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Feb 20 2014 by Lyrics
Konstantinos Zil: .....I try my hardest to forget everything...

Hogan Boy: <3 kelley clarksons music

Lammert Entjes: this makes me cry

Crystal Core: if you actually care and read all of this, thank you. Ive got nothing to lose…other than a few moments of your time. I put up mostly classic covers. I'm not all that into the mainstream music. my genre is emotional, blues, soul i believe suffering makes a person more humane and there is no better outlet for pain than music.

Cold Sniping: 10 years holy crap

carol thom: This reminds me if how I feel inside 

janecooper7: Why are all of her photos unflattering? She's so beautiful

Martina Robledo: because of you

Flora Cash: ready for something different? click our name. you won't regret it. <3

Jordan Johnston: Wow great video

YASISOYYO: I have to say I've always loved the song but I just recently saw the video and it has to be one of the best videos I've seen! #OhTheFeels :/

Francisco Martinez: Omg I'm crying

David Robbins: If you didn't have great role models I only hope that you figure out how to not waste your life feeling sorry for yourself.


pinkcatlover14o: Dear ex becayse of you i always cry Because of you i always fall song makes me cry <3

sharaeli712: ; )

STEFI PANTELIDOU: OMG...i'm crying...

Anam N.K: Such a soft and meaningful tone she has!

Ratana Jiamsakul: This song makes me feeling so sad. Because of you...ex >> sometimes sad, sometimes happy

Reina Marie: just posted a cover of this song on my channel... check it out!:)

rosaria ximenes: I can not cry because I know that weakness in your eyes.

Katy Wood: my mom breaks my heart every day just like this

mel bak: she looks fat on the cover

MIGUEL LAMA: Hi, I’m a guy who really loves music Want a chance as a singer Please I would like you to hear my songs A comment or “like” will mean a lot to me Thanks

tia-lynn-star Woozworld: is it just me but does kelly clarkson look kinda lie olivia holt in that red sweater?

Deja Rush: Because of keebler .love you babe!

danna gradillas: wow that was an impressive video

Kostas.K: Check out Anastacia's new single ''Stupid little things''! Its really as good as ''Left outside alone'' Kelly said she loves it!

Mario Guevara: LIKE THIS SONG

toluco llañes perez: me gusto tu video y me comovio i like your video and im was moved

Gabriela Jankowska: This song means so much to me... Crying here!

Aleksandra Vukovic:
Maryrose15: I love this song... I can really relate to it...

Ximena Gonzalez Picazo: "( u.u

Rosey von mende: song

Thảo Trang: One of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Love this song so much❤️ always have the same feeling as the first time

tuyet tran: it really touches my heart :( I love singer she is very special in this song :))

Olivia Hayes: But I'm confused. I have two theories about the song: 1. Her parents fought a lot when she was a child 2. SHe was abused by her father. Someone please explain!!

babylon gate: that was because the baby

Lala Fadzil: While listening to this song , i was crying so badly thinking about the situation now . Only god know how it feels . 

Yossef Stones: I am alive because you are the reason of my life... Never leave me... please...

Alie Labamba: I only clicked on this video because she looks chuncky as fck jokes on me !!!!!!!!

dodolit dauphine: I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joan Burnazi: ohh i dont know why but i love the 2005-2009 songs

อรนุช ไชยศรีรัมย์: Oh I cry with song Because fo you feel Really!!! )-':

Krittaya Rommayakom: beautiful song....

supriati atika: Visit.....?

José Carlos Bermúdez Rivera: Heartbreaking. One of her best songs/videos.

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