Green Day - Basket Case [Official Music Video]

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Steve the gamer: cool song you are the best

sanytch: Интересно,в английском есть слово-сумашествие?Наверное это определяет путь этой группы!Мне нравится!

T Smith: Rubbish most of their songs are ripped off from the kinks

0Carol Tate: i love this song

15gladuis: This sounds so much like mathematics by mos def

Manuel Varela: Goooood

Bill Gates is still cool: The baby faces still freak me out

Tongue Twister: Those eyes r gonna give me nightmares

Blanka Balogh: crap 😒👎

Milli Maus: I love this song so much😍

DUBSGAMING: wtf why does this remind me of malcom in the middle

FlamingDiamondGames // FDG: So at PE yesterday my PE/Social Studies/Teacher Called my friend Dookie and I was like "isn't that an album" I didnt mention Green Day and he was like "🎶 Do you have the time 🎶" and you know sang almost the whole song XD it isn't that surprising he knows them

Niken Sadrsih: I first listnen this song in bmx xxx ps2

jimbomania001: de la bombe vraiment.......

jetteboy: Drive fast music!!

mama cerdita :v: alguien abla español aca? :,v

Jake Baxter: I remember playing as him on Tony hawk American wasteland

Gabalicious Aranda: How do so many people miss the like button? 🙃

dragon ball z god: so dead

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