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Apr 07 2014 by Fresh releases
hilda beaverhausen: I miss Jason.

Manuel Rebollar: If Only Michael Kamen Was Still Around There Couldve Been S&M2 

toni Lindsey: #awesomeness <3

Rusty2FTW: Sick show. They should of played Fade to Black, Sanitarium, & ..And Justice for All, would of been great there

Garrett: before i thought that this album had to do with sadism and masochism -__-

lioneyejr: 2:18:01 Kayser Soze on da Harph

Bruno Nunes: freaking awesome!

Bboy(with a banana): You know the world has gone to crap if search s and m and you see rihanna being a slut.

alex gibbs: so glad they played bleeding me, easily in my top 5 favorite metallica songs, awesome novelty concert, i love symphony and i love metallica, the two together is quite a treat.

toni Lindsey: #MORELIVEcrap :)

sempresiempre: Lars, please, watch this and play on tempo again. heheh

Thiago Soares Leite: Would be great a S&M 2!!!

J0Garg: <3

Chad Maier: Just helping out, listened the whole thing to get times, yeah could of skipped but I love it :) The Ecstasy of Gold 1:15 The Call of Ktulu 3:15 Master of Puppets 12:47 Of Wolf and Man 22:24 The Thing That Should Not Be 26:44 Fuel 34:20 The Memory Remains 39:33 No Leaf Clover 44:08 Hero of The Day 50:15 Devil's Dance 55:03 Bleeding Me 1:00:51 Nothing Else Matters 1:12:46 Until it Sleeps 1:19:11 For Whom the Bell Tolls 1:23:40 -Human 1:28:40 Wherever I May Roam 1:33:37 The Outlaw Torn 1:40:41 Sad But True 1:51:13 One 1:56:57 Enter Sandman 2:05:20 Battery 2:18:32 Notes: *James' vocals were pre-recorded in No Leaf Clover and -Human since this would be the only album these 2 songs would appear on *Yes, that was a guy with his shirt off who jumped off the stage during The Outlaw Torn lol

Mackenzie Gordon-Smih: Still think that vocal wise, this is James's best ever performance, I know a lot of thrash Metallica fans might not agree, but in my opinion, this album is the best his voice has ever sounded

javinha luan: lees paul kkkk not explorer kkk

estebi18: the soft version of metallica!! hehee

lorilei2005: O.M.G. Pure talent at its best.

Güney Şimşek: For Whom The Bell Tolls :( 

glenh75: I remember back in 99' when this first came out. Everyone was like, "Woooh! This is freaking awesome!" 15 + years later... I still get chills listening to this.. btw, to show how old I am, I also had this on VHS!!! LOL

Adrian Perez: I was only one year old when this concert happened.

Igor Smirnov: This concert was almost 15 years ago and I still have not heard anything better!

Rob Gratto: Imagine what this crap woulda sounded like in this place.Just explosive!! S & \m/

Howard Blatz: Anyone else notice the sick electric solo on Nothing Else Matters while Hetfield's holding an acoustic? lol Overdubs are a funny thing. Still a great show, though I'd like to hear how the acoustic solo sounded. They probably didn't like it so redid it with an electric before release.

Amadeus Perez: The best rock concert ever made, the harmony between orchestra and band is superb.... And Metallica has such great songs for this kind of scenario, and thinking of other great songs that could've been here... but still one of the best concerts ever, if not, THE BEST....

bigwalt2990: I remember the day this was live on the radio...crap I'm old... (yes, this was live on radio, toledo)

Mane Margaryan: 

Brandon Estiven Silva Guzman: ´ list please

nolan hickey: A match made in heaven.

Paulo Fonda: Magnifico 

Sebastian Hojka: Best concert EVER. When I found the CD with S&M soundtrack, I listened to it for hours. I love IT! Greetings from Poland.

angelica avila: XD METALLICA XD 

sound box: After That We Need to go to Concerts.

Bruno Lucas: Awesome

hasbi fadhli: Orcestra metalica

mharley284: Saw them like 10 years ago, it was eh, thought they were done. Just saw them a couple days ago in Lima, Peru, one of the best concerts I've been to

Jonas Maaren: They should've played Fade to Black :/

Vicki Hulcy: My dad played in this concert! He's my hero!

Mik Last: 1:29:30 what instrument Is that in the background?

Livia Mota: The Best!

el mansouri abdel ghani: one word : legends

Ryan Durbin: THANKS!!

DodoCroat: 03:14 - The Call of Ktulu; 12:47 - Master Of Puppets; 22:24 - Of Wolf And Man; 26:44 - The Thing That Should Not Be; 34:22 - Fuel; 39:33 - The Memory Remains; 44:07 - No Leaf Clover; 50:15 - Hero Of The Day; 55:02 - Devil's Dance; 1:00:51- Bleeding Me; 1:12:46 - Nothing Else Matters; 1:19:09 - Until It Sleeps; 1:23:40 - For Whom The Bell Tolls; 1:28:40 - Minus Human; 1:33:38 - Wherever I May Roam; 1:40:43 - Outlaw Torn; 1:51:12 - Sad But True; 1:56:56 - One; 2:05:19 - Enter Sandman; 2:19:36 - Battery

PatitoFilmsSAdeCV: I can still hear the Call of Chtulhu... He's gonna wake up at any moment D:

Ryan MovingViolationz: R.I.P. Michael Kamen

Tammy Tankian: The kind of show that just gets you thinking "damn it! thats a freaking amazing show!" The most perfect combination of rock and orchestral that I ever seen *w*

Harley RUIZ: after almost 15 years I still freaking love this concert!!!

Cysiek The dark side of light: Too good. Rly...

Rodrigo Diaz: hahah really? you must be new here...

Zyborggian: ............ You do realize James has always been the goddamn main songwriter of the band right?

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