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AshWarfare 123: Is it me or does David Guetta look like Jay from The Inbetwenners

xVeplzz: Can't believe this song already 5 years old

YaBoiFlqme MCSG: who still watching this in 2015 c:

Don Adu: i want now .....nicc i born 2009 am lessen. 2015 i love this song. we love Africa. Give we fredom...

Ahnaf Hoque: awesome song

Hazel Nabo: .....this version of the song is....... o.k I guess : × : p

Niall Moloney: Coke version is way better

naddd itaa: believe it or not, when it goes to "Ooooh Oooh" on 2:20. it's Bruno Mars's voice

Leah GloriusPie: STOP HATING! I understand if you say just a few times your rude opinion about an artist, but stop writing bad things over and over again, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is so so bad for a fan to see her/his idol criticized that way. I like will.i.am, like his music, the sound, his history. He had a huge success both as a performer and producer, he is an artist, he knows how to treat music and what people like and so many other things.. It feels bad, I feel touched from ur comments and stupid for being so weak, but no matter what I love Will and so do tons of people. NO HATE!

Crazy Gamer: wow nice song

Richard Fong: 2015 keep waving your flag!!!! Very touching song, like soccer itself!!!

platinum ogon: @will_i_am you just ruined the song! Get out of the frame!

ghoste snipe: When im Global i will get kills, they call me friberg like theyre scared fags

cem barut: Heard this song since 7th grade good times

Abdi Khader: viva k,naan and wil am both are my fav singers

Tex Bridge: super....one of my favourite

‫بعيدهةة كالقمر‬‎: صومالي😌✌

Ruweeyda Abdikarim Muhudiin: Viva Somalië

Quapadople: Not hate or anything else but David Guetta has nothing to do here...

Jesus Cova: Thank you

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K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag ft. will.i.am, David Guetta 5 out of 5