Lady Gaga live on iHeartRadio Music Fest (full show)

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Veggietales4ever: I mean she scares me

Veggietales4ever: I hate her

khalil hammoud: Judas

Tashiba Bailey: boring to much like Britney spears

Stephen Greenhill: You can tell when she's not singing and when the back up CD is going, cause the backup CD isnt her voice its the back-up singers. So anyone to say my mother is lip syncing can take a unicorn horn to their throat.

Jose Gonzalez: Jamey :(

Gaming Imperatrix: I love how authentic her performances are. She uses her CD recordings as a supplement so she can incorporate real dance into the songs. And yet she doesn't lip synch, she lets the rawness of her breathlessness come through! Anyone who's ever sung and walked at the same time should know that singing and dancing can be completely impossible XD. It's extremely real and yet nevertheless a great performance.

Jesús Daniel Vega: Scheibe

Jonas Tabontabon: The Edge of Glory is a difficult song to sing.

Jonas Tabontabon: She sings every song exactly as how she sang it in the album! :O She's a MONSTER!

Jonas Tabontabon: <3

Lucianna Chazzone: Queen Of Pop. THIS IS A REAL iHEART RADIO MUSIC FEST

rayan amrey: I love Gaga Queen of Pop

Narian McKennitt: Scheibe

Música POP: love

Samantha C Hundt: Lady Gaga is a freaking beast! Always an amazing stage presence.

Angel J: Scheibe :D

coconutx887: scheibe

dayane nogueira: ela é perfeitta demais

Lance Bilder: whats up with the censor

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Lady Gaga live on iHeartRadio Music Fest (full show) 5 out of 5