Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Coffin Burton: Evanna Lynch <3

Queen Lee-mayes: LOVE IT!

Queen Lee-mayes: I listen to this song everyday

Matilda Mear: is the blonde lady Trixie from Call The Midwife?

Elle Yuay: And the magic words are: What did you have for lunch? lol

DJTerribilisHD: I know this cover is great but come on, the original is way better

Tatiana Ramirez Gomez: Amo a birdyyy

kev brady: song great but the video sucks

iX R.: Depressing but good

Martini Tango: If you like Birdy, give us a listen :)
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Elton Lima: canta muito pra caralho

troxi metal: The blonde girl looks like Mary Morstan from Sherlock is it her?

xMariax1000: Can't believe this song is 4 years old today! Makes me feel old..

Fredy Odar: ¡no al drama! 😊

Evelin Campbell Winchester: é a Beth de TWD?

Daviedavedaver: They're both so pretty...

HulkG Hogan: What I got from the video is that it's about financial problems, and that they are drifting away from each other because it's stressful. Example, her phone and his broken phone, the bus, their jobs.

LiuKang HD: quem veio aqui pela pagina 1901?

Skye Troy: tfw birdy I just a few months older than me and is way more talented, attractive and successful

Omg Its Lance: huh, I try to like this but I just can't no matter how hard I try.

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