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Nov 23 2014 by New Albums
Sailesh Chudasama: Afzal, you are truly amazing!

mithoo1234: One of the best so far.....{:-)

Harish Julka: Great 

Alok Bakshi: Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

ravikumar thamidala: .........

Chandru Dembla: beautiful song.

bazajow: Professionally performed. Many thanks for sharing it with those who don't live in the sub continent any more.

Salman Ahmed: sargosan bhai bhut khub keep it up DJ-Salman-J , djsalmanj

psychesp: You have captured the nuances in the song beautifully! Excellent!

anilshital: Indeed very soothing....and refreshing..

Afzal Afzaal: Thanks InshAallah one day i shall Make My album . please pray for me.

Satya Chauhan: Excellent performance.

Sachin Jain: ameen

welmyheart: Amazing

kuckudk: Wonderful ! your flute sounds very heavenly. I will also try to play it. thank you very much for sharing it with me.

Ramesh Rawat: Extremly successful Experiment. Superb playing. Excellent performance. All the best.

Chander Prakash: you can made your album any day you like you have full controll and command over your instrument .I pray for fulfillment of your desire and God will help us

jetkj1: Dear Sargosan, it is simply brilliant! Please remember, if you call that an experiment, beginners like me will have to give up learning flute!! Guys like me will take decades to reach where you are. Wish you all the very best......

tika subba: i wish you sab

roshan854: marvelous, you done a great job. which flute you play and from u buy it. please tell me because it sounds very pleasant.

Afzal Afzaal: thx tessprash regards'

Satya Chauhan: Excellent performance. Dear Brother, time has come. Now you should make your Album CD.

shamanyc: Outstanding Sir !!!! would you like to be my teacher ??????

Asiftabrez: Wonderful

tess prash: Very beautifully done, thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

Satya Chauhan: Excellent performance. Time is ripe enough for making your Album CD. Thanks for sharing.

Radhika kurup: wonderful

Night Eyes_11: My favorite Song by Rafi Saab. Beautiful ... Brava.

Parmjeet Sarkar: My love and respect as ever Sargosan Ji ! (Sarkar)

tika subba: flute verry nice

Rajuansai Ansari: yaar its amazing , its really touch my soul, i cant stop my tear when i was listen this song fist time

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