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Gabriele Mecacci: Good song

Kacper Bryniarski: Best song ever
Grettings Polisch;D

An Ka: I got a hangover today. My brother played me this song saying "now you can relate to this song completely"

奈迪: 這在跑男是一首屬於熱巴的歌

iFrosty 拍有可源: thay guy in the teddy suit looked like MARKIPLIER (wtf.)

sone ssica: 熱巴很適合這首歌

freddy cm: Soy el unico mexicano que esta escuchando esto?

İsyankar Patates: Why here is so many Chinese people?

Marios Mpesis: 430k+ likes nice m8

Андрей Рождественский: 2017-2018 !

jaskarandeep singh: 2017

GMS freak: Somebody october 2017

Daniel Idigkeit: The Best song

Sky Cloud: still so fcking amazing to me <3

Maja Ochalik: OMG! So good!!!

Ethan Farnsworth: lmao "want me to dance for?? pls don't fire me" lmfao i lost my crap at that point omfg xDD

Margot Didier: bon son sa mere aimes si toi aussi t'écoutes toujours ça en 2017

Time for DROPS: 2010-2012 = the best music

lucas w: I freaking love this song!

R. V. B.: The song basically represents my day right now

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Taio Cruz - Hangover ft. Flo Rida 5 out of 5