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Nov 19 2014 by Torrent
Josh Palmer: I suggest if you want to write comments for your literate freshy friend then firstly you do your homework !

thugznhustle: @SakuraiShoWife123 if u aint bengali how the hell do u understand it then>?

miladmeah: @shaolin00 said: IT DOESNT "SAY KILL THEM AND KEEP THE FIRE BURNNING" - YOU freakING BANGALEE DONKEY What does fuel do? Are you a freaking drop out? #The Apostle said, ‘Get him away from me and cut off his tongue.‘Ishaq:595 #Q 4:158 GOD RAISED JESUS TO HIMSELF Poisoned Muhammad rotting in grave SO, WHO IS GREATER? To educate yourself, go to Bangalee-bodro-mosai site Google: Mukto Mona

Debashish Datta: good

Saqib Abbas: beautiful soothing...little chubby...its is also a promo song of aashti (tv drama serial) pakistan.

Kamrul Islam: balo vasbo basbo sudu liz k ...sarthok...ganta

someone20ify: movie name is redoyer kotha.


ali hossen: ilike this song

banglamusicgroup: @JP1THUG How do you know all bengalis are like that. At least we r not hindus. Go freak with your Hindu indian people u pakis. leave bengalis alone. For you guys people think we r terrorist. Go watch your Mujra dance you Perfect muslim.

Sajid Khan: don,t knw..wat he is saying...but love this u all bangaliz....a paki friend...

Misa Amane: Mother of god Riaz :O

Josh Palmer: @SakuraiShoWife123 im very sorry to hear that

miladmeah: WHY Muslims make nasty remarks? - PLEASE GOOGLE "FAITHFREEDOM" & download free PDF book by Sujit Das -'Unmasking Muhammad' - The website tells what actually is written in the Quran WILL SURPRISE YOU, their inside knowledge tells, why Muslims create terrorism & blame their victims MUSLIM HISTORIANS & MUHAMMAD IN QURAN tell Muslims to kill non-Muslims - It's written "Infidels are firewood of hell, kill them to keep the fire burning" This QUOTE ACTUALLY IS, IN THE QURAN Chpt.72verse15

joyforbangla: just cuz this guy looks better than u... u all jealous... why dont u go to ur mom and say y u so ugly?

Naheem Awan: @shaolin00 Dear Shalolin i am Pakistani and you are right that Khan title is belog to Mangol and not related to the Pathans, this is the big misunderstanding in our country, Khan is the title any one can use its not a race. Yes you are also right that we have one noble and u r country got 3. But I still love Bangladeshi peoples, I think we all are human and does not hurt anyone feelings. I really like this song although i dont know its meaning.

tena74: awesome sng!!....LoV3 It <3 <3

TheJellybean120: @JP1THUG is that why pakistanis are known AS terrorist if a white man sees a pakistani he thinks twice!!!!!!! is that why pakistanis are so stingy all they think twice before buying anything other then tesco value!!!!! you guys stink so does your houses we may eat fish but WTF does your fat over grown women eat thats what I would like to know!!!!!!!! pakis are hated by all sikhs and hindus in all parts of the country (uk ) they dont feel like that towards bengalis!!! chanllage me!!

Tamli Majumder: woow beautiful songs............ like it

sharan52854: the 3 ppl that hate this song have NO life

jithy42: stfu dumb bitch

brum82: i do not think you are in a position to lecture one on being a muslim. You come on here spewing hatred towards people who are suppose to be your fellow muslims and then you have the nerve to talk about hippocracy? It's people like you who give decent muslims a bad name. Like I said every decent paki (N i'm sure some exist) will cringe at your comments. Let me ask you, is every paki a model muslim? somehow i doubt it. you pakis do more damage to the islamic image than any other race

TheJellybean120: you pakastanis claim to be good muslims and people like JP1THUG being ignorant and never has a valid claim pathans are something to be proud of maybe so except you need to do your research and see thats they are infact refugees who settled from afganistan to pakistan!!! as for the name KHAN please look it up you people claim its a pathan name NO its not it came from Ghengis khan who was a mongol he is more related to the bengalis then pathans in all ways

hgurly: after habib's music realesed i started to love bengali songs..bengali music improved alot...i lov bengali songs nd habib

biroho kobi: hi aste coma dau

someone20ify: what the actually freak are you upto?

