Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Apr 20 2015 by Songs Tracker
TheFawziAsraf: Ian Roe, my man crush. :3 x

Titus Tortelloni: I like Birdy but the original is way better.

SuperSwan07: Luna Lovegood? o.O

Joshua Karr: I love Birdy, but I totally don't get that video. Anyone care to elaborate?

lonelygirlem: Female actress: Helen George 

GraPlayPL: Phoenix's version is better

SimpleJustin: she needs to make some original songs. imagine how powerful those would be...

mihhi: The girl with the blond hair is so cute. Absolutely love her style!

Yovana Bolivar: =(

daniel estrada: beautiful song and beautiful birdy!!!

orlando s: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Emma Jones: 1901 ~ Birdy <3

Dana Scully: OH MY GOD it's Helen George (Trixie) from Call the Midwife!!!! (Love that show)

GamerOfGames: They do not match.

Hayley's World: To everyone saying that she "steals" the artists songs, in the description she has said 1901 by Phoenix as well as in other covers. Her first album is just covers. Her second is all songs that see wrote herself. So instead of saying she is bad because she covered multiple songs go listen to her second album and see just how talented she is. 

Jules Busshardt: She needs to stop doing covers. 

Bloody Rabbit: I actually really like her covers. Because she makes the songs into something else very beautiful. I think it's almost silly to compare it to the originals because her covers are almost always very different sounding from them.

Rita Vanessa Barbosa: Essa musica ficou mais linda na sua voz.. perfeição!!!

Stacy Steele: This song has found it's way into my brain this morning, having it on repeat for the last two hours.

Carolyn Criss: She was ply 15 here

Sabrina Alves de Oliveira: Fold it, fold it, fold it...


Tobasse Gaming: If you're going to cover someone else's song, at least give credit, instead of having the title "Birdy -1901" and smirking over it like you tricked everyone you could at least try to have it "Birdy - 1901 (Cover of Phoenix's 1901)". Jesus. 

Tona Moamash: Love u Birdy

박경희: 난 요 커버곡이 훨씬 좋당 ~

Gi Lima: How many years she had in this video? 

Tren Kokoko: This is no where as good as the original

Priscilla Indrayadi: Can we stop for a moment and appreciate how beautiful Birdy looks in this video (in all her videos tbh)

Iisus O: Я похоже единственный русский кто слушает этот столь прекрасный голос,а милые губы сопровождает эту красоту.Если просто голос песчинка,то её голос остров:)Спасибо тебе.)

Renzo !!: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Kia Jarrells: The guy in the video walks like he is the shiz lol

Samantha Fernandez: If Lorde and Birdy had a collaboration 😍

Rogelio Cuervo Zarate Blanco: Birdy verde como una promesa...

josh arciga: LOVE THIS SONG!!! "Fold it""fold it"

sk8roman: This version sucks, idk what some ppl are on talking about, how Birdys cover is better than the original.😒 TA LOCO!

Thato Seinolo: When life happens...#1901

Jarno Kauttio: I speak,not goog english,but,im in love

Berenice Berón: Poor Luna Lovegood, she's not going fine in the muggle world.

Cristiane Galvão: Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]:

Katarina Popovic: This is really bad, original is awesome.

Yuri- Lee: cute cloth and hair but her face normally not cute not ugly

Beth Torres: ♪Fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it♪♫

Bartosz Owczarczyk: kocham ją za wrażliwość

Daniel Garita Ellis: This was the first song that I met.

Kiara Maria Espinosa: i love that song!!! <3 its my favorite

Fredo Salazar: Wtf is dis?

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