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Slucia8989: I remember downloading this off limewire when I was like 13...took freaking forever. now it's on YouTube in an Instant. we are so spoiled. lol

coronius050: Michael Kamen !!!!Rest in Peace!!!!

uppanadam74: Michael Kamen at the helm!! :-)!!

Siko Man: Epic concert. But why the autotune, damnit?

1bol1: Cringeworthy

Μανώλης Μυλωνάς: fade to black should be on this concert..

said aliyoon: 4:44 The Big Bang

Esteban Lisboa: One is just amazing! :')

Esteban Lisboa: como rockean esos violines papu!

Dave Wilson: RIP Michael Kamen. This record was a masterpiece.

Bryant Cole: whoa, I can actually hear Jason on this.

Tacreviews21: Jason played call of ktulu great, one of the reasons why I prefer Jason over everyone else is that he was there for metallicas biggest moments, from and justice and on and literally got out once they went downhill, he did everything professionally and just had the right vibe for the group at that time


Andre Osokin: 1:39:55 for all the Russian viewers :D

Jorge Eduardo Zamora Acosta: Cool bass line of Jason on Ktulu.

chris miller: 1:23:40

chris miller: the one song missing: Fade To Black?

chris miller: thanxs, Paul B

obinido: cant believe its allready been 18 years O.o time went by so fast

William Ayers: Mike Kamen, RIP, left the world with one of the most hypnotic productions to ever grace the stage of music. This collaboration was definitely worth the time and energy. To Metallica, and Mr. Kamen, wherever you are today, congratulations to both of you!!!!

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