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Narimen Berchiche: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Mia Schmid: crying

France Guimarães France Guimarães: Linda linda

Guilherme Mota: Bruce and Diana

ZeldasFinalFantasy: What a beautiful song

Makayla Wilder: that happen to me wene i was littel my dad left me

RedBell Records: You were a loser as a kid, but hot, not hot as a kid but hot now

kritis tragoudiston: Kjo keng me kujton zemren time irmen gashi Na tirona.

Στελιοσ Γονιδακιο: I love the song


laura madelief: omg am i the only 1 that is crying haha

Kate Smith: I am adopted and when I was eight my parents got a divorce :( my mom loves my siblings and I a bunch, but my dad has a girlfriend and all he cares about is her and her kids and work, he doesn't even know when my birthday is, he never goes to my siblings or I's events, if he does his girlfriend and her kids are usually there, he also goes to his girlfriend's kids events too

Jully Goméés: aaaf amo essa música 😪❤

Max Nitsche Sørensen: it is a freaking nice song

MissingYou 24: Because of you dad,I can't trust boys & I'm gonna end up alone,because,ya know..I keep imagine they'll be just like you..

leticia kellen santos: i am mwah

Carribia Ivers: who feels like this is them

Nikolina Marković-Mandić: this is so good song for dance

ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΖΑΜΠΕΛΑΣ: It is the best song in the world.

배수영: why? why your go ㅠㅠ i am sad....ha....

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