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mannyk73: ...more bass than on Justice...!!! ;)

Quotenwagnerianer: Already 18 Years since this came out? Time sure does fly. Feels like yesterday to me.

Heretic: its Metallica and an orchestra, no connection betweet the two, its like a messed up live, where both of them had to play together for some reason

grizzlywhisker: i used to really love this album when it came out. now for whatever reason it just doesn't work as well for me. i guess some songs just work better than others. i also miss jason, he was my favorite member.

Hugo Santesteban: Esto no es Full HD, es HD ....

peril: puppets solo still gets me

Martin Chmielewski: those vocals are perfect <3

Shubham Rana: Can anyone pls tell, what's the riff that Kirk plays 33:36 onwards till fuel????

Aaron Menchen: this needs more cackle!

TheKille22: I really don't get people spitting on this. It was awesome. It was easely one of the best rock concerts of all time. Bleeding Me on this record is just awesome, One is a force to be reckoned with, Memory Remains sounds liek it was made for the orchestra. Kirk killed it on that concert-not one bad note in his solos. Lars was always on time, and James really did good with vocals alternating between clean and dirty. And I miss Jason on bass. His energy was awesome and he was the perfect backing vocalist for James. He harmonized with him sooo good. He was just cut out to be a bassist for Metallica. Too bad that James and Lars didn't see it.

Bekfast Time: This concert is one of the greatest performances of the 20th century. It perfectly combines classical with metal, two of the greatest, most demanding genres of music. Totally glorious. One was my favorite of the concert, and tbh master of puppets kinda sounded like an anime theme song XD

effy zay: If you are tripping do not use headphones, your left ear will thank me.

Lucas Belline: obey your master

Mabplayer2 2: can I hear autotune here... or am I crazy?

m0nk3yl0v3r: 18:39 freaking raging solo

Кир Кирович: 34:00

Julia K.: Perfection.

Marian Linke: This concert will go on for many generations and go into the music history. However, to have the whole enjoyment of this music you do not need YouTube but the original CD and a good system to listen to everything from this fantastic music.

Caleb: Do you think the band members are thinking of the mighty Ktulu /Cthulhu during the performance?

Guillermo Trapala: buena banda metallica pero con este concierto se lugio neta saludos banda metalera y rockera..

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