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Nimhans Nimal: Love from India......

Ritin Malhotra: Those were the days...

khriezotou keyho: best W.C song ever

Emily Valdes: I could've sworn they said "and then it goes back." Not "so wave your flag." Hmm.

shakil zang: miss those days

cutie pie: I bought knaan' s first ever CD, I remember letting my friend who wanted to be an artist hear it , he slammed it and said this guy will never make it. He said he will be famous before Knaan. never heard of the dude again. Meanwhile this song had a world wide recognition, recorded in over 20 languages!

vinay kabra: Why only 20M view ? People only like rubbish song

aryan dabas: use to bang this out in primary uno man miss dem days

Asal dhalad: Kenaan ❤️💯😍

sanjay kumar: Hit like if you are watching it 2017

bad boys crew: mahshallah

Adaniathallah: Who is watching this on 2025 ?

Prominence Inc.: still better than jb

Taufiq Idianda: August 2017..

vines vevo: y I cry every time for this sonG coz am #SOMALIA

vines vevo: This man made us proud in music industry #SO SO SO hit the the like if you are my fellow somalian bro/sis

Linh Thuỳ: 11-8 who watching???

Lightning Roster: Amazing

Nicole Gamer: Can you do another one plz!

Ifraz Ali: Love Somalia from Pakistan

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