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Nov 04 2014 by Gossips
Edupier: One of my favorite. Praise the Lord !

jogo landia: super legal

Adriano Marques: Sublime!

賈婷娜: blessed

lucycloneblader: @Tre404 I am sorry I didn't know that there's a person name pickle bird from the heritage singer, I thought you're calling out him a name. My apologies. it was a mistake and sorry if I judged you. I admit I was wrong for that. I am really sorry. and thank you for making it clear to me. once again, My apologies to what I have said.

Tre404: @lucycloneblader .... I am SO undamaged! lol....... it just irks me to no end when those who profess to EMBODY the love of Christ take it upon themselves to JUDGE and EXCLUDE and DERIDE and BELITTLE others! ALL in DIRECT OPPOSITION to what Christ was all about!! I will never understand it. We're supposed to LOVE and UPLIFT the lost sinner, yet all we do is SNUB and BELITTLE him, from our "HEIGHTENED" position. I left the SDA church for this exact reason when I was 16! Be proud. As usual.

junkojay1: love this song...tells us of God's supreme love to humankind. Not even death can stop HIM from saving us no matter how sinful we are....

DaddyBare2002: So, then, there are TRUE Christians in Holland, too, who honor and obey what the CREATOR says instead of a blasphemous church ~ how WONDEFUL to hear!!! I knew several from this group, personally; but, I, originally, met them through their ministry rather than through the church we shared.

Char Cantrell: @donitabird I completely agree! I am looking for songs and videos by the Mace Family especially, their two sons and their daughter Val.

Daniel Nainggolan: Awsome gospel Song!

erino89: I love this song. It's so hopeful and encouraging.

Heritage01Fan: @Tre404 Thanks for confirming. After I posted to you the question I decided to google the Lighthouse album and soon located a photo of the back cover and indeed Lee was acknowledged for the narration. I never thought the back covers of the old HS LPs were online!

Tre404: @lucycloneblader... You are a typical religious person; arrogant, condescending, and looking down your nose at others who are "barely worthy" of your attention.

Tre404: @ladytxlove ....let's not forget Lynne and Gwynne Baldridge from Harvest Celebration! (Formerly Heritage II.)

Tim777G: Thank you for shareing this song! God is so good!!

Tre404: @lucycloneblader ... Oh, and go watch some more trashy "Maury" episodes. You seem to be a BIG fan of that, looking at your YouTube profile page. Disgusting. And you have the nerve to mess with ME about something so stupid??

lucycloneblader: @Tre404 if you can't say anything good then it's better for you not to say any comment. :) we're friends ok? it's just that your comment is not so good. please one advice from me, take a look at yourself before you judge others but if you think that you're good enough then I have nothing to say about that. thank you.

ashton23m: with all the storms that i've been through, i weather it all by myself without my family being affected. with all the falls that i've made, i was able to RISE AGAIN with my LORD as my help, my anchor and my savior. i know more storms will come but I know i can RISE AGAIN through him, in him and with HIM. thanks to heritage singers for this inspiration through your voices and music.

samuelcool20: hermoso tema muchas gracias hace tiempo que no lo habia escuchado...¡¡¡¡

malou445: marvelous song, this remind me that God's always there for you and me. Keep up heritage the Tune in heaven.

amohelang1: I came a long way with this song I remember when I was 13yrs,my mom use to play Heritage singers on Saturday morning while me and my sis were sleeping and all the songs will play,but this one will wake me up and I use to hate its so much when I was young.I will wake up and my mom will be smilling saying "we going to church we don't want to be late" I'll be so mad at her and this song, but now that I'm 28yrs I always wish mom can wake me up again with this song...... God is good.

Mega Lovely: i love heritage singers...God bless u all....

donitabird: really I would love to See a duet by Max and Val mace with their kids

Tre404: @Heritage01Fan ... Yes, it was Lee Newman. :-) He was the resident bass during that time.

Jonathan Vargas: i love this song and this guys blessings from chile :)

Tre404: @Heritage01Fan ... That's really cool! My favourite HS albums were released from 1973-1977, when we first became Adventists, and they were the newest ones.

chzarei11: Praise th Lord

RossiPink: 'WONDERFUL' ***** You may like to checkout TAMARA ROSSI....... SINGING FIGHTER.

