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Apr 06 2014 by Torrent
Lucas1Apple12: 2:11 Chilean Flag ? :D Chile 4 the win

Hooda Carden: He has allot of *CLASSICS* just picked one that would be known by allot of people #K'naan

Anothermovieguy45: As much as I hate David Guetta, this is one damn catchy song. There's a good tempo, of which is consistent to follow the rhyme flow on the artists, and song is well written. As much goes for will.i.am.

Benedek Farkas: Poor Gueatte he is so... well.. white in this clip :D all the awkward moves and stuff.

jo pi: it´s the somalian flag

chandana p: awesome 

Adzan maulana zakaria sutarso: cool...

vishal p: good song

Massimiliano Dosmo: i prefer the other version... the one in english and spanish

Rohan Tuli: Where did David Guetta go?

David Beckham: will.i.am have a problem with ''nation-cation-tation ''

Nico Tornesello: this song is in my heart

CLUMSYKEVIN11: When u see the 2hite guy jr like whaaaa

Adrian Haxhijaj: like if you listen in 2014

Santi and The Woushi: the celebration version is better

Shawn Red stick: dancing

Mohamed Adam: Good

iTele: Is it just me or does David Guetta look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo?

Ubaldy Elias: This song came out in the year 2010 and i still remeber it and today is the year 2014 

Jordan Diaz Jimenez: awesome! :D

Braniac Gamer: david rocks

Taze Comet: that jam before having an iphone was cool

brett maclarin: I love this song I have bin singing this song for so long

Milton Tashi: this is bob marley's ''descendant''

Stefan Vojvodic: such a positive song

Violyntino Soriano: Unit Humanity

Sendilla Humaira: what did david guetta do on this song? flag wavers? lol

Garrett Muns: This guy needs to do some stuff with Matisyahu they both have nothing but a positive message to send to everyone

daniel bennett: what did david guetta do in this

Yusuf Ahmed: My home country!!!!!!

Anthony Salisbury: Its so inspiring

Chloe Greer: Love this song!!!! 

Aminah MMHIGH: Like if ur listening to this in 2014

Th0seGuys09: Don't really see Guetta's purpose in this vid..

Sobeck The Last Sentry: Featuring: David Guetta His role: background decoration

Megan Marannu: such an inspirational song...

Zahra Mukhtar: Those watching this video in 2014 lets make this song popular again request it on ur radio stations! We can do it!!

hamza mohammed: I can hardly see his face with that background (hakunamatata im black too).

Deng Nuul: K naan is one of the best artists

kremena jivkova: such a good song i love it!

Brian Johnson: thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2014

Saleh Kamal: where's the words? u should be type the words in the description

Imaan Singh: AWESOME SONG!!!! Who remembers this song?? 

john mark: LOVE THIS! go viral today like? my nigga chief keef with Authenticview$(.]com, get tons of views and exposure to ANY video!

kuwinsitall: lol. who's the dorky white guy in the video with him? #fail

shreyas daniel: love this song a lot

ciid waees: Kyushu swag

Ron Jordan: 2 minutes 5 seconds 

Sebastian Riordan: This song it's much better than Shakira's song...!!! Waka Waka... Whata fack...!!! 

SpeediestYazTor9: IRAQ

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