Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Sep 10 2014 by MP3 Download
SuperSwan07: Luna Lovegood? o.O

BlueCheese747: This isn't really 1901 by Phoenix at all.

Alberto - do - música: La gran cantante y compositora inglesa Birdy (Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde), en su homónimo disco debut, nos dejó este precioso tema.

Jose Rodriguez: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]: +Lina Garcia...recomendado!! Disfrutalo!

shelby sloan: Does.. she do anything but covers? Which songs of her are originals?

Loïc Devillierre: That's a really nice cover

Makalia Young: She killed this cover!

Roha Arshad: I can't be the only one who thinks she looks exactly like Crystal Reed back when she was younger

Tobby Manongsong: This song makes me sad, in a good way. :)

Maycow Ranover: Love u bird <3

Carol Mercau: They have the same hair. Just different colours.

rob lock: This sounds like crap compared to the original WTF 9 million views! This and the Radio today. Have people completely lost all taste in music? Im gonna go listen to some Yes

iari sanchez: i love the video :) ♥

easystreets70: Making tones doesn't means it is music.

ธีฆทัศณ์ งานดี: Is that girl Luna Lovegood from Harry potter?

Dick Hertz: LOL at the hipster with the cracked iPhone screen 

Cornelius5465: Birdy - 1901

3waybar: almost pretentious, yes, very close

Christian Endriga: I don't like this version

Synthea Hairston: What you say is way too complicated 

esmeralda moraes da silva: meu irmao ama ela

MisMavzuna: Did guy cheat to her? I did not get it really?

Dana Scully: I L-O-V-E this cover version!!!!! I LOVE the bass line... Birdy KILLED it with this cover. But what's so cool is if you want the sad 😭 version of this song, than you got it, but if you want the upbeat rock version check out the original. That's why i LOVE this cover... You can have the best of this song in both worlds... 

luna noapte: It's evanna Lynch? ...

Arami Morelli: Luna Lovegood's daughter 

Cristell Ponce: Evanna <3

bob pie: what the hell Phoenix did it first

Nancy Espino: This video is so cute!

Rebecca Bowen: Ok.... what is happening.

atea sailo: Nice videoo

jesnia prudencio: I'm more fond of Phoenix's version, but I have to say, she really rocked this cover c: 

JoeyDailyShow: I live in the US & have been listening to her for 2 years, yet no one knows who she is here, which is sad. She sings brilliantly, just wow.

Marcos Gaia: foda

Li Lu Vilca Ramos: Buena para un momento de feeling (: 

Frédéric Hancq: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video] #thunderb1rdmusic #ThunderB1rdMusic #Birdy

WoozWorldJustBeinAlly: Where is she from and does she have an accent? >.>

Julie Rutherford: Best Birdy's song. ❤❤

TenseTurkeybutt: Make it stop! Shut it up! Kill it before it breeds!

Seren Parri: Isn't the blond girl on Call The Midwife? I don't know if anyone else watches it, but I definitely recognise her

Niall Sheehan: Does it not annoy anyone else that she has more views than the original? 

yuan choi: who's that guy?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: what a terrible cover

Marek Urban: simply beautiful... perfect....

Christian Endriga: And by the ways she didn't put cover so I think she is trying to steal all these songs

李卿驊: 這是今天一直聽的歌 腦袋中的旋律就這樣一直旋轉著 濃濃的思念 化成幾句不算多的問候 你永遠不知道正確的時機是何時 但 它就這麼翩然降臨 That's what makes life beautiful I suppose 我逐漸相信一種緣分 一個場景 一個氣氛 一首背景音樂 一個眼神閃爍 一種說話口吻 只要知道妳是快樂的 生活是正面有目標的 這樣就很足夠了 是我現在能做 而且只能做到的 最多的事了吧 為妳 (對了 今天聊天的背景音樂剛好播到林憶蓮的聽說愛情回來過 這樣你懂我說的緣分了嗎 哈哈 不過別在這播了 我會想哭 要聽自己搜尋吧看ㄎㄎ)

Nalussânia Romaniele: Confira esta playlist no YouTube:

Priscilla Fernandez: The blond was on Harry potter

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