Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Nov 09 2014 by Demo
SuperSwan07: Luna Lovegood? o.O

BlueCheese747: This isn't really 1901 by Phoenix at all.

lonelygirlem: Female actress: Helen George 

TheFawziAsraf: Ian Roe, my man crush. :3 x

MisMavzuna: Did guy cheat to her? I did not get it really?

pwghost: the final text message, the same as i would react XD

Heather Chasteen: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Alberto - do - música: La gran cantante y compositora inglesa Birdy (Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde), en su homónimo disco debut, nos dejó este precioso tema.

shelby sloan: Does.. she do anything but covers? Which songs of her are originals?

Jose Rodriguez: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]: +Lina Garcia...recomendado!! Disfrutalo!

Loïc Devillierre: That's a really nice cover

Roha Arshad: I can't be the only one who thinks she looks exactly like Crystal Reed back when she was younger

Makalia Young: She killed this cover!

Intania Sahal: Am I assuming things here? being overly dramatic about things that goin on in the video? because, that's deep. So deep. without even the problem there and not even showin it but damn. I knew how deep the meaning behind this video.

Kelly Thomas: She looks like Mia Sara!

Tobby Manongsong: This song makes me sad, in a good way. :)

Maycow Ranover: Love u bird <3

Carol Mercau: They have the same hair. Just different colours.

Paola Romay: Somebody knows the name of the guy? Somebody knows him? it's... Really... really agh... (y)

Natasha Or Ruby: is that beth from twd?

Karen Oh: Amazing !!!

rob lock: This sounds like crap compared to the original WTF 9 million views! This and the Radio today. Have people completely lost all taste in music? Im gonna go listen to some Yes

MrPavel8801: Perfect song !!!! <3

Atalya492200: Not bad cool transition from Phoenix 

Angela Teruel Chagas: lindaaaa

iari sanchez: i love the video :) ♥

easystreets70: Making tones doesn't means it is music.

ธีฆทัศณ์ งานดี: Is that girl Luna Lovegood from Harry potter?

Dick Hertz: LOL at the hipster with the cracked iPhone screen 

Cornelius5465: Birdy - 1901

3waybar: almost pretentious, yes, very close

Christian Endriga: I don't like this version

Synthea Hairston: What you say is way too complicated 

esmeralda moraes da silva: meu irmao ama ela

Dana Scully: I L-O-V-E this cover version!!!!! I LOVE the bass line... Birdy KILLED it with this cover. But what's so cool is if you want the sad 😭 version of this song, than you got it, but if you want the upbeat rock version check out the original. That's why i LOVE this cover... You can have the best of this song in both worlds... 

luna noapte: It's evanna Lynch? ...

Arami Morelli: Luna Lovegood's daughter 

Cristell Ponce: Evanna <3

bob pie: what the hell Phoenix did it first

Nancy Espino: This video is so cute!

Rebecca Bowen: Ok.... what is happening.

atea sailo: Nice videoo

jesnia prudencio: I'm more fond of Phoenix's version, but I have to say, she really rocked this cover c: 

JoeyDailyShow: I live in the US & have been listening to her for 2 years, yet no one knows who she is here, which is sad. She sings brilliantly, just wow.

Marcos Gaia: foda

Li Lu Vilca Ramos: Buena para un momento de feeling (: 

Vuvu Njamela: this girl is so beautiful i actually can't deal

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