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jtenge jtenge: I am watching 7 years later

Dalal Muhammad: This was my first graduation song lots of memories

Brandon Day: This is nowhere near as good as the Coca Cola celebration version

Suraj N: who's here on 2k17

Nurhelman Rahim: 2017 pls like if ur still listening haha

Laialy Abu Hashish: w

Miri Ach: I miss Knaan Come back Knaan It's time World needs your wise words

jay: 2017 anyone???

Chucky peter: freak FIFA for not selecting this song.

Vaibhav gs: knaan should sing another song

junmar nanez: i cry when lisyening to thiis song
i dont know why..but i feel the strong emotion here

Vaibhav gs: cannot believe it's 7 years old

Vaibhav gs: some songs never get old

Vaibhav gs: this song should be the international anthem

Best Moments of Youtubers: I loved this song when i was 9 1/2 and i do it now with nearly 17 years old :D

Michael Paton: legit he sounds like hes saying wave your fag at some points

HydroSal 96: remember this world cup, finished school and came home to watch the matches while this song was playing! bringing back memories!! great song still.

pranay kumar: Best song ever!!!!!!!

Luan Benicios: afemaria

Luan Benicios: mas q lixo é esse

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K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag ft. will.i.am, David Guetta 5 out of 5