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Dec 26 2014 by Download
The Fox: Shut up will.i.am. Your music sucks, don't go around ruining a good song. I mean seriously, whenever you open your mouth, it's auto tune. Your lyrics are crap and you did nothing deserve the fame and money you have.

shukri hussein: Long live Somali!!! We shall have a stable country once again.. Sad how I never seen Somali but I hope it well be the peaceful Somalia like it was before the wars & evil terrorist. 

funnycommonmam: i see luka modric there.. :)

FEZ: As much as I hate David Guetta, this is one damn catchy song. There's a good tempo, of which is consistent to follow the rhyme flow on the artists, and song is well written. As much goes for will.i.am.

Drake Basso: I like this version better than the actual album version.

Akash Smith: Love FIFA

ATaylorRadio: the 'Coca-Cola Celebration mix' version is way better! If you haven't already seen it, you should really check it out! :D

Setio Darmadi: THIS VERSION IS crap COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL VERSION! Damn US and their propaganda!!

abisola Oladapo: it is December 2014 and am still wavin my flag

ShotLegacy: dat auto tune on will.i.am doe..

Mie Reed: Tomorrow will be last day. Vamos Argentina and good luck Germany. ⚽

CptAce Z: David Guetta did nothing XD JUST ARM MOVEMENTS soz caps

Vicente Cabezas: Nice shoes david...

Salena Choudhury: What's David Guetta doing there he aint doin no crap besides dancing

nicolz lami: melody from the motherland!

cenation5450: Such an inspirational song

sanjai shubhangam: My school children r performing this...... I'm a girl n I'm a part of it...... Tomorrow is my selection..... Waiting fr children's day

kylarking: I feel, if our nations would think like this, there would be peace.

onedrop rule: I love you k.naan 

Dylan Shade: People David Guetta doesn't sing he does the music and technical effects

Dick Acurio: David Guetta con botas..?? XD

Isti Q: Love this song....but i think the original version is better

Mark Smith: F R E E P A L E S T I N E 

Thaiger: This song speaks to my soul.

Ravi Jagannadhan: This is how I know I'm getting older, my first thought was, "Nice shirts, where did they get those?"

Alessandra Sagredo: Love.

Petra Vrzalová: Original song is the better than this song.

Edward Ho: lol will.i.am and K'AAN is there making the motion then boom David Guetta comes he is like white XD even the background is black XD made me laugh... not rasist tho

Guy Epicman: david guetta lol

King Eazy1988: Why is david guetta even in this? 

Shawon khan: Hey this is the official video album version n the other was for worldcup............. devid guetta sign for mixing n choriographing.........will.i.am just do rap

InfinityZero 20: one of my favourite songs

Hati RS: only william's autotune is hearable 

back to back beauty: Most inspiring song ever

Gabriela Arreola: Soooo does anybody know where to find the original?..

SeniX_KraVe: NBA2k10 you'll be miss

8bitwonders: Lyric chain when I get older.....

Marc Vila: This is one of the best songs of i listen ever

Eden Griffiths: This song is the original, David Guetta mixed the song and the World Cup version is a remix.

mary leon: This is the AWESOMEST SONG EVER its also the original cause it doesnt say mix for any pf you dumb bitches thinking it isnt anyway long live knaan and guetta


Lucas1Apple12: 2:11 Chilean Flag ? :D Chile 4 the win

Jorge Lacerda: Essa musica é fodastica! I love! Abraços do Brasill!

abdimalik Adam: i miss world cup 2010 and wavin flag

The dark knight: What did David guetta do except for being in the video? 

mary leon: Phillp willmwler if you hear me youre a motherfreaking ugly little bitch filled eith crap 

noemi Cisneros: Inspires me to keep on going :,) thank u for such a powerful and touching song ... Means a lot to me 🙏

khalid ali: o.e dis song make u wana go to Somalia o.e 

Manuela Randria: From Madagascar ;) K'Naan, David Guetta & Will.I.Am beeeeeeest WC song ever!!!!! ♥

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