Bangla Song : Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone Music Video for Free!

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Harun Islam: very nice song

parvez ali: very nice song

shuvo lx: আসাধারণ

DEPANKAR GUPTA: Very very sweet Song...My Favourite Song

CuteBossyQueen: @lavendderrable we never told u go make a video did we n I have seen the movies adds and songs n they dont have ppl pumpin eachother every 5 seconds ok?

ror 48: im sorry if thats sounds racist but, dont u think that u-bengalies- who gave me the idea? sea ur movies, adv, songs?! and after that ,come and blame me .

Electrohin: movie name is redoyer kotha.

Electrohin: what the actually freak are you upto?

ali hossen: ilike this song

CuteBossyQueen: @lavendderrable wats dat suppose 2.mean dats soo.racist bengalies dont sing for sex okay us bengalis.actually have hearts so dats offencive

Kamrul Islam: balo vasbo basbo sudu liz k ...sarthok...ganta

tena74: awesome sng!!....LoV3 It <3 <3

Ramisa Islam: Mother of god Riaz :O

biroho kobi: hi aste coma dau

Tamli Majumder: woow beautiful songs............ like it

Fatima Rahman: what is the name of the movie

goshi1947: @brum82 yes i am ashamed that this stupid is Paki. u r right..... But i am really proud to be Pakistani as we live in a state of ALLAH GIVEN

reiko120977: Where can I get this song English translation? I've been looking for it but still couldnt find it. I want to put a Japanese sub to this video.

Sajidey: don,t knw..wat he is saying...but love this u all bangaliz....a paki friend...

Shakya Mukhopadhyay: Really beautiful

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Bangla Song : Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone 5 out of 5