Engelbert Humperdinck - Please release me 1985 Music Video for Free!

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Nov 27 2014 by MP3 player
Maria Miraz: Wow wow very nice song

T.P.O: I will have the blonde lady he don't love anymore hehe x

Oleg Akhmedov: Grandiosity.

Ms K. Johnson: My mother is 80 and this was her favorite singer besides Tom Jones. I couldn't tell them apart. They both had great voices. Tom just had to strain for his and Engelbert came natural. In saying this to all your older woman that remember these two hunks. Enjoy :)

전광용: very nice song.....!!

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Rusmandana .: I have found a new love, dear. And I will always want her near. Her lips are warm while your's are cold. Release me, my darling, let me go

Martti Leksis: NAUSEATING!

B Éva: <3

bob Parker: Humperdinck had just as good of a voice as Tom Jones.. I think when they sang together it showed that they respected each other and were very equal!

Nadzieja Wróbel: Cudownie lubię ją pozdrawiam

esperanza agustin: I could listend and watch him over and over again. His voice make me relax.

anna martin: Csodás zene ,vissza hozza a fiatalságunkat !!! A kedvenceim közé tartozott az előadó ! :) 

Hamyasa Muhammad: i don't love you anymore....so release me,pleaseeee

Александр Лукашов: very, very nice

Joanna Adamczyk: "please, release me let me go"- gdy mężczyzna kieruje taką prośbę do kobiety, ta na ogół rozpacza i pyta jak on mógł. Natomiast gdy kobieta zwraca się z taką prośbą do mężczyzny, on przeważnie się wścieka i wyzywa ją od dziwek.

Anne Beusink: prachtig nog altijd 

nitabacak nita: Beautiful

M Ridza: legendary singer..

brandon ross: the scene from Bronson lol

photini georgio: I love all his songs please realice me is my feverite I likeeeeeee

John Dedes: Classic

1719Arek: Cudna, piękna piosenka , uwielbiam tego piosenkarza, dziękuję Zosia

guitaristclassiker: самая ужасная песня, какую я знаю...но я ее очень люблю, даже с таким текстом :)

woohoo5473: I think he needs a Bro.

eddy otero: een prachtig nummer

Ernst Suter: Ich finde einer der schönsaten Songs von Engelbert

홍양하: hell of a last name..

Sinikka Varonen: I love his voice

1000 Oldies: Buenos días, os dejo aquí un "recuerdo musical" ¿bailamos? ;) #EngelbertHumperdinck - Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)

ralaraisnotavailable: I knew this only from The Fast Show. This is song is amazing in ... how it... wow. I had no idea rofl. It's hilariously inappropriate in any circumstance I can think of!

Jovani Yang: es una de sus mejores canciones que te llegan a dentro de tu corazon....

john c: As only Englebert can sing it,,prefer the original release though.

조언덕: Check out this video on YouTube:

ratnasari dewi: have a nice dreams….

Annuska Demeter: Csodaszép melódia ..! Egyik kedvenc Énekesem !

Ash Chase: He looks like an 80 ' s porn star. Lol.

jaime macias bustos: with all the pain of my heart

Светлана Аћимовић: pesma moje mladosti

Ricardo Bejarano: I heard this song for the first time when I was a young boy. My father had the record and used to play it very often. Now almost fifty years later, this song sound to my like a real prayer. I love it

catishca2007: iti voi scrie D V M !

3DPeter: Hahahaha! i was thinking the exact same thing before i read your comment. But remember, this was the 80's, so bighair or a mullet and moustache was as common as bald men today.

Rell Raccz & Aeon Flex: wow, as a kid I used to hear this all the time on the radio station my mom listened to..now that I understand the lyrics, LOL this is just brutal hahaha

fadel mendez: Que canción más hermosa, y que gran interpretación.

Kris A: Sing this,. with all the gusto possible,.. while waving goodbye to Abu Qutada from our lovely, beautiful British shores,... :)

SF Mary: Smooth moves, best song to play for a #2 in the bathroom! Works every time!

MARGO N.: Ever I hear this song I hear also Roger from Marple singing this.....

miguel peña reyes: me encanta esta musica no se de que se trata pero es una hermosa melodia para mi y cada vez que tengo la oportunidad de escuchar lo hago es hermosa


litriark: yo me moririaaaaa !!!!!

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