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thewikileaksfan: I hope this will be released on Bluray

Jake Baker: Outlaw torn 🤤🤤🤤

Jan Solo: Metallica should do the next S&M with Two Steps From Hell

James 4life: The Call Of Ktulu was awesome! Of Wolf & Man feels it has more to offer with the orchestra compared to the original track. Not that the original is bad, but I felt like it needed more. The orchestra does help out a lot

Eduardo Vasconcelos: The Best!!!!!!

Anna 5678: Thank you so much, man. I had the CD before it lost and broken after the flooded. This album is the first time I heard Metallica. It was amazing. Best ever.

Cody James: Bring back Lars' ride!

Naim Alkouki: S & M rocks!

Bobo Halsted: this orchestra never knew what hit em

Tobias TK: 2:02:02 What the actual freak?
This is seriously the worst thing metallica has ever done.
I'd actually rather listen to load and reload than this crap.

Marco Velazquez: You've gotta love Newsted's voice

Mikkey Kottak: for whom the bell TOLLS!!!!!! the best on here for me. Pure gold.

Soham Sali: 15:00 Lars pout.

Gab Oroz: The laugh at 29:56 is so cute

BrandMan: Метла даже с оркестом сосёт,Megadeth rulz.

Hugo Stiglittz: Is it just me or does Kirk look like Johnny Depp?

Quatto Vallor: at least Jason was there.

Milena: ¡¡¡¡Maravilloso¡¡¡¡¡

Jay Rose: This concert was absolutely incredible!

Edson Etian: What does Jason sing at 38:00 until 38:12?

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