Kofi Kingston Entrance Music (S.O.S)

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Mar 30 2015 by New Music
sully le grand: what is the name of the crew please ?

WWE Entrances Songs: kofi kingston new entrance theme song


feyjay1903TR: shut up you are unneeded here.. you freaking racist bastard