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Laurie Faria: My entire life is this song. Thank you to the writer and to Kelly for recording it. It's a huge message to all the children who grew up like that. It's not your fault!

Laurie Faria: freak your commercials!

Silvia Havanna oh na-na-na: sofrencia da porra 😭😭😭

Anderson Romualdo: Cruzeiro

Helmut Schmidt: Just as the person commenting before me, I see myself in her.  I think many of us see ourselves in this video.

Helmut Schmidt: Her honesty in this video is phenomenal, to say the very least.  The pure beauty of her courage is refreshing.  I love this video, it makes me cry.

anderson franco: quien lo sigue viendo en septiembre?

Silvaneide Santana: Amoooooo essa música kelly te amo

aleksandra Anastazja: niesamowicie poruszająca ... :(

Dark Spiderman: This is me......

Ramil Pangit: beacuse of my paborite kelly clarkson.

Sretenovic Svetomir:

ayong ngoya: 100% talent

Lindsey Poole: even at 20 this song still makes me cry...somethings dont heal no matter how much time is given.

Ana Roberta: foda 💔😪

Charesse Yares: Have you experience .. While Singing this and then cry.

Emiya Pepayosa: Because of you
I am like this

God Help Me

kaassinha Siilvah: Eu amo essa música são lindas

Enrixity: I'm here because country music... Country music made me realize the possibilitys.... Country music freed me from my anger and hate towards my family....Country music made me stop being a bully at school....this is what I am. a person that believes in god and wishes he can take back his wrongs..... He wishes he can stop being herded by mistakes. He wishes his parents would stop using there phone. He wishes his mom would pay attention and play happily at parks. He wishes his dad will actually play with him and play baseball and love me instead of giving him money every weekend he goes to his dads. He wishes he can just be happy for 1 day. Country Music is my life

Azalia noyola: 😔😔😔😔😔

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