Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Kaitlin Cruey: Omg it’s Trixie from Call the Midwife

Hans Choa: Beautiful Song. Just heard it a while ago in the radio. Luckily I found the title! :-)

mawanda dickson: i really like the texting part.....its really....

mawanda dickson: just ordinary words in an extra-ordinary song.......with a blissful video....i love everything about this song..

Ineza Aldanez: is that Evanna Lynch? Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, is she?

Tiago Leme: Amo a Birdy, voz maravilhosa, estilo perfeito, a música já era boa, ficou ótima c a Birdy, melhor cantora, delicada, original e autêntica. Sem apelativos só é ela MSM, não precisa de mais para fazer sucesso.

Franklin Mita Chambi: te daria tanto y tan duro que no te podrias sentar en una semana, eres muy hermosa.

Scott Marshall: Women. Always ruining crap

Ayelis: Who here plays

Régia Lisboa: Eu sou fã de Birdy. excelente cantora. Eu amo essa vibe.

Huitzi Muñoz: La mejor:')

Jemybel: Phoenix donde???!!

Rico Ferdinand: only less than a year from her first Skinny Love to this clip her look and voice has changed a lot

송민준: Is the female acter luna in harry potter?

Alê Araújo: 💙🎶❤🎵🎧

Rajad: I love this artist!! Why haven't I heard her before the past week? And in past week I haven't listened to anyone but her.

Rico Ferdinand: it's always fun to read the comment section, they had a fight there hahaha

Amelie Fry: Birdy your my favourite singer!

Madame Salty: That's Trixie from Call the Midwife.

rudyard Quicio: Luna lovegood

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