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Lindani Mudariki: Amen Amen Amen...yes Lord i need your touch .

Thabiso Sehoana: I don't need to be spoil and for people to speak good about me.....I just need u LORD*****BLESSED

Armando Sebastiao: i watched this show on tv, it played from midnight till 4 in the morning, i was going tru some dificult time in my life and God came tru this song and consoled me.... thank you Lord for your Omnipresence

Maame Evans: This is a very powerful song. May the Lord speak to hearts and life change through this song. God bless you all. 

Kathlynn Edwards: Oh yes Lord I need Your touch..... thank you, blessings

Millicent miriro Marevesa: I need your touch thanks lord

Francine Peace: Amennnn God bless you brothers

Lempie Gideon: This is so impressive. This song gives me strength and hope.

Julia Phaladi: I need ur touch once again. des song so much

Mr Washi: Jesus lives amen

Abidemi Fasanmi: Wonderful flow of worship.Please post the Lyrics or translation

Brown Machaka: I need ure Touch once again, oh LORD

naakwaks ngosi: this is wonderful, God bless you

Jenamiso Jenny Oreneile Tshiamo: MY SOUL S UPLIFTED....THANK U JESUS

Alson Lovemore Sanganai: eish eish , i enjoyed my office right now hey, full of worshiping the almighty, please keep up, i like this , not a show, not an experience, meaning a serious business with God, thank you so much

Revon Afrikaner: I need him og man ..oh Jesus

Keniesha Sewell: No words 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Jesus

Danny Nikoi: Everlyn I love them so much too.

Francis Ohemeng Anane: oh love this song too much. such an inspiration.God bless you guys very much. I dont understand the local language but that even makes it better. bless you!

James James: This song always uplifts my spirit

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