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talha muslim: simply amazing

bittU np: david is narrowing the gap between white and black.😏

Kashmiir Boy: I am Somali my name is zaki
and k'naan is manhood this song i will never forget

Bishalkumar Sarma: gg

raju c: love the lines.
"they don't control us, they can't hold us down.
we'll get up even though we strugglin

Manou SD: (G)old

hapopy as: I am very very clever

Moho juu: Anyone still watching in 2017 ?

Khushi Srivastava: Damn , it's been 7 years already? ❤️ Love this oneeee !

xXNeymarJrXx 11: "struggle my oming" ??

Prophet Elijah: They commercialised a song that's about the false freedom image of Africa that the West is propagating? There are 50 different versions and remixes of this. He's selling out his original message for succes.

yulisa plays: who's watching in 2017


anfal ahmad: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gavin Weisser: Why isn't Justin beaver in it

Ahmedsahal Nuur: hit like 2017

Fajar Alamsyah: kontol

Nura Zack: Still in my heart on 2017

Audrey Martinez: best song

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