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Nov 18 2014 by MP3 Download
Joshua Crawley: Alestorm sent me here.

Uranium: I'm here because of Alestorm, I didn't even knew the original until now, shame on me haha

William Painter: I definitely got a hangover the best times of my life is were I'm drunk and cops are chasing after me 😜

Bernardo Figueiredo: Best song ever 

Barto Yeah: 8,425 livers disliked this song

Zach Ward: Here because of Alestorm....we are here to drink your beer!

Bruno Rocha: I here because of my first hangover, and i just don't plan doing it anymore. I'm here wondering why people get hangover all the weekends..

Oussem Sahraoui: Des pd qui sont là a cause de *What de cut* ?

do123you123like345to: What about PSY's version?

Mal Mini: Jézusom geci,de bebasztam XD Boldog Karit Arcok :DDDD

A Flouz: Le mec a moins d'abonnés que CodJordan23

Trolldone: Came from Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Most Unpredictable goals ever

michalwamp: Alestorm > Taio Cruz ppl

Tomasz Romanowski: przyjedz do Polski to ci pokażemy co to picie i KAC! Rano wstaniesz, a głowa zostanie na poduszce!!!

AsiaRevelant: I got a hangover on Christmas Eve wooooh

DennisAndThePros: I got roofies from a guy with a beard and long hair, i believe his name was alan or so

♫BelieveBronyStudios♫: he really laughed at that momment...he couldn't stand

The 77 phenix: Flo Rida, please stop your career, you just got Alestormed, their rap is soooo better than yours ! 

Anthony O'Brien: Alestorm made this crap song good, freaking autotune. Alestorm are awesome as freak

Dio Brando: Original version's good but, let's face it, nothing beats the Alestorm version

mathias bursi II: trop bien mais je préfère celle de alestorm 

Kaylee Stelte: How did they get a boat upstairs in a Pool? ? 

Sebastian Sikora: Taio Cruz - Hangover 

MetalHeaD zitro: Alestorn do better XDD

FireSwordl: Good song indeed! Awesome creaton. But I prefer the Alestorm version :)

AlexMan586 VGCP: Better than PSY's Hangover.

Death GodLT: I got a hangover Wooohoo... Dis remindz of me

menst kilst: this nigga, needs to improve on his acting. His waking up scene is just horrendous, he wasn't that flawless when he actually wakes up from an hangover.

MicroBeats Djrubs: Taio Cruz - Hangover ft. Flo Rida: http://youtu.be/dLhFDYQHDQY

365 дней: Clip is sheet!!! But music is vere - very good!!!!))))

Trug0d: Alestorm have just made your song listenable Taio Cruz. They even did the rap part better. Might have something to do with these two being talentless and NOT PIRATES. YOUR ALCOHOL TO US WILL FALL

kia_ kuwtk: I came here because of dub smash hah

Der Max: Oh god ... This mouth ... Lol

Sebastián Arellano: I'm on a ship..if you don't know.....well now you know

Grace Litherland-Clews: I love this song!!!

TheCokeman1200: Alestorm fan coming through, just here to drink your beer

What the Cut - Les compils: Wha OO. C'est là qu'on voit qu'Alestorm sont des génies. Tirer une merveille du metal d'une musique aussi naze ! Je tire mon chapeau

Wheoz | Chaîne en LONGUE pause !: 3:26 MACDO <3 !

Szilárd Jandás: good musick

TuTo Red [Fr]: Ce qui sont francais mais un pouce bleu sur ce com !

Muskrat73: Alestoms cover knocks this version out of the park!

Judith Rosado: caray que buen tono yo tambien quiero divertirme!!! :(

Post It: i got a hangover man help me

Ka mos: Dont fire me pls. ;((( that son of a beach

Joe Wilson-Palmer: You know you aren't a very good musician when a metal band can rap better than you......Alestorm \m/

Beste Samancı: I listen this song before my swimming race I'm motived. LOVE THIS SONG!

yankeefan4life97: the beat sounds like an old rock song

Raphael Lima de Sá: Nice

MOre Biuzz: ALESTORM cover is 10000000 times more listenable that this unnamed thing ...

Freezy Pop: Hand over your beer or walk the plank

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