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Dec 23 2014 by MP3 Download
pissant29us: i agree on the kids hurting the most. i might be in my 30's but my daddy died last yr and it hurts so bad now he is gone.he took me to graceland and in lisamarie and hotdog planes. i wont forget.

TrueLight55: "It is impossible from this perspective to imagine a world without Elvis, his voice booming out from radios and computers, from spaceships circling the further reaches of the galaxy, his voice echoing back; in fact, it is almost inconceivable that any single individual could have made such a mark." --Patrick Humphries in "The Secret History of the Classics"

SouthernBelleSmiles: eyes, and temper too!

1973alloha: love elvis as i grew up wituh his mus thank you lisa great job on the video your dad would be so proud of you rip elvis miss you always

ThePAlover: very touchin. She was his world.


Chrissiegal: I could watch this for hours ...

beduin59: Thank yoy for sharing... amazing!

Brenda strickland: love this its good to see father and daughter!love em both !

Nbazajou: this is magnificant, I am glad I was there at the 30th Concert to see this in person. Thank you so much for making this. God Bless you Elvis.

krusecontrol2009: Lisa Marie is the Queen of rock and roll! You Lisa are a lovely artist and I will never forget you or your songs. I was also a fan of your Daddy's. I used to listen to him everyday when I was a child. He helped me to realize that we are all important no matter how poor we are financially, we all have hearts and souls!!!! No one can steal our spirit!

Amelia Poon: Enjoyed the video. Long live the King.

andreia marques: very beautuful music

joshspeach: This is just awesome!!!!!!! Wow, thanks for sharing. Lynne in GA

Amelia Poon: Enjoyed this video. Lisa is so Elvis. Long live the King.

mrskat73: beautiful work!

jadedbutterfly27: I love the pics you put together for this video. I love the Presley family...and this song always makes me cry...

PresleyJackson: Love it!

Lorena Floyhar: It's shocking how much she's the splitting image of her father.See people Elvis is not dead.If you want to see Elvis keep looking at Lisa Marie.So neat how she can do that lip curl just like her daddy.

Tonda Floming: Lisa Marie was such a happy child. She needs to smile more as an adult. She always looks so pissed off today. Is her life that bad?

rabanepaco1: I keep telling u that it's ok to love both of them,they were both special it's ok to cry for MJ and ok to cry for EP. i do it...every single day i regret their deaths...if u don't like one of them...ok too

deptofcorrections1: Its such a shame that Gladys didnt get to see her born:(

Elsierock: good!an affecting video!

Bruce Edington: this video is so touching waaaaaa!!!!!!

joey cuffaro: I am a upsest with elvis he was the best singer ever to walk this earth

jamieW0101: Sends a shiver up my spine...very nice tribute! TCB

Jason Rashid: I have a daughter it moved me. Thank you.

Rickie Muth: Awesome!!!!!

theperseus2010: we all miss you elvis aron presley from theperseus2010

Jackie Diana: great song and you see how much she loved her father just lising to her sing

Nedra Innerarity: I want to thank all of you for the beautiful comments. I really enjoyed putting this together.

lindawva: you did a wondeful job with the video

thecatatemyhomework: Happy birthday, Elvis!! Great song. You did a fantastic job with the pictures.

dalesails: Elvis was my first Rock & Roll experience. I was 14 at the time. Very nice tribute Nedra, Your Lover, Dale

MegaNaiomi: Well hwat can you say. Elvis is tops and Lisa Marie singing this with her Dad is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing

Amelia Poon: Me too, will love Elvis forever.

BHPSPURS: he would be so so proud of you forever daddies lil girl

shootingstarangel20: Lisa Marie, Elvis' ONLY child, what a way to say I LOVE YOU. It couldn't be better. I love it and the 11 who don't, you don't know good music and the LOVE between a father and daughter. Get a life this is THE KING AND PRINCESS of the USA.

tenaciousharmonizer: YOU SEE HER SNEER AND THROW HER HANDS AND HIPS around in LIGHTS OUT IN MEMPHIS, video, she is like him in lot of ways!

elvisdreamgirl: I think Elvis presley would be proud of his daughter and he's probalby look down at her now REST IN PEACE ELVIS AARON WE LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STEFANO PAGLIA: sei grande anche tu lisa marie

anotheroldguy58: Nice Job. Sometimes it takes the music of master's to move our soul. Love her as much or more than him. Don't tell the wife.LOL Thank you, Thank you very much. the old guy

BettyK1958: OMG Lisa looks so much like her dad it's like he chewed her up and spit her out..The same eyes and mouth it's not hard to tell she looks like Elvis.

auldwoman55: Lisa Marie your dad would be proud of you for what you are doing love the pics and singing keep it up love to you always.You are your fathers daughter.

nderci: i think there are no wors to describe this and i think that his daughter tributes to him would make him to reast in peace

106shazz: well done on this i felt so sad when watched it

wsbtam: Boy is she ever like her Daddy; same smile, same eyes, same temperment, same soft-sokeness..even the same lock of hair that hangs down in front! Beautiful song.

marcioxkid: emocionante

stotteruwe: des babybild is süß

JonathansGurl91: Lisa looks a lot like her dad, Elvis rocked so hard core ^__^ LONG LIVE THE KING!!

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