Green Day - Basket Case [Official Music Video]

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Aiden McDonnell: What guitar is he using?

El Valen: Green Eyes!

Tariel Pollin: WHO Else is listen to this wile skating

annette moore: Sum timezz ur mind plays TRICKS ON U,LOL

Brian Donovan: You guys should come to Minnesota specifically Minneapolis

valonni kodecs: maradonna


Evelyn Nayane: Amo o Green Day de mais 💜💚

SudoWood: 1:42 "am i just paranoid, awdygbhnadyutwga"

reesespieces22: I was 4 when this music video came out on MTV. Those masks scared me!

Guy Fawkes: Green day is to Punk Rock what Led Zeppelin is to The Blues. Steal everything, package it differently and make a fortune.

Tina Huston: Well...this didn't do it for me.

Anggi Ruiz: Un latino escuchando esta música de dioses?

ברק אבינועם: High School 90's

Rooney Freitas: Pl

Alejah Lozano: The best

Billy Dover: This was the first Green Day song I ever heard. I freakING LOVE THEM. They're the best rock band EVER!!!!!!!!!

Meister Incognito: Can someone tell me on which Sitcom this song was featured?

Mister H: Wooow

Gilbert Reyes: Just theory are real

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