David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Music Video) - Piano Cover HD with lyrics

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Oct 12 2014 by New Music
Arnaud JazelBarde: Beautiful !

Jacob Clark: Love it

Nathan Doan: so epic

Grace Brandon: I love singing along with this

Daniitza Salome: Love Song! <3

Leah Phillips: I think u played this amazingly x

Gao Xinyue: I wish i could be as good as you someday

Harry Sherry: beautiful!

kymoni11: dang i wish i could do that:)

SenoritaMidnight: Wow! Nice! =]. =D. <3

babygirl40218: You Rock

gaba005: amazing performing! :) can you send me the sheets please? my email is sarkanygab@citromail.hu

Stephanie Lee: can you send it to me plz, i love it so much! stephanielwy@hotmail.com

Moataz Bassel: Great , keep it up :)

Alex Su: HI ! I think ur piano playing is amazing, so I did a cover from your instrumental! do u mind? if not then check it out! thankyouuuu.

RobinsonMusic UrbanBooks: nice :)

chacha star: WHY I CAN'T BE A PRO LIKE YOU ;3;

Flaubert Agostinho: Muito bom!

Sabri na: Oh my good ! *-*

sannu Nomberg: you are amazing

chainsawzxcv: Theres some mistakes in your lyrics (: [chorus] i'm bulletproof nothing to lose fire away, fire away RICOCHET, TAKE YOUR AIM<< this is the right one. fire away, fire away you shoot me down but i won't fall i am titanium you shoot me down but i won't fall i am titanium i am titanium... Thankyou (:

EroticElephants: Honestly, people think playing pop songs are hard. If you have had 1 or 2 years of practice, it's easy to play all the pop songs. You just need to find the chords of the song, and then the melody. Then, play the chords in a way so that it'd sound really good. Then change the melody (instead of playing one note, maybe you can play 2 or 3 notes at the same time so it'd sound really good).

LazeHeat: so sweet :)

rgf610: Your cover is amazing!

LittleMissCupcake71: Not to be rude but the lyrics is ricochet you take your aim, not brick of shame you take your rain By the way you are amazing at the piano <3

kristypantak: Wow...! I like it..!

Kayla Fortin: Ik houd van u!

Kendra Brown: WOW!

Sherry Amer: Tienes un talento increible en el PIANO! SIGUE ADELANTE! Dios te bendiga!

OnWishingStars: Omg Please make sheet music for this I love it! Great job(:

TheMinder74: love it mate the joanna makes me emtional ,,love this tune play it again sam lol

599PC: 38 dislikes from ppl who dont have ears

Mazer Rackham: @ezaspie0220 lol derp

Eva Victoria Campbell: youre amazingg!!!

Ludovica Reda: Nice :)

iBevCoon: any sheet music? this is amazing

Fernando Uranga: I really love how you play! ♥.#

CookiesUnleashed: Some guitar tab website made the same mistake

Jamie Carpenter: love how you took such an upbeat song and made it tear jerking<3 such a musician, great job!

kjelli123: Welcome after!

Weez naz: Thank you very much Kai, this piano rendition is ultimately how I got sound on my AMV thanks to Google's more strict copyright laws.

Rick Jansen: Great job, but it's more fun when you use the original vocals.. Check this :) /watch?v=7laFQhYHquM

Michael Parenteau: It was beautiful. The music, the voice the melody. You and your piano were like one! That is what music does for the soul. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift.

MultiVideoguy1: Please show all of us your muisc sheet

LittleMonster KillsLover: In description -__-''

misstudee: sheet music pleasee?!?

Charles Stevens: Honestly, I would pay up to £1000 to have this as sheet music. Seriously.

Zach Charlie: its not brick of shame take your rain its ricochet you take your aim

Eva Jade: everything sounds so much more musically beautiful on piano<33

ieda domichi: i want thiss sheet :/

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