Engelbert Humperdinck - Please release me 1985 Music Video for Free!

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Oct 08 2014 by New Music
B Éva: <3

1719Arek: Cudna, piękna piosenka , uwielbiam tego piosenkarza, dziękuję Zosia

Ibolya Kálmán: kedvecem, és őt is nagyon szeretem!

M Ridza: legendary singer..

nitabacak nita: Beautiful

Anne Beusink: prachtig nog altijd 

Susana Alonso: Una de las tantas hermosas canciones que cantó Engelbert

silvana do rocio azambuja dos santos: Perfect bjs.

Christina Boby: I LOVE THIS SONG.

Ash Chase: He looks like an 80 ' s porn star. Lol.

Jovani Yang: es una de sus mejores canciones que te llegan a dentro de tu corazon....

Antonio Augusto: Canção, muito agradável de ouvir, e Grande interpretação deste Artista...

1000 Oldies: Buenos días, os dejo aquí un "recuerdo musical" ¿bailamos? ;) #EngelbertHumperdinck - Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)

Truus Kloen: voor altijd xxxxxxxxxxx

Maria Paczulák: best

bigkev3184: You will never touch ELVIS anything Elvis sings why do people try to touch the music is dead, the king made his his period.

pyrochemists: Play this at a wedding...and get beaten after

Атанас Георгиев: mnogo shk nasko

Annuska Demeter: Csodaszép melódia ..! Egyik kedvenc Énekesem !

Anna Massek: Beautiful song Great voice

Lj Francisco: i lve this song its remind me,my younger days

Bruno Fantoni Filho: linda , linda ,linda !

Diesel: This song was released in the 1960's but it's message is still true to this day lol

louis karol: Refreshing to hear this oldie

Joanna Adamczyk: "please, release me let me go"- gdy mężczyzna kieruje taką prośbę do kobiety, ta na ogół rozpacza i pyta jak on mógł. Natomiast gdy kobieta zwraca się z taką prośbą do mężczyzny, on przeważnie się wścieka i wyzywa ją od dziwek.

john c: As only Englebert can sing it,,prefer the original release though.

adam gerard: Engelbert Humperdinck - Please release me 1985: http://youtu.be/6S9ecXWCBCc

ralaraisnotavailable: I knew this only from The Fast Show. This is song is amazing in ... how it... wow. I had no idea rofl. It's hilariously inappropriate in any circumstance I can think of!

tonyocch1: This song is sad and beautiful at the same time

TAPRI T: One of the best songs,beautifull!

barend dorresteijn: schiterend nummer,veel herinderingen aan

Ernst Suter: Ich finde einer der schönsaten Songs von Engelbert

guitaristclassiker: самая ужасная песня, какую я знаю...но я ее очень люблю, даже с таким текстом :)

annie geboes: tof veel herinneringen hummmmm

Milan Jaros: krásá

piet castelein: What a nice years the 60th Pieto

Rinus Wesselink: Best song ever from Engelbert Humperdinck

SANDY R: Check out this video on YouTube:



Pravut Charnvit: ฟังเมื่อไรเพราะเมื่อนั้น

dulce quimora: oh yes

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