Lady Gaga live on iHeartRadio Music Fest (full show)


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Dec 02 2014 by Music agent
tanayem zaman: this proves how amazing she is as a performer! shes dancing hard and singing beautifully at the same time! exceptional!

Andrea Fossati: She's the one and only... love her

fel cotrina: wow...lady Gaga

roman14032: i'm so freaking sick of looking at dancers in stupid clothes

Fermin Martinez: quiero uno de esos bailarines para llevar ¡Alejandro!

P90X3 by Tony Horton - from Beach Body, the makers of P90X: she is VERY different

driko dri: essa mulher é doida kkkk mais curto ela. 

Ren Totoro: dat guitar!!!

Mel Shawne: whats up with the muting on this..?? stupid

mrtony19552055: woman have a ass on her!

tkdpower: Amazing performance :)

david flores: excelente presentacion

alan m.d.: +gaga

DANCING DESTROYER: i liked the part with sting in it :)

GG Finn: Why does Lady Gagme lip sync live? Guess she has lost her voice.

alan m.d.: +Lady Gaga +Lady Gaga Community +Lady Gaga Fan Page 

alan m.d.: good afternoon followers

Gaby Acnybl: #LadyGaga 

Jaime Pantigoso: Lady Gaga live on iHeartRadio Music Fest (full show)

Edgar De La Cruz: love this song

Santy Deco: swearwords... it was recorded that way

John David Regis: shes sooo UNIQUE and COOL

Angel J: Scheibe :D

Nephania Black: Yo creo que no sabes lo que es el mundo laboral real, donde sí es un lujo enfermarte, porque además de exigirte, no te pagan ni una milésima de lo que ella gana. No entiendo a la gente que cree que los cantantes son más especiales que una persona "común". Me encanta la música, y quizá te sorprenderás de saber que considero a Gaga talentosa, pero a excepción de unos cuantos artistas brillantes que han cambiado al mundo, los cantantes son de las personas menos útiles en la sociedad.

Jesús Daniel Vega: Scheibe

Santy Deco: thanks! :)

cristian matos: U can see her nipples O.O

Edy Rocha: WTF !

Samantha Hundt: Lady Gaga is a freaking beast! Always an amazing stage presence.

Personality Test: I want to watch more

Camilo Caballero: u look very nic in ur pic :P

Lea Dahiti: elle me fait flipper :$

BenBitchYT: what are those mute seconds every 2 minutes? annoying.

Santy Deco: hahahaha I also hate it... :(

FameWithoutPurpose: You poor thing.

Ramiro Sonato: Best live performer

rayan amrey: I love Gaga Queen of Pop

david flores: lo mejor lady gaga

Lucianna Chazzone: Queen Of Pop. THIS IS A REAL iHEART RADIO MUSIC FEST

Eric G: Ich liebe Jemy genau wie alle anderen so wie Lady Gaga das Lied hat mich selbst sehr stark berührt ich liebe dich Jemy forever und Lady Gaga Free is my (HAIR)

Tum Izzy: please please dont bring religion into entertainment!!!!! religion is you and your God "whatever u believe" thats it PERIOD!

Bahar Alisultanova: why men always wear long trousers and women are almost naked

mkojic77: THE BITCH IS BACK!! GO GAGA! <3

Izabel Silva: adoro canta muito

James McClelland: that crowd truly did not appreciate her like her monsters do!!

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