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kawaii piece of shit: this little girl is me when I was younger. 5-8 years old. Everyday.

I still love my parents more than everything btw

kawaii piece of shit: I can't stop crying. My poor mom was excactly the same. I just love her so much💔

Willson Leitte: 2017 ?

Beatris' CBi: ❤🤘

Asria Kandari: So sad song 😔😖

Lais Cristina Viera da Costa: Amazing Song

وسيم الربيعي: 2017

3weekdiet: I am watching Now ... Everytime I watch this I want to give a hug to little Kelly.

Jeki Dzakirah: omg ::(

Nataly Green: true

XxKatyRockz: I did a song lyric prank on my friend with this song and she was just like what

Majdouleen Shouaa: maryam😭

mara cich: y love you perfect 🎶😍

Peyton Sawyer: RIP KATELYN <3

rafael carvalho: muito boa essa musica.

Soulz Grapes (Benny): This is song is Extremely emotional, you can see it in her eyes.
She's singing about something that damaged her so badly.
It's what gives me goosebumps.
I hope she recovers.
I truly love this song.

Trish Haerens: I love my parents so much, but my life is in tatters because of the childhood and adolescence that I endured. Be careful what you do around your kids, it may hurt them. I will not make the same mistakes.

Lara: This song is so beautiful who watching in 2017? 😍

젤귀세: 이분오디션에나온분아님?

Yugvandana Baleva: I hate my parents 😣

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