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Nycco G.: these songs with Lisa Marie and Elvis are so amazing, I always have to listen several times before I can form an opinion, because I'm usually bawling so hard I can barely hear the first couple of times. I believe singing with his baby girl would have been a dream come true for Elvis and that he is in heaven smiling that beautiful smile that the world misses so very much!

label1877: Sad that Elvis loved the pills more than Lisa Marie.

GirlyB923: Loved it. Great pics! My fav duet. TCB!

Dougie Lloyd: How in the world can anyone dislike this song or this video sheesh that amazes me

fats domino: tears,LM thank you very much.

Dianna Gordon: I love elvis so much I miss hem very much

barbara covell: wonderful thanks trish xxbabs

Richard Marshall: fantasic video god bless the presleys see u all sone xx


mumandtwins: this is the first time i have actually listened, she does have a good voice

STEFANO PAGLIA: sei grande anche tu lisa marie

Ralf Becker: seid elvis tot ist die zeit stehen geblieben!

Lorena Floyhar: It's shocking how much she's the splitting image of her father.See people Elvis is not dead.If you want to see Elvis keep looking at Lisa Marie.So neat how she can do that lip curl just like her daddy.

NEKIT PROMOTIONS and Event Planning: You were his heart that is obvious. Its a beautiful tribute and it must be so hard for you to be without him

usaearthling: Elvis was the happiest man when he 1st married Pris,and when Lisa came into his lIfe. They both continue to celebrate him so that all the fans can also partake in keeping his light shining.Father and daughter, both beautiful.

MegaNaiomiz: Well hwat can you say. Elvis is tops and Lisa Marie singing this with her Dad is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing

Lauren Faerber: Lisa looks so much like him. I only like a few of Elvis's songs. This one would be the other I like. =]

Brenda strickland: love this its good to see father and daughter!love em both !

Brenda strickland: love this its good to see father and daughter!love em both !

colin coupar: lisa sorry your dad has gone mine has to your dad was so cool so was mine but he was not as a good singer as yours wish i could meet you but im not famose sorry for the spelling you are the one after elvis

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