PHAKSAKE: u silly little banger poof

BaSTaRd89ZaMaN: @JP1THUG do u know that a real khan is mongolion decsent....not paktoons they are u have a filthy mouth always swearing...u should get some respect y do u even watch this video if u hate bengalis.... ?

mahfuzur alom: not 2 gud

pudlove1: omgg omggg i love this song this song is amazin sooo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love bengalis big up 2 all my bengali people out there balaaa boshaaaa <3

ryuzakilawlight: AWWWW SENSUAL!!!!!!!GORDGEOUUUSSS!!!!!!

TheJellybean120: khan is a name from mongols and has no history with Aryans (pathans/pakis) please before claiming this WATCH THE MOVIE GENGHIS KHAN cos you wont have a leg to stand on!!! oh and forgot to mention the respected woemn you have in lahore in heera mandi I guess you will deny that they are hookers and tell us its a place where they make films! your country is so corrupt and you know it your people and women are corrupted yet you like to go around rinsing others get a life and look close to home

Faisal Shahim: true, I hardly listen Bangla songs. No offence but this is my Fav song . Infact some of my foreign freinds whom I suggested they have loved it

tig1960: songs quite nice but the uneducated lauguage of the other commenters show you for the real you no class just no class no breeding

brum82: u will find that the first ever asian poet laurette is bengali. my friend u have proved that we bengalis are more civilised than you pakis. i mean u feel the need to be belittle us for no reason which is a paki trait. as for fit bengalis u will find that many actresses in bollywood have bengali roots. n yes i am proud to be bengali. u have proved to me that being a paki is nothing to be proud of. any decent paki would be ashamed to have u as one of their own. i feel ever so sorry 4 u

Shakya Mukhopadhyay: Really beautiful

ror 48: im sorry if thats sounds racist but, dont u think that u-bengalies- who gave me the idea? sea ur movies, adv, songs?! and after that ,come and blame me .

Ema A: i don't really like listening to bngali songs...but i gota say this songs quite nice!!! surprisingly!lol

NikkiBaby: OMG i'm so inlove with song... Bhalo Basbo bo-re Tomai jotone......thats what my shami says to me:D

lovbabban: i even didn't understand why all the fuss. It flew over my head LOL. anyway just wanted to write, whoever is saying they are so call real Muslim ( Bangali / Paki), Islam doesn't suggest you to fight or coursing each other. Please don't bring religion when you have nothing to argue with.

Wasama Alam: u people sick me, trying make everyone a perfect muslim,first be perfect yourself, you have no right neither me, just pass on the words of the QURAN

XxBengiPwincessxX: luv this song n i don't reai like bengali music but luv this 1

Josh Palmer: @shaolin00 Yeah ok then !!!! sorry i couldnt understand you from all the pan you were spraying out your red mouth when you were talking !!!! maybe stop eating your smelly ruhi fish like a ape with your fingers and get educated !!! I wonder who your dad ripped off to buy you a computer !!! Fish freaker bitch !!!

brum82: educated? tell me what your level of education is? I have a degree and now I teach. I teach pakis like you and I'm telling you the futures nothing to be proud of as far as your concerned. I don't think bengalis are perfect muslims. I mean no group or creed can say they are perfect muslims as a whole. I have the intelligence to realise that all races, religion etc have good and bad. some people don't have the intelligence to realise this

brum82: Oh yeah jp1thug, why dont you run along and freak your 'cousine sister' u benchod.

14thDudee: Lol... Ever heard of electro? Tormav bokktoy

RandomGyalx: this video is the best love this song so much reminds me of bangladesh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

brum82: Ha ha ha. Nah mate we bengalis are poets. We are intelligent, honest and civilised. Everything you pakis aint. Proud to be bengali mate. Thank god I aint no paki

Fatima Rahman: what is the name of the movie

PHAKSAKE: all bengali songs are crap, the music the vocals all sounds awfull

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