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Alwan Rosyidi: LOL.. James looked like abraham lincoln..

TANCHIK: металиса......

boufares salah eddine: A freaking piece of art...

Niels Christiansen: Great concert.
Michael Kamen and his orchestra really saves some of the songs. The memory remains suddenly has much more to it. I'm never gonna sit down and listen to The Call Of Ktulu in the album version after having heard this. The band itself is also in perfekt shape. I don't think it's the best version of "Until it sleeps" I've heard.

Omair Issyid: The Ecstasy of Gold 1:15
The Call of Ktulu 3:15
Master of Puppets 12:47
Of Wolf and Man 22:24
The Thing That Should Not Be 26:44
Fuel 34:20
The Memory Remains 39:33
No Leaf Clover 44:08
Hero of The Day 50:15
Devil's Dance 55:03
Bleeding Me 1:00:51
Nothing Else Matters 1:12:46
Until it Sleeps 1:19:11
For Whom the Bell Tolls 1:23:40
-Human 1:28:40
Wherever I May Roam 1:33:37
The Outlaw Torn 1:40:41
Sad But True 1:51:13
One 1:56:57
Enter Sandman 2:05:20
Battery 2:18:32

Adam Terra: esplendido

SigmaTV: 29:55 when the mic tells you a good joke.

Sanjak Pitakrat: lol that guy in tuxedo rocks! he's totally dressed up just for this show

Hudson Barth: I agree with the fact that Metallica was in their prime between around '88-'93, but I would say that they were the most musically inclined and skilled at their instruments during this era

Jana Clanton: I absolutely love this it's always been one of my favorites I have seen Metallica about 8 times. I don't know why everyone hates Lars he's a good drummer, (maybe not the best) and a great showman! My favorite drummer is Danny Carey of Tool! He's phenomenal

like why do you hate him? like what have he ever done to you?

Ignacio Lembi: NEWSTED RULEZZZZZ!!!!!

Cynical welsh bloke: anyone thinks this is Metallicas Spinal Tap moment? Keep waiting for "lick my love pump".

Tridgy: So this is the original audio of No Leaf Clover? Wow, it's just so perfect, and interesting <3 <3

Sohini Maitra: This was my introduction to Metallica - a two part cassette pack....

Trent Mason: Such a great concept. This will always be one of the coolest concerts. Bravo. But, they should have dressed the symphony to look hard and put all the Metallica members in tuxedos. :) It shows you what true musicianship Metallica has. Very under-appreciated in that regard.

SeahawksMan: jason did very well on ktulu

Trixstein: How awesome would it be to be a member of the orchestra having Metallica on your resume. :)

askurs11: do yourself a favour and sync this video with the HD sound recording from another youtube video. worth it!

Nil CM: Just... awesome

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