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GooglyEyez: is it just me or does he look black to you.. a black guy dipped in white chocolate

Андрей: гей какойто

Андрей: фу

GENO Martinez: My favorite song by Chris. God Bless Brother :)

Beth Moore: Chris hasn't disappeared, he's very much active, he re - released Soul'd Out last September and he's in the middle of releasing Love N Evol, I've been supporting since his audition and I can also tell you he's still clean and sober and doing himself very proud, don't believe everything you hear on YouTube comments... Love Life

Shahirah Begum: Why is he so quiet these days :(

Uneek Mendoza: does anybody know where he is at now?...

Tina Jaquez: Young Chris✌✌😃😄 I remember this guy.

bizou lotfi: good man ;)

cristy Rojas: I love this song!!!!!!!=)

beth napier: OMG !!! I SOOOOO LOVE YOU CHRIS RENE !!!

VNESTRADA13: he kinda looks like Nate Diaz from the UFC lol

Jace ForTheWin: I took parts from this and turned it into a rap

Gracie Jones: OMG I love this man so good !!


adam newsome: GOOD SONG PIMPIN

Lori H: Love this so much!

Nathan Gillmore: Chris Rene is amazing! Getting a tattoo of love life because of him!!

andhikmycuz: Eveybody gottta watch the first audition,,so you know how great he is

Theresa Chase: Love him just heard him for the first Time last night fell in love

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