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Marien Lopez: I sing this song with so much feeling. its my flag. my life.

Fernanda Cruz: 😭😭😭😭💔

Some guy On the internet: when you expect dank memes in the comments but there are a lot of people complaining about their sad life

Lex Simmons: "I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh, everyday of my life"
Funny how one line could describe my life so far

jose flores: yes it is

อมรรัตน์ จันเทียน: The Best👏🏻

persaya hello: i cried a lot i love her . if theat is her dad he is a noob

Appole Bagang: " Because of you, I tried my hardest just to forget everything " 💔

Cliffa Hamilton: Great song.

Cliffa Hamilton: Because of you, i am afraid.

Cliffa Hamilton: Because of you daddy, i keep moving from house to house. Am not stable. Am abandoned, betrayed, rejected, sucidal, and alone. Feel i dont belong in this world.

Jose Marques: Essa música tocou no casamento do meu tio..

Vanny Fasya: who's listening in 2017??

Bogdan Kuzmanovic: love 😚😚😚

Hyojeong Kim: because of you

Maria Eduarda: hello

Shadai Ferrera: oi nivia

katiana moreno: This song is too relatable......

Wut U doing?: U guys are babies

WWEs PanicAtThe5sos: I used to love this song as I child.

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