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Nov 27 2014 by Demo
papermason: It's been years since I heard this old gem. I like some of the modern music in my church, but these songs will always have my heart. God is love, Jesus is Lord, please dwell in my heart Dear Holy Spirit and lead on.

Levi Campbell: If only my boys and girls could hear groups like this so they can see that there is more to Life then the inner city turmoil, i work at juvenile detention center in Berk's county PA from Levi*

Billyjoe Gray: hispromises are yesannd amen

Rosalee Adams: NOBODY loves us as He does

Jason Tonn: Beautiful lyrics. You said you'd be there to share all my sorrows

jayboisaula: Simply beautiful!!

KABALAKA Bacolod: Thank You Lord that i could come to the living water and i will thirst no more. Thanks for posting.

winnie ngare: this song speaks to me in a very special way...

Kelly Markham: I never heard this song until a planning meeting for a Womens Cursillo meeting this past month - it was chosen to be the theme song for the weekend. It was the 1st time for many of us. It brought tears to our eyes as we could all relate to it. Thank you!!!

John Keefer: Heard the Mountain Anthems sing this some years ago and what a blessing it is to That Jesus is our Savior and soon coming king.

Mike Olson: Written some 42 years ago, this classic song is seemingly more heard recently. A definite classic. I think for sure it will be at my celebration of life service at my earthly ending. I have sung it as a duet and it is overwhelmingly beautiful. Moving. The Gaithers do a moving rendtion on video with the composer and there is also a video of a little Afr.American boy - about 8 years old who also does a sterling rendtion of this beautiful song. Try to find those two videos too. Such encouraging

MrMikeSacCentral: One of my all time favorites! Who can comprehend the love of God? Shall anything separate us from the love of Christ?! For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee....Isaiah 54:10

Petra Brown: I wonder how someone will listen to this and doubt the existence of God...great song for all times-sorrow,joy,trials,praise....etc

chastainharrison: Amen! Love acapella singing! Best there is

Tikki Amber: So love this song. First heard it about 30 years ago.... Thanks for posting such a pure rendition of it... Love it.


baohanhng: beautiful singing and beatiful song. God bless you, thanks for uploading it.

Haileyjobug: I love this we started to sing it at teen camp I LOVE IT

Bobby Jacks: @alyssaox15

hangng1: Think you for all your hard work. This is the first time I hear the song and it touched me deeply deeply - God bless you

emeraldpilgrim: Was it intentional that the sun at 4:00 appears heart-shaped :D

grondor12: When I was a baby/young child my mother would sing this to me while she held me in her arms. I love it...beautiful song!

tpward1: this is so precious and show our lives right now as we lives. Sometimes we struggle with sin and we have to remember that he died for those sins and live in his grace.....great song, beautiful

cjohncarter: This was a favorite song of Ken Rambo, a beloved friend and brother at my church; he fell asleep a little while ago and it was played at his funeral. Ephesians 5:19-20

Joyce Ashuntantang: I can't get enough of this song!!! To make matters glorious- this choir sings it so well. I sweetly torture myself by listening to it as often as I can and each time, I walk out of my skin!

"Buy the truth, and sell it not." Proverbs 23:23: you can also use ilivid. com and Leawo video converter (both are free.) Happy Sabbath/ Sabbath blessings.

Diana Turner: This version is AWESOME! PTL for His mercy!

raymond52044: Thank you! I remember this from my youth. I almost sent Him away, but He had greater plans. Oh that young people would really listen to this song.

Jeff Mayer: That is so beautiful and healing. Brings back memories or my High School years when I first heard that song and fell in love with it.

alyssaox15: SO beautiful and so well sung. We used to sing this song before every performance and event at my highschool. This song is unbelieveable. It still brings tears to my eyes. <3

Uche Samp: wonderful message, wonderful song (with killing harmony) that i've never heard but now. thanks for ur effort

Gandalf1948: Beautiful.. I remember when this song came out by The Children of The Day!

God's Poema:

TheSexyants: beautiful song! beautiful....amen!!

kbrtiger22: This is great. Thanks!

IanLoewen: @melodyn65 Praise God! Whenever someone comes to Christ, angels rejoice in heaven. I just find it amazing how even though a drop of Christ's blood would have done, he loved us so much that he gave all of himself. I just got baptized last month and its amazing what God is teaching me through his word. Praise be to God!

Mokundagirl: Oh I feel the goose bumps. Beautiful song. Jesus I'm your's.

Diana Turner: This version is AWESOME! PTL for His mercy!

iread2010: This is beautiful. Thank you for singing this beautiful song! It is one of my favorites. God bless.

246Sparkle: Beautiful song...the sunset pictures make the song even more beautiful...nice video.

Barron Geiger: Excellent job's great to hear kids singing this kind of choral music and of course the message is eternal. Great job on the background slides and text, very easy to watch!

Melody Neff: 1991 I was a horrilble drug user, friend had been killed, there was a pond where i was staying. i went to that pond that nightand shook my fits at the Lord & told Him if He didn't help me I was going to be dead, i fell on the dock & cried for hours. when i came home my mom said ... this song has been on my heart for you and she played it. I have to say, after that night at the pond i never touched drugs, no withdrawals and my life totally changed! Thank You Lord!

1128teresa: such a beautiful song. the first time i heard it, thereafter i keep on singing it. when nobody's around..hahaha..i know i'm not a good singer for some..but i'm the best for the LORD^_^.

holinesspentecostal: Hallelujah to the Lamb of God! What a wonderful Saviour!

getdusty1: Excellent balance of the parts. Not too shabby a message too.

Andrew Cothran: This song was sung at the funeral of a 6 year old boy , the nephew of a friend,,He had been killed in a tragic accident at his church and i was asked to carry his casket as a pall bearer ,I held it together through the wake and i was doing fine until this song was sang ,,I started weeping so heavily ..I believe that Jesus wept too that day but the boys tears were dried and now he rests with the savior .

"Buy the truth, and sell it not." Proverbs 23:23: I really like this. Thank you.

Kathleen Schambach: This song is great when you are down and needed to be reminded of Gods never failing love and His steadfast promises. So comforting.

Panderosaprincess: This is one of my favorite songs. ;) thanks for posting this one!;)

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