Engelbert Humperdinck - Please release me 1985 Music Video for Free!

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Feb 27 2014 by MP3 Download
PT: So you slept naked with her in bed, then tell her to "please release me, for I don't love you anymore"? Haha nice!

Carlos Naveira Sánchez: ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK Please release me

Bud Walker: great song..

kalebind: IT is too late now. it is just too late already..

SylentEcho: He looks like Marc Mero here.

Spariatti: This is good stuff... If you're 85 :p

Clara Lechner: Minunat catec

Khalid Hamid: What a smashing oldie and fantastic voice of Engelbert and have been listening to this great song since 70's in Lahore/Pakistan. God bless you long life………..keep it up.

Regina Stella: Lindíssimooooooooooo

djole0501: fast show <3

eddy leirens: I thought that Engelbert sang the original version. But i was wrong. The first version of this song is from 1946. Unbelievable no ?

SuperQus: Release me :)

Doggy gast: #Engelbert Humperdinck 

HRVAT1975: Please release me from "google plus"...

Arta Ponsel: This song is about my love story...my husband wants me to let him go back to his first love...i love him,thats why let him go because i want him Happy...congratulation Budi and Lili...i hope u both Happy until dead do your part

Alyssa Rose: #holidayhair #thecreatures xD

caroll gultom: cute,,,,please release me.

Tom Dockery: That's what A-Rod is saying to the Yankees.

Kris Van Eeckhoorn: my mom's favorite artist

Joseph Tuccio: Awesome song 

Robert Meldgaard: GREAT !!!!

Jared Anderson: Ssohpkc brought me here(: 

Pacila Cheng: Very Good Song

de eenzame fietser: Magic song and super clip

djonkern: underbart!

elumir heidi swoboda: i love you engelbett 

sidney williams: i thought he was European 

Hugh Jazz: I came here after watching Out Of the Furnace. Great movie

john cee: a classic pity it was not the original

TheBbjazz: great memories my grandfather love this song and we always listen to this together when i was a child thanks for posting this!!!!

michael fowble: I Love to read everyones comments. Englebert did however laugh all the way to the bank with this song. 


Asada Nilsumlit: Engelbert Humperdinck - Please Release Me 

Ryan Zeigler: So I upgraded to Win8 several months ago and I just realized for the first time that I don't have iTunes installed. Oh how things have changed. I'm free of the iShackle!!! http://youtu.be/6S9ecXWCBCc

Romeo Ninov: Good morning Wolrd

Bambos Iguanadon: Work.. please let me go.. I should've been gone by now well not officially but I gave myself an early finish which hasn't come to fruition....

Медиа Майдан: #amazing #music *Engelbert Humperdinck - Release me* (1985, Released 1966)


Stasys Liupkevičius: St.L

eddy leirens: I didnt know it either. If you google release me original version, you can see the version on you tube.


Nick Duca: This is a great song and this is the best arrangement. BTW, if it were me, I would keep the blonde at least for a week-end!!

isis92110: he's an egocentric idiot

Florian Brisan: Words from his soul to his heart ....

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