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like why do you hate him? like what have he ever done to you?

Ignacio Lembi: NEWSTED RULEZZZZZ!!!!!

old welsh bloke: anyone thinks this is Metallicas Spinal Tap moment? Keep waiting for "lick my love pump".

Tridgy: So this is the original audio of No Leaf Clover? Wow, it's just so perfect, and interesting <3 <3

Sohini Maitra: This was my introduction to Metallica - a two part cassette pack....

Trent Mason: Such a great concept. This will always be one of the coolest concerts. Bravo. But, they should have dressed the symphony to look hard and put all the Metallica members in tuxedos. :) It shows you what true musicianship Metallica has. Very under-appreciated in that regard.

SeahawksMan: jason did very well on ktulu

Trixstein: How awesome would it be to be a member of the orchestra having Metallica on your resume. :)

askurs11: do yourself a favour and sync this video with the HD sound recording from another youtube video. worth it!

Nil CM: Just... awesome

w87g8765: LOL. Lars knew he can't mess up in this one

Musharbash34: Kirk absolutely destroyed on this night, not one bad note really. Also love how he mouths his solos. Great performance overall

TeRReN85: Забавно 😂

Jim Butcher: By far..... My favorite song off of this album is Nothing Else Matters.

Samuel Skelton: the drums at 10:11

Rupert Cornholio: I'm surprised to see Lars not being a little bitch in this clip

Cesar Orellana: metallica siempre será una excelente banda (y)

DDeviss6: I bought a 2-part cassette of this concert (record) when I was 7 years old. Give me chills everytime I hear it and freak me I love metal to these days ! \m/

TeeDub: James is awesome don't get me wrong, but the amount of auto tune used in this is unreal.

ThePandaGuitar: Best performance of Metallica. I wish I could go back in time and be here.

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