Thanh Bình: good!!!!!!!!

barney fife: Great Song and an Amazing Voice~~~

Geovanni Hernandez: because of you :'(

Talita De Jesus Santos: 💖💓

kelly moquin: I an no more... i like You weaeasl..I f iwant home I wolove to hear ya

Jane Collins: Sad

Manos Boutsis: #because of you I am the happiest man in the world #because of you my smile doesn't leave from my lips # MY eveything MY end and MY beginning #08.07.15 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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