Heritage01Fan: @Tre404 I've always wondered who spoke the narration in "Lighthouse." Was it Lee?

ladytxlove: This is such a moving song, whether performed by the Heritage Singers, Dallas Holmes, Ivan Parker, or anyone else. But, I do love this version! What a reminder that our Christ was dead but is no longer! I am so thankful I serve a living Savior!

Heritage01Fan: @Tre404 That certainly is (Richard) pickle Bird! I think his vocals on "Praise the Lord He Never Changes" is one of the best solos in Heritage history! It's fun to go back to1986 and see him along with the original Heritage Quartet during their 15 year anniversary then comparing them 15 years later (Dave replacing Jim) in the 30th anniversary performing the same song! Just paste "Heritage Singers Quartet - First Day In Heaven" in the youtube search window.

Lill Anita Larsen: Wonderful

Tre404: @lucycloneblader .... YOU need to have a look at YOURSELF, Lucy Whatever..... There was a tenor in The Heritage Singers whose name was pickle Bird, and I was asking if this was the same guy! YOU need to get your mind out of the gutter, leave well-meaning people alone, STOP being a holier-than-thou know-it-all, and brush up on your Heritage Singers history!

Gail Gabel: Beautiful! I love this song. I first heard it with a boyfriend who took me to his church concert. Although the boyfriend was emotionally abusive to me...something good came of it all...getting to know the Hertiage Singers.

Benjamin Gerez: we used to play this song way back when I was small. At age 10, I still can recall the beautiful songs that heritage singers sang. By listening to the group, I became interested in group singing. Now am already a choir director in our church and in the agency where i work. Again, thanks to the inspiration. God bless!

strawberrycakeify1: i really like heritage singers, one of my fav song.... God Bless us all...

kenkob5: This is really a great song. We sang this in our group named the SOLAR. That was 15 years ago and the song still rings sweetly on my ears.

hdiylove7: Thanks so much for this wonderful song!! Beautifully done here! Sharing National Sunday Law by A. Jan Marcussen!!!!!!!

babrielagagi: marvelus! i love this song

lucycloneblader: @Tre404 I am really sorry. I was really wrong. I am not judgmental person but now I just did it to you. My apologies from the damaged that I've done to you.

Tre404: @lucycloneblader: And I do accept your sincere apology. I'm just so fed up with people who do what you did, under the guise of "RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION," which is really just complete arrogance. As I said, I left the church for this reason. SDAs have MUCH to learn about the love of Jesus, even though they profess to have ALL truth. So.. my advice to YOU: Less "Maury," more Moses! I don't say that judgmentally, but seriously, you could be doing SO much more with your time than watching that trash!

Kuaile: I love this song,it really nice and so hopeful..:)

Kristel Bucal: all i can say 'Whoah im not d only one' to amohelang1 and whodey12080..when i was 5-7 years old (thats the latest i can record to) my parents would ALWAYS ALWAYS play this in our cd/tape player..Mostly Friday night until Sabbath (Saturday) Morning.. and now i find myself looking for it and putting them into a CD of my own..and that was only 10 years ago.. God Bless

gladysrcamanse: i really love this song. it touches my heart

Heritage01Fan: @Tre404 Ahh -- that's the time they perfected "The Heritage Sound" with the help of Ron Huff's signature orchestrations. They've tweaked their vocal style over the years but it's the sound from this time period that I always associate with the HS.

dalton1249: thank u Jesus

jeff barlow: So sorry for your loss, I loved this song. my mom didn't wake me up with it, but I sang it for her 1986 (taped) my dad and brothers wouldn't let me do it live... anyway, this song says so much about the coming of christ. I can't wait until he comes so I can see my mother again.

Tre404: @Heritage01Fan ... YES, I LOVE that song from "What More Could He Do," which is also among my top-three favourite HS albums! :-) Thanks, I will look for that! By the way, I used to go to church with Jim's bass predecessor Lee Newman when I was in my teens (after his stint with HS).

Tre404: @lucycloneblader ... Being judgmental is the religious person's GREATEST talent! You should take it on the road.

takoma253rsp: This group has been such a positive force in my life. Always able to keep me close to the lord in times of trials. May God bless their ministry.

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