David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Music Video) - Piano Cover HD with lyrics

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Dec 15 2014 by Torrent
Arnaud JazelBarde: Beautiful !

Jacob Clark: Love it

Nathan Doan: so epic

cheernastics baez: I love singing along with this

Daniitza Salome: Love Song! <3

Leah Phillips: I think u played this amazingly x

Gao Xinyue: I wish i could be as good as you someday

Harry Sherry: beautiful!

kymoni11: dang i wish i could do that:)

SenoritaMidnight: Wow! Nice! =]. =D. <3

babygirl40218: You Rock

gaba005: amazing performing! :) can you send me the sheets please? my email is sarkanygab@citromail.hu

Stephanie Lee: can you send it to me plz, i love it so much! stephanielwy@hotmail.com

Moataz Bassel: Great , keep it up :)

Alex Su: HI ! I think ur piano playing is amazing, so I did a cover from your instrumental! do u mind? if not then check it out! thankyouuuu.

RobinsonMusic UrbanBooks: nice :)

chacha star: WHY I CAN'T BE A PRO LIKE YOU ;3;

Flaubert Agostinho: Muito bom!

Sabri na: Oh my good ! *-*

sannu Nomberg: you are amazing

chainsawzxcv: Theres some mistakes in your lyrics (: [chorus] i'm bulletproof nothing to lose fire away, fire away RICOCHET, TAKE YOUR AIM<< this is the right one. fire away, fire away you shoot me down but i won't fall i am titanium you shoot me down but i won't fall i am titanium i am titanium... Thankyou (:

EroticElephants: Honestly, people think playing pop songs are hard. If you have had 1 or 2 years of practice, it's easy to play all the pop songs. You just need to find the chords of the song, and then the melody. Then, play the chords in a way so that it'd sound really good. Then change the melody (instead of playing one note, maybe you can play 2 or 3 notes at the same time so it'd sound really good).

LazeHeat: so sweet :)

rgf610: Your cover is amazing!

Tazzy_: Not to be rude but the lyrics is ricochet you take your aim, not brick of shame you take your rain By the way you are amazing at the piano <3

Kayla Fortin: Ik houd van u!

Kendra Brown: WOW!

Sherry Amer: Tienes un talento increible en el PIANO! SIGUE ADELANTE! Dios te bendiga!

OnWishingStars: Omg Please make sheet music for this I love it! Great job(:

TheMinder74: love it mate the joanna makes me emtional ,,love this tune play it again sam lol

599PC: 38 dislikes from ppl who dont have ears

Mazer Rackham: @ezaspie0220 lol derp

Eva Victoria Campbell: youre amazingg!!!

Ludovica Reda: Nice :)

iBevCoon: any sheet music? this is amazing

Fernando Uranga: I really love how you play! ♥.#

CookiesUnleashed: Some guitar tab website made the same mistake

Jamie Carpenter: love how you took such an upbeat song and made it tear jerking<3 such a musician, great job!

kjelli123: Welcome after!

Weez naz: Thank you very much Kai, this piano rendition is ultimately how I got sound on my AMV thanks to Google's more strict copyright laws.

Rick Jansen: Great job, but it's more fun when you use the original vocals.. Check this :) /watch?v=7laFQhYHquM

MultiVideoguy1: Please show all of us your muisc sheet

LittleMonster KillsLover: In description -__-''

misstudee: sheet music pleasee?!?

Charles Stevens: Honestly, I would pay up to £1000 to have this as sheet music. Seriously.

Zach Charlie: its not brick of shame take your rain its ricochet you take your aim

Eva Jade: everything sounds so much more musically beautiful on piano<33

ieda domichi: i want thiss sheet :/

Aaron Macias: Yeah please we Pianists need those sheets!!! <3.<3!!!

iamryanperez: i would really like to learn this. sheet available? i'll pay for it

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