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Sep 21 2014 by MP3 player
Ellen Canning: Doober....pass the water...don't forget the ice cubes..and coffee...actually make that expresso.. and MORE WATER! Your shot glass is borderline evil...biatch :P

Joshua Crawley: Alestorm sent me here.

Trug0d: Alestorm have just made your song listenable Taio Cruz. They even did the rap part better. Might have something to do with these two being talentless and NOT PIRATES. YOUR ALCOHOL TO US WILL FALL

DayleLucy101 | Comedy At It's Best Since 2012: What about PSY's version?

Danny Sone: psy's hangover is crap !

Barto Yeah: 8,425 livers disliked this song

Bernardo Figueiredo: Best song ever 

Jack Krauser: THIS IS freakING AWESOME!

Trajayjay Heyyayy: IF he has a hangover, why is he singing so loudly?

hanni6022: Why is Bobbie lee from mad tv in this. Video 

Afonso Henrique: Great! (:

Corneliuz Signemyr: is that bobby lee?!...

Potentstylo: I hate this song, you dont sing like this when you have a hangover and you especially dont want to hear this crap!

Alejandra Pizarro: Me encanta sus temas musicales 

Deivid Rodrigues: back, please.

Cat Biersack: Lol im singing this and its still funny XD Im way too hungover

Harry Potter: Taio's hangover is butterbeered, Psy's in the other hand is a piss-beered one

Aziz Azizoğlu: Toiro Cruz - Hangovergames ft . Flo Rida

Илиана Тодорова: this song is strange

Saad Mahbub: part 2: turn down for what this asain guy wont stop partying

Need a life keneaith: Too all the nerds who dont have a reason to get drunk say it with me " Wooooo! " 

Jackson Xiao: Psy's hangover sucks so much more but will have sht loads more views than this.

Carolina Hidalgo: This is what is wrong with society


Grace Litherland-Clews: I love this song!!!

Kidcrafter808: R.I.P - Hits of the early 2010's

chris bewa: where is Psy?

xihai luo: What's the name of that Asian guy in the video?

Joe Wilson-Palmer: You know you aren't a very good musician when a metal band can rap better than you......Alestorm \m/

Soulofhades: My personal opinion, Alestorm did a better job \m/ o/

Zach Ward: Here because of Alestorm....we are here to drink your beer!

Sam Gh.: this is so cool! 

Aman Singh: Taio back with the same uniform... black jacket, black sunglasses, black jeans just as usual 

SUPERWoman ツ: hangover!

Larry Stylinlove: What's the name of the guy in the teddy suit

Rossel Banegas Guevara: Hooooo!!!!!!

Apostolis Epiclsd: It describes me perfectly ;)

victor solimatin: this song is so GTA V

marco ramirez: Wearing sunglasses at nigth... Weird... 

Luka Talijan: I can drink untill I throw up...Then i throw up and drink some more haha

francesca louise: love taio cruz and his songs.

Davey S: Alestorm cover is wayy better

jozef kierysi: ALESTORM SEND ME freakING HERE!!!!!

bradley boelz-ness: This is a good song

Mayssa Gaming: B I E N 

Josué Diego Lamberti Prado: augum br?

Giuliana Saravia: The end of the song is funny

Xion YT: Did I see drive thru at home? xD

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