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Descia Alina: absolutely love this song

HighRyse323: I am the one that mixed and recorded this song, I mean this is so od but I am so happy people really still love this, I also did, majority of Chris's songs before he went on Xfactor,,along witht he young homie 1st version. If you would like to hear some of my composition work after years of career progression and attaining my degree in the science of audio, with extensive experience working for 6 years since we recorded and I mixed this. , if you dont really believe me check youll find some of his older songs we did

GooglyEyez: is it just me or does he look black to you.. a black guy dipped in white chocolate

Андрей: гей какойто

Андрей: фу

GENO Martinez: My favorite song by Chris. God Bless Brother :)

Beth Moore: Chris hasn't disappeared, he's very much active, he re - released Soul'd Out last September and he's in the middle of releasing Love N Evol, I've been supporting since his audition and I can also tell you he's still clean and sober and doing himself very proud, don't believe everything you hear on YouTube comments... Love Life

Shahirah Begum: Why is he so quiet these days :(

Uneek Mendoza: does anybody know where he is at now?...

Tina Jaquez: Young Chris✌✌😃😄 I remember this guy.

bizou lotfi: good man ;)

cristy Rojas: I love this song!!!!!!!=)

beth napier: OMG !!! I SOOOOO LOVE YOU CHRIS RENE !!!

VNESTRADA13: he kinda looks like Nate Diaz from the UFC lol

Jace ForTheWin: I took parts from this and turned it into a rap

Gracie Jones: OMG I love this man so good !!


adam newsome: GOOD SONG PIMPIN

Lori H: Love this so much!

Nathan Gillmore: Chris Rene is amazing! Getting a tattoo of love life because of him!!

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