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Jay Rose: This concert was absolutely incredible!

Edson Etian: What does Jason sing at 38:00 until 38:12?

Charles Lovely: How they segwayed from Ktulu into Puppets was killer

jujujijijaja: I was 14 at the time... how I would love to have gone to this concert :(

bambuquero24: Una obra maestra.

shane brown: all speakers are turned up and still not load enough!!!

Gregorio Hernandez: muy. bien. con. sinfónica

Coltallic: Metallica should make a S&M 2 album (Yes, i know the conductor sadly passed away, but another S&M album would be perfect as tribute to him). This would be the perfect setlist for another S&M for me (in this particular order):

1.) Blackened (Orchestra plays the reversed intro from the studio recording, then James goes into the main riff)
2.) Creeping Death
3.) Moth into Flame
4.) Atlas, Rise!
5.) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6.) The Frayed Ends of Sanity
7.) Dream no more
8.) Leper Messiah
9.) The Unnamed Feeling (2007 remix arrangement)
10.) Fade to Black
11.) All Nightmare Long
12.) Harvester of Sorrow
13.) Am I Savage?
14.) Ride the Lightning
15.) Disposable Heroes
16.) The Unforgiven
17.) Low man's Lyric
18.) Orion
19.) ...And Justice for All
20.) Halo on Fire
21.) Spit out the Bone

FACUNDO S S: wtf Lars at 1:27:21 D:

Gary Phillipo: Hunter of the shadows is rising... Ha Hahhhhhh!!!

x9//4: I'm a little late, but this performance of The Thing That Should Not Be is HEAVY!

Jessewayne79: orion and To live is to Die would have been perfect fit for this show

Sebastian Kane: After listening to this album religiously, all of the original versions of their songs just don't stand up! Hetfield's deeper, more mature vocals and the hundred piece orchestra backing them up just make for an epic performance! Even after all this time, there are moments that still send shivers up my spine.

Jose Carcamo: My respect for Robert he is so damn good but i miss Jason, his energy is in another level

William Ayers: Looking back, I think they should leave it alone and not try a second attempt. S&M is a gargantuan masterpiece. And if it ain't broke don't try to redo it.

PizzaMozzarella: "Metalheads" that hate on this performance are absolute assholes, they only like music if its heavy, basically they don't actually like music, they like metal(not saying metal isn't music). This is beautiful. My personal Fav off this album is Hero of the Day.

Dylan Thomson: is it just me or does everyone miss this Metallica

Michael MacLeod: Damn good concert. Thank you.

Carlos Aduka: still listen in 2017..yeahhh

Slucia8989: I remember downloading this off limewire when I was like 13...took freaking forever. now it's on YouTube in an Instant. we are so spoiled. lol

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