Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video]

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Ramiro Doldan: I want a collaboration between Sara Bareilles and Birdy!! That would be incredible!!!

Kristen Sing: This video simultaneously made me want to have short blonde and long brown hair

Billy Glen: Ouch, she ruins skinny love and now this? wow

marta mielcarek: evanna lunch kocham cie

Ng Jesse: I don't see the lovers' complication. I see my dream to travel, meet, have fun and get along with random people from this music video. :D

Patricia Santos: <3

Jaime Teofilo: que pelicula es?

BILLY5692: so she just covers Phoenix's song??

Heart of steel: Love this song ❤️

Kaya Dasel: @

Andrea Lisseth Arrieta Rodríguez: My favorite song ever ❤️

Its_Me_Tali_xox: Love this song!

Queniff R: A phoenix is a birdy.

Lucas Teixeira: Perdão, Marie

Matheus Nascimento: For me, she is the best! Best singer, best person, best ♥

상최: Who's the guy? :(

Selmo S.: 😀demais

Cristhian Velasquez: auch!

Little MinxPixie: the blonde girl looks like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter is it her?

EX.ECqiiz Exclusiiveiiz: TT_TT

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Birdy - 1901 [Official Music Video] 5 out of 5