Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Nov 25 2014 by New songs
Jules Busshardt: She needs to stop doing covers. 

Titus Tortelloni: I like Birdy but the original is way better.

GraPlayPL: Phoenix's version is better

SimpleJustin: she needs to make some original songs. imagine how powerful those would be...

Franco Esposito: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Gabriel Christopher: Best thing she ever showed me. 

Ale Garrido: really beautiful music and singer, too. greetings from mexico :*

Stephanie Rodriguez: I love birdy's music! I noticed that the actress in the video is from Call the Midwife♥

Sumaita Hasan: Phoenix is still the best

shelby sloan: Does.. she do anything but covers? Which songs of her are originals?

Klára Bán: HÉ PESTIEK! Tiszta Szputnyik shop-os eladónő sztori!

Solencja: who plays the blonde?

Dr. Sheldon Cooper: Cute video tho..

TheFawziAsraf: Ian Roe, my man crush. :3 x

juliet aura: You're awesome No. 1 fan

lonelygirlem: Female actress: Helen George 

pwghost: the final text message, the same as i would react XD

Azra Kunz: It's just creepy how much this actress, Evanna Lynch and Emily Kinney look alike...

annisa fitriyenti: she's soooo beautiful

Emma Jones: 1901 ~ Birdy <3

Cristiane Galvão: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Greasy TheMattis: this is pure freaking trash compared to phoenix

Bianca Almeida: It isnt emily kinney? Oh my god

Ricardo Fernandez: Beth... are you? #thewalkingdead 

Intania Sahal: Am I assuming things here? being overly dramatic about things that goin on in the video? because, that's deep. So deep. without even the problem there and not even showin it but damn. I knew how deep the meaning behind this video.

notacontinent: Still great cover

Bastián Hartzler: She looks like Luna Lovegood 

Ivana Munguia: God I love Birdy her voice is so hypnotizing 

Jose Rodriguez: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]: +Lina Garcia...recomendado!! Disfrutalo!

Renzo !!: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Berenice Berón: Poor Luna Lovegood, she's not going fine in the muggle world.

Andres Galindo: Excelente cantante ninguna como ella x su voz

Jacqueline Gonzalez: I dont understand the meaning of the video ?

Faris Alghamdi: Sold it out Big times ;)

Heather Chasteen: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Jamie Witer: I personally prefer the original, though having 10 times its views says different. Decent cover but I don't understand why it has so many views. :/

john tobad: write your own songs already!!!

Alex Chase: This video is cool jlaeJ6k75cY

foxhuntercustom worx: not even 1901...

Paola Romay: Somebody knows the name of the guy? Somebody knows him? it's... Really... really agh... (y)

iari sanchez: i love the video :) ♥

Vuvu Njamela: this girl is so beautiful i actually can't deal

Claire Marie Fox: Everyone just needs to chill. It's a great cover. The original was great too. Just enjoy the music. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Oliver Thorné: Still not as hipster as the guy in the music video, though.

Sydney Gardiner: love.

Linnylove Wyjnn: she is'nt Luna

Djoko Suranto: Bravo....little bird

Divergente La Serie: i love you

neya917: Que música mais suave!!!

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