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Nov 17 2014 by MP3 Download
Snezana Virijevic: Metallica S&M 1999 Full Concert

thesatanic6: i never got why they worked with the the orchestra...dont get me wrong i like this...but it just seems like they are playing their songs unaltered with the orchestra making background noises couldnt they have made some subtle changes to make the orchestra feel more like a part of the songs....well it is good anyway

CRXcro: freak you world, I'd really like to see Cliff Burton playing this show :(

KillyTheB1d: SETLIST!! (Feel free to copy this to the description OP!) 1:15 // Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone, The Good The Bad and The Ugly) 3:15 // The Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning) 12:45 // Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets) 22:24 // Of Wolf and Man (Metallica/Black Album) 26:44 // The Thing That Should Not Be (Master of Puppets) 33:36 // Fuel (Included The Badass Slide Intro.) (Reload) 39:33 // The Memory Remains (Reload) 44:07 // No Leaf Clover 50:15 // Hero of the Day (Load) 55:03 // Devil's Dance (Reload) 1:00:51 // Bleeding Me (Load) 1:12:46 // Nothing Else Matters (Metallica/Black Album) 1:19:10 // Until It Sleeps (Load) 1:23:40 // For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ride the Lightning) 1:28:40 // Minus Human 1:33:36 // Wherever I May Roam (Metallica/Black Album) 1:40:43 // The Outlaw Torn (Load) 1:51:13 // Sad But True (Metallica/Black Album) 1:56:55 // One (...And Justice For All) 2:05:20 // Enter Sandman (Metallica/Black Album) 2:18:31 // Battery (Master of Puppets)

Ulf Goldschmidt: Metallicas S&M ist das absolute Masterpice für sehr wohltemperierten Krach *Video in Germany nur über Proxy*

inaudibleThrash: i wish jason used distortion and wah in call of ktulu :(

Daniel Carneiro: I just love the look on the face of that violin player @ 17:16

Adamsky1976: I would like to play guitar. This is so beautiful ! Does anyone know the track begins @ 44:08 ? Thanks in advance.

Manuel Rebollar: If Only Michael Kamen Was Still Around There Couldve Been S&M2 

Jez Fairclough: This album has been the theme of the day. Though trying to keep up with the bass line whilst cycling uphill was not one of my best ideas. #metallica 

Erwin Reijn: Yeah! I still have this concert on double DVD! Metallica S&M 1999 Full Concert

Daniel Fantini: This crap made me cry. It was really awesome that they came up with this. For you haters out there, I am only a fan of their first four albums and I still like this. Anyone who thinks this is bad, you should go try to find a hundred some orchestra and try to do this so shut your mouth

Shramir: So freaking sick. This is utterly epic in so many ways... I'll never forget all the wonderful times I had listening to this album and wishing I could have been there!!

Whores of Babylon (Official): Is it just me or should the Orchestra be playing more Minor chords n stuff instead of Major ones to make it work better ?

frater Marius: 99 год, охренеть, вот время то летит

Sadurana'ae Ilkhavessi: This concert and more so, Metallica, is why and how bands like Epica and Within Temptation got the kind of rapid rise in the music world as they did. Even bands like Slayer and Anthrax really owe their successes to Metallica. That a symphony could play with Metallica and vice versa is testament to the natural and symphonic nature of Metallica's music. Maybe some will disagree with me on this but I hope for their sake they are over 45 and have been listening to heavy metal most of their lives, hearing and seeing the evolution to Metallica and so many bands since that I have come to love. Say what you will but this concert is perfectly exemplary of what I consider the greatest heavy metal band to ever grace the stage and air waves with their music.

Arda Balkan: Sıkı konser...

Kelly Garrido: ♥

Angel Robles: It would be so great that they do another S&M concert. Wonder how songs like Creeping Death, Orion, The Day that Never Comes, All Nightmare Long, Fade to Black, Seek & Destroy, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Blackened or Harvester of Sorrow would sound with Metallica and an orchestra.

Pavel Novák: 15 years and still pure awesomeness


nintendovcs11: I still own the vhs tape of this concert!

Aris Montefalcon: can't remember how many times i watch this!but the good thing is it never gets me bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhonatan Moreno: Awesome!

Feza Uçar: Call of Ktulu..The bass part of this song, I think , is what makes this song so special..and Jason's style (8.10 - 8.24) goes so well with this song..

mrtvicovek: still got the original 2xcd .. i was 9 at the time LOL ! ahhaa this is the best album ever !

hilda beaverhausen: I miss Jason.

Marquis Iloinen: Lars was soooo much better live back then!

Patricia Carvalho: this concert is perfect.The junction of metallica and orchestra was amazing and james is completely hot.

chuckiedadad: That awesome moment when you look at this in 2014 and are glad there were no f@cking smartphones filming this back then!!

Yannick Vallet: Rest in peace dear Michael ... This live performance, this intensity the orchestra adds to the original songs, I just wish you could have done something like this with St Anger songs (CUZ freak THEM THEY SUCK)

Fernando Lanci: yeahhhhh!!!!!!

Andrea Krpelanová: Metallica and Symphony orchestra, royal concert, royal show, without competition.

ivlark1: i would pay $1000 to see this live again. even in the nose bleeds

LeoVSGaming Official: Now, this is what you call a symphony of destruction.

Sebastian Fiedziuk: w tv oglądałem :)

Christian Di Lazzaro: Almost 16ys ago... damn I'm feeling quite old

pedroProg: A virtue of this record is that the sound of the bass is pretty clear, which usually lacks in the Metallica records (i'm not talking of cliff burton, please don't troll me...)

Roxana Zamfirescu: I've listened to this when I was 14. Now I'm 27 and I have still not heard anything comparable to this show. Rammstein comes close. But this is a masterpiece, and I think I will still listen to it when I'm 60.

wkbassett: i think lars is my favorite member of any band ever.

Gustavo Lamas: Roooooccckkkk en tiempo!!!

DiividePlays: Believe me, i LOVE Metallica, but the feel is just not the same without Jason. No offense to Rob, you are awesome, but at some point Jason HAS to come back. Period.

gary langner: Totally amazing ! \M/ works just so well !

Helena Mikkola: amo demais

Hadzeran Hizer: never been bored!!!

Rusty Kuntz: So unusual that we get all the way until 13:19 in until we hear James voice..."oooo yea!!!!"

Nolan Moore: Did they play a bit of Black Sabbath before The Thing that Should Not Be?!

MrBillATW: 1:08:22 "This is MY cymbal. MINE. And I LOVE it. Don't you dare touch MY cymbal."

Bernardka Doma: ...awesome...

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