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Jul 09 2014 by MP3
Joshua Crawley: Alestorm sent me here.

Ellen Canning: Doober....pass the water...don't forget the ice cubes..and coffee...actually make that expresso.. and MORE WATER! Your shot glass is borderline evil...biatch :P

Jackson Xiao: Psy's hangover sucks so much more but will have sht loads more views than this.

Potentstylo: I hate this song, you dont sing like this when you have a hangover and you especially dont want to hear this crap!

Danny Sone: psy's hangover is crap !

Saad Mahbub: part 2: turn down for what this asain guy wont stop partying

Djordje Mandic: 500watts amp stereo + hangover = party (amp by ampletos) 

Jack Krauser: THIS IS freakING AWESOME!

Antobarbunz: I want the loop mode :(

Drmoo5: My music in Next Video :) 

florph: 0:48 is that freddieW?

Matthew Stinson: No Promotion in this Video ^^

Robbie Healy: love this song anyone who think so too reply with a commit thanks 

Bernardo Figueiredo: Best song ever 

xihai luo: What's the name of that Asian guy in the video?

Barto Yeah: 8,425 livers disliked this song

DvNezarto: Memories ... memories 

JustinBieberVEVO.: 3:44 how the hell?

Giordan Brown: Am I the only one that would like to actually join them if they did that?

Jakub M.: The best song of the year :D

Mariona Barberá Graupera: Es la k fem al 2 ball de dragonetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )

Inês Sousa: love this ;)

MrSniperscope: last saturday of 2013...we had to make it count! 

chris bewa: where is Psy?

kenetrator: ewwwww horrible cover of the Alestorm masterpiece

ShitGames: I like this because i do this everynight

Tina Swift: Still better that Psy and Snoop dogg !!!!! :)

EpiJolt: Why are songs sung by pop stars or rappers either party songs, love songs, breakup songs, money, drugs, or sex songs? It seems the pop genre has a limited range for what to sing. Why not sing about world peace? Or about freaking dragons at the least? Why not sing about logic, intelligence, and righteousness? There are songs like that, but chances are you don't know about them, because they don't get popular. They might get a one hit wonder at best. Music reflects our society like a mirror, and apparently parties, drugs, money, sex, love, and breakups are what's on our children's minds. We all need to think deeper. We need to love one another. Not like in songs, that love is shallow, but like a mother loves her child, and respects her child's will to live, even if it costs her own life. In our hearts and at our core we strive to be accepted, no matter what it takes. If society enforces our young children to listen to rap songs about shallow crap, they will accept as long as they feel "normal". We need to change this. If we allow this to happen, then our oncoming generations may become shallow and careless. Would you really want to live in a society where humans drink liquid that lowers their IQ, making them susceptible to pregnancy and the horror of raising a child without their fathers by their side? Do you really want to live with the horrific truth that in this world there are some children growing up without a father? Just over some drinks? Future generations may devolve into monkeys. They may even lose proper grammar and have to communicate using sign language for a superior intelligence to understand them. Much of this is only being birthed now, and music is partially to blame.

forlietu: based on the music i have assessed the writers of this song dont know what a hangover is like they should try popping 3 triple taps an 8ball and 2 40s of vodka and then they can sing about a hangover

Saptarshi Roy: So you want to keep constantly barfing? 

xDTATAx: Should be in inbetweeners movie 2, like if you agree..!

NikoG4mer_98 (Leproso): HeilRj :D


Apple Mayhem: Also I know a guy who is almost an IDENTICAL twin to Taio Cruz x3

Rita Rydams: Awesome !!!!!!!

-[R]h1n0-: Taio Cruz has so much views on channel but only 428.722 subs. LOL HE DESERVES SO MUCH MOREEEE

Caty B: the ending XD

MrTripleKill3: (Please let me not be the only one) ok whos been to kos in mitsis hotels and heard this song? I have :)

LittleMusicChannel: THIS IS AWESOME! PSY IS crap!

Justin Evangelista: This is better than the crap hangover of psy and snoop lion (dogg)

Roba.Da.Matti love: wow! this song is very very very nicel!!!!

Andrius Giedrys: ahujenas muzonas

alexandre larouche: Alestorm made a cover of this song for their new album coming out 1st August 2014

Łukasz K: zajebiste

Not Ebenezer: mam kaca łoooo

Ira Jacobs: +Napalm Records' +Alestorm is covering this on their upcoming album :D

sr.wolf: cool music kkkk

עמית יפרח: i love this song so much. psy hangover=crap

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