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Brown Machaka: I need ure Touch once again, oh LORD

naakwaks ngosi: this is wonderful, God bless you

Jenamiso Jenny Oreneile Tshiamo: MY SOUL S UPLIFTED....THANK U JESUS

Alson Lovemore Sanganai: eish eish , i enjoyed my office right now hey, full of worshiping the almighty, please keep up, i like this , not a show, not an experience, meaning a serious business with God, thank you so much

Revon Afrikaner: I need him og man ..oh Jesus

Keniesha Sewell: No words 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Jesus

Danny Nikoi: Everlyn I love them so much too.

Francis Ohemeng Anane: oh love this song too much. such an inspiration.God bless you guys very much. I dont understand the local language but that even makes it better. bless you!

James James: This song always uplifts my spirit

Bonisile Dlamini: O touch me now my Reedemer I come to Thee

Gretta Jere: i need your touch once again oh Lord ...

everlyn praise: Ameeeeeeen lord i need you my God and my saviour you are my refuge, my hope, my joy and everything you are to mee,,, arise lord and pour you spirit upon mee,, hallelujah!!!

Newton Erwaga: A long story. I cried the first time I heard this chevre song and make someone cry too. God is Mercy.

Efua Acquah: I need your touch LORD!

ROSE MAHLWANE: Empa jwale ho fedile ,madi a Jeso a lefile......Thank u jesus

Gisella Mavenjono: I rlly need it once again.

Whitney knowles: i need u lord in my life....thank you Jesus...AMEN

Polo. Shoàepane: Thank you Jesus madi a hao a lefele

Milly Phiri: I love u Jesus!!! Thank u Keke and Tsepiso super powerful! Moved me to tears!

JAMES MAINGI: God blz you.

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