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Mar 01 2014 by Gossips
Seren Parri: Isn't the blond girl on Call The Midwife? I don't know if anyone else watches it, but I definitely recognise her

3waybar: almost pretentious, yes, very close

Tobby Manongsong: This song makes me sad, in a good way. :)

Rebecca Bowen: Ok.... what is happening.

VICEGIRLS: This makes you feel so emotionally connected with that broken iPhone screen. 

2011Hotmusic: This version has a lot of energy drained out of it. 

Sarah Rose Music: Hey it would be cool if some of you could check out the music on my chanel, if you like Birdy you may enjoy it :)

wweell635: Hate to say but I prefer the original

Pixelbooty: Luna Lovegood?!

Netsua Siwel: Love to hear this version when it's cloudy and rainy outside. It's kind of melancholic song when Birdy sings it.

Dannii Olmedo: beth de the walking dead? O:

paz williams: as the film is called the video? 

Joey Martinez: the original song is by phoenix and is just the greatest song in history trust me

amy Childs: i have to do this song for singing lessons and i love it

IlHikariIl: So crapty. Write your own songs for once.

Jacob Van Wie: freak

王天芯: Past is past

Charlotte Rowley: Am I the only one who noticed how weird that guy dresses? I mean the coat, it was fur and looked like a girls coat. P.s. that pooor Iphone. It made me want to cry. And what is the emding supposed to meen?

Cisco Alejos: Birdy you have an amazing voice and you are absolutely gorgeous. But please stop covering classics...

Sara Gomez Benitez: Watch her moving in elliptical patterns... Fold it, fold it, fold it... 

aszhwar anggarta: i'm from indonesia i like you song. very good.

Caíque Macedo: It's twenty seconds 'till we fall for you... <3

SwimminginGoldx: LIFE IS COMPLETE

Irr Angell: #AhoraEscucho: Birdy - 1901 Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video] #MUSIC #MUST #Playlist

NoemiNicoleTaelor: @JakeSmith no she doesn't, you should listen to other songs that she sings. Hope you like it.

PrettyXXEmpty: Looooove this video, the moment when broken iphone suddenly becomes a nokia and Helen becomes Jan :))) but love the fact that broken phone becomes normal :D

Gence Garbo: great song!, magic voice! and bad video.

neko soper: that mannnnnn

Jaee Jay: First song I listened to for my first breakup. I was crying so hard omg. But thanks for getting me through it birdy. 

Carla Pereira de Almeida: LOVE YOU

allhail queenmusty: Seriously, she looks so much like Aliya Mustafina in this video it's so weird, good cover btw.:-)

Esther O'Reilly: What the heck does "Fold it, fold it" mean?

Hannahs TheName: i like her soft music best, quite 

Great songs: Get the album u won't regret it

E Tran: Actually like both versions. It depends on my mood.

diamentowa123: It's just a perfect song.So beautiful <3

marco perez: seriously why am i only seeing this chick play covers... and she just single handily ruined a staple Phoenix song. thanks.

Dayane Santana: good

Amae De Jesus: I'd rather listen to her songs a thousand times than watch stupid and mindless shows. Lol

Webmistress Bon: Meanings? :)

Bianka Juhászová: Mary !!! From Sherlock :3

GABRIELA gonzalez: 805 people not like music, no heart?

0zymandias7: does anyone know the name of the guy?

Kevin Lounsberry: Oh, I know this song. The original's in APB Reloaded. I think her voice could be a little better here, but I like this version more.

WAIWAI17: at first glance i thought she was Luna Lovegood...

Romis Val: <3

Grace Takeda: No offense, but I seriously like the original Phoenix version of 1901 a lot better.

Raj Marway: dont prefer either, i love both

Oliver Mann: Original is soo much better (my opinion Internet!!!!)

Biancasings: In this video she kinda looked like the girl from glee, whos mom was the lunch lady Forgot her name..

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