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Mickaelly Cristina: I love music

Cassandra Aguirre: I feel like kelly clarkson because of you I am afraid

Evelyn Ponce: I listened to this song as a kid so many times. I heard it today on pandora & cried my eyes out. I finally get it & im in this same exact situation 💔

Karina Coronado: Take me back to 2005!

Contractor Services: why do the producers and directors have to show all their artists as heroine whores

LPS Cute Cat Shay: :'(

susan t (sweetsis): this fits in so many ways. I didnt think I would be back here again.

Budi 14248:

George Bowey: guys how do u go fro time just wow let me just ak that out ready hay im a little girl oh hi bigger me ill show u your life agian how abot that just wow

Theoni Terzi: Teleio

Francisco Camacho: Amazanig

Sambath Lay: because of my father, i become a person who is a self confident

Catelynn Hovore: explains my life

GandhiVilla: This song always reminds me of this girl I raped. The funniest part is she was still a virgin.

Otr Otr: 2015 Best Song

Mehmet Şekerci: hatırası var

Lisa Allegro: her hair <333

Harry Ansley: One of the saddest songs ;~;

Alysha Mason: love Kelly Clarkson 💕💕💕💕

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