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Jacob Cheek (Cheeks): The day classical music lovers fell in the Snake Pit and loved it!

Backspacer12: Machine Head should play The Blackening, Unto The Locust and Bloodstone & Diamonds with an orchestra..... That would be so sick!!

Jeremy Smith: im not much of a metallica fan but this crap is awesome

Joy White: Awesome!  Beautiful!

Janine Milner: Still get cold shivers watching this the BEST !!!

HBZ SwanGoose (HB): I wish they played Orion at this show, that will be the best show ever

Hero, Hero: This musical experiment is not good!!

TheYankeefly26: hands down one of the best shows on this and metal equals a marriage made in heaven.

Дима Королёв: Супер классика!!!

Daniel Buehler: Best part....  43:17

Unplugged1977: Master of Puppets, Justice for all, Ride the lightning & kill em all
Still Epic albums and havent been topped since.
S&M will still go over in history as some of the greatest metal / sympho concerts EVAH.. 
regardless of all u haters  xD

Unplugged1977: saw this concert transmitted on swedish television.
I WAS MESMERIZED - and stunned that my own country didnt broadcast this lil piece of music history.

HALLO Denmark 1/4 of this band is danish !!! for fuk sake!!!

Kai E.: Damned! If only I'd been older than 6 years at that time I would've totally gone to that concert!!

keith bouchard: To ALL you Metallica bashers listen up.  They carved out there own Mother F'n path, completely obliterated the globe as we know it.  They rained down the most deadliest metal to grace our planet.  Every other metal band since has just been a piece to the metal puzzle called METALLICA!  I mean come on.. They crushed it with a God Dam Orchestra.. YEAAAHHH

Will Goss: Listened to this on my plane ride to Florida
Good times

arsooo91: :)

Stacy Smith: Ahhhh Suck it!!!

Tom Mules: 2:14:06 Ozzy, is that you?

Kelly Rogers: the best album ever!I listened to the concert on the radio 96ROCK broadcasted it live!it was AWSOME!!!

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