Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Jota V: the walking dead ¿?

rafa quiroz garcia: ella debe hacer un dueto con Ed Sheeran... moriria si eso pasa

Dede Phillips: Great song! Additionally, the actress is Helen George, not "Luna Lovegood" from Harry Potter or "Beth" from the Walking Dead.

Łukasz Serafin: przy tym jak Nic mam zawsze dreszcze

aFishyDestiny_: I like this almost as much as I like Phoenix's original song

Jonte fuego: really dislike this interpretation of the song, just so out of place.

NathanJSweet: A slowed down ballad cover of a hit? Must be Birdy.

Reyna Katty: YES

Mateus Oliveira: descobri que essa música é da banda Phoenix esses dias, mas ainda acho essa versão de Birdy melhor

Pavel Malý: Definitely Luna 😍

SmD71nG: This made me tear up a little too much. Well done Birdy!

Jeaon Cheng: That girl looks like Luna lovegood

Ana Flávia: maravilhosa demais <3

Murat Irtes: doesn't matter what you listen, your mood decides everything

Murat Irtes: relaxing.

Sam Creighton: Such a precious song - all that anzt and more - we have all been here

YUI -CHAN: I LOVE YOU 💕💕💗💗 Birdy

Zarth Quarks: Credits for Phoenix please.

Marija Breezero: yeahhh hips

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