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Preston Lions FC: ANYONE IN 2017 IS PLAYING THIS ???

Andrew TheGamer: I used to listen to this every freaking day, can't believe it has almost been 6 years

Jonathan Cyr: I love how they're pulling that big arse boat with a Mini Cooper... 😂

Arif Šenderović: who is wachting this in 2017 ?

Effen Vodka: Wtf happend to this dude anyway never heard from him since this xD

Sipos Zsolti: 2017 ???

Jasiou Bi: Kto z jakiegos zjebanego postu z arquelowni ?

ölpermann .Werke etwas?: its so cool

kikkof007: Alestorm is better

Wass wass: its so cool

Fülöp Szilárd: This song is awesome.

Ángel Martín Pérez: I prefer the cover of alestorm, hangover (taio Cruz version)

Röte: 2017 and i'm still listening to this music, Taio Cruz is awesome

Askad Maerg: Man, the Alestorm version is waaaaay better

Ruben Lawcock: I like Alestorm's version Better. But this is still a great single though

LieberBecksBier alsShakespeare: I blacked out so many times to this track. What times

Facundo Tucci: Tobias Fate anyone?

Master Migue: 2017?

Squid Master: anyone watching this is 2078? and the SECOND I post this people in the future can see it. I'm wearing a baggy sweater and it's REALLY cold in the past if it's warmer in the future you're lucky.

Chifai Chan: 6 year here , 2017 anyone ? :D

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Taio Cruz - Hangover ft. Flo Rida 5 out of 5