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Jorge “Jordi Elite” Luis: The Best álbum all time

Rafael Lora Brito: 314 idiots dislike this masterpice 😤

Sergio Padilla Martin SPM: 21:02 what a malefic laugh!!! awesome!!!

Sergio Padilla Martin SPM: best metallica concert ever

Timothy Cox: 2:02:48 Epic Scream. #Goosebumps

TheAmateurGuitarist: I just read an interview with James Hetfield and he said that Skrillex (when he was 11) was at this show and that you can see him try to stage dive. James said that he is a blonde kid trying to stage dive. so im on a Skrillex hunt for the next two and a half hours :D

I'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: freak it, I give up :D I've watched till 50:00 and Skrillex is no where to be seen. Any one want to pick up the next shift? xD

DethnDecay: Find Skrillex 2017

Francinara Vasconcelos: <3

Alexandr Nevsky: В начале музыка Эннио Морриконе .
Американская группа «Metallica» начиная с конца 1980-х годов каждый концерт открывает его композицией The Ecstasy Of Gold из классического вестерна «Хороший, плохой, злой». В 1999 году она была сыграна в проекте S&M впервые в живом исполнении (кавер-версия)
Почему не написано..?(((

Rahim Dilekli: goosebumps

Mauro Almada: No me canso nunca de escuchar el S&M , Metallica es la luz 🔥 tremenda combinación

Sázhe M. Epifanne: Robert Trujillo is a good bassist, but not the right image and attitude for this band. This line up is pure Metallica. Btw, the audio in this video is too low.

lisa tissington: i remember buying the lot, the dvd n the album back in 99 omg x got great memories from then xx thank you for putting this on havent heard it for a long time!! xxx

Chris Newk: let's create a time machine and get on this concert

puffykilled2pac: White European people music

Luke Eden: I wish i was born earlier than 89. But still! I can enjoy this with a beer!

lSlicerl: If I had only two hours to live i'd watch this.

Jimmy Jones: I freaking love what James does at 31:15 for "The Thing That Should Not Be", it's perfect for sounding insane.

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