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Caroline Jackson: Still on the top for mee

Sanjeet Deshwal: 0:10 guetta , that's me 6 yr ago. waving around like an idiot.

Luke Schneider: I can't decide which version I like better. The World Cup one is pretty awesome

Rajeshwar Pahan: this song was also damn popular in india .......still sounds motivating and refreshing 💖✌✌✌

Toronto Bieber: Knaan PLS MAKE MORE MUSIC!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!

Tommy Cheung: So... I want to know is.... How does David Guetta contribute in the song..? He just stood around and waved his arm..

Илья Барышев: it's a really nice song and I like waving flag

son goku: give me the like generational of 2000

Jaragonz 14: 2018 Here!

Zahid Hasan: awsome song

Saiamsh Rock: I am still see it

rahul b: this song will remain always hit in our heart...still after 7 years

Amri Anuar: can someone tell me which part of the song was David singing?

Cyber Ghost: 2017, still watching ✌

david rmadrid: Is it just me but doesn't will I am look like that black dude that owns that Chinese restaurant from rush hour lol

Billi Simmo: I looove This version ! ❤️

Abangmu Bana: 2017?

Thế Kỷ Mèo: 2017 ❤️

reginalunaraea: I'm gonna stop watching World cup if Shakira is once again in next year's anthem

Hugo Potiet: c trop bien

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K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag ft. will.i.am, David Guetta 5 out of 5