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Grace Patten: I grew up in an Amish community ( although I wasn't Amish) and remember singing alto of this song in the Easter children's choir.

Mrs LiL: Wow, so nice. Haven't heard this song in ages.

robert ackerson jr: So beautiful that we can live in a falling world that still has so much of Gods love in Songs like this that bring us to tears and hope. Imagine how great the singing will be in heaven with the Angels and all of us believers. What joy glorious joy that will be.

Curt Brennan: What a BEAUTIFUL song....and written RIGHT FROM THE HEART!!!!

Levi Campbell LPN: Amen ! What a great way to start my day here on the isle of Oahu, "The Gathering Place". GLORY TO GOD IN ALL !

MYOB Crabtree: Oh that I could sing in the language of Canaan, then I could tell a little of the glory of the better world; speak of Him who shed tears and bled for me.

Gabbia Barbosa: LOVe brought me to the Lord.

Janet Toungett: wow!


Assie Van der Westhuizen: Glory to God!!!

Appiah Miller: for us he sheared those tears. why then tarrying

HELL IsREALJesusSaves: CATHOLIC DOCTRINE IS FALSE! Don't ask Mary or Saints to pray for you, because they can't hear you. PRAY TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST ALONE. Don't pray the rosary. Don't confess your sins to a priest, but confess your sins to God instead. Following the 7 sacraments won't get you into heaven. You are not born again after water baptism. You become BORN AGAIN when you REPENT of your sins and TRUST in Jesus! This is when the Holy Spirit enters you! Don't listen to the pope. He is a liar. Turn from your sins and TRUST JESUS!!

Odilon da Silva Rocha: belíssima musica...Por Estas Lágrimas Eu Morri - tem noi hinário 'Louvor Vivo" dos
anos 80.

jayboisaula: Simply beautiful!!

Billyjoe Gray: hispromises are yesannd amen

Levi Campbell LPN: If only my boys and girls could hear groups like this so they can see that there is more to Life then the inner city turmoil, i work at juvenile detention center in Berk's county PA from Levi*

KABALAKA Bacolod: Thank You Lord that i could come to the living water and i will thirst no more. Thanks for posting.

papermason: It's been years since I heard this old gem. I like some of the modern music in my church, but these songs will always have my heart. God is love, Jesus is Lord, please dwell in my heart Dear Holy Spirit and lead on.

Jason Tonn: Beautiful lyrics.
You said you'd be there to share all my sorrows

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