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Nigel Buck: Nothing else matters is very beautiful but the 2 tracks that properly work are "Until It Sleeps" and Minus Human for me

Alexandra DM: I was 3 when this took place, but i met Metallica (and became a metalhead after that moment) with One at 12, and by 13 i had a close friend that told me about this great gig, one day he took it to school and told me that i must hear it all alone and calm, that was the best tip ever, the next day at school i gave it back to him and he told me that it was a gift. I swear it is one of the best presents i had received.

komputerLuek: Huge respect for playing a crapLOAD of load/reload songs and making them sound better than the original versions. I'm happy they didn't stick to the beloved first 5 albums and in a way got out of the comfort zone. It turned out great, but I have to say part of it is due to fixing of the album (like autotune (!!!) in some songs, the chorus to No Leaf Clover serves as an example). and man... do I miss Jason's backing vox and overall attitude...(no disrespect to Rob).

Gabrielox925: 23:31 WASSUP MOTHERF*CKERS!!!1!!

Datsun: would pay a LOT to be able to go back in time and attend this

Gato Gamer2106: Me encanta este concierto (Like because my English its not very good)

Škodlivý Plž: Minus Human

Sebastián Igor Muñoz: Ecstasy of Gold 01:15
The Call of Ktulu 03:14
Master of Puppets 12:46
Of Wolf and Man 22:25
The Thing That Should Not Be 25:45
Fuel 34:10
Memory Remains 39:30
No Leaf Clover 44:08
Hero of the Day 50:17
Devil's Dance 55:08
Bleeding Me 1:00:50
Nothing Else Matters 1:12:42
Until It Sleeps 1:19:12
For Whom the Bell Tolls 1:23:40
Human 1:28:40
Wherever I May Roam 1:33:33
Outlaw Torn 1:40:45
Sad but True 1:51:12
One 1:56:57
Enter Sandman 2:05:19
Battery 2:18:30

peoplevsradio317: so skrillex is the kid that tried to stage dive...i love that!

Mr. Nerve Damage: 2:06:36 "freak you in", xD

sonicfuker: 44:07 -No Leaf Clover

TundraL5Z: If you watched this video to see a little bit of it but ends up watching the whole thing like this comment

TundraL5Z: I freaking love Jason's stage presence! Of Wolf and Man will never be the same without Newsted man!

Cody Vollick: I don't remember the band playing an entire show this tight! Lar's KILL'S this performance as does Kirk!

Mark Hopper: Look, everyone appreciating this concert without smartphones!

TacticalSeven35: does anyone else get avenged sevenfold vibes whenever you listen to this?

wagsbass: is this the last known instance of Lars playing half decent double bass?

Parsa Noori: عالیییییی
çok gözel
veryy good

vivostubes: One of the best live album ever!!!!! enjoyable to listen!

Francis couto falbo: Galera do Brasil q ta curtindo esse SOM FODA PRA KARALHO< da um jóinha!!!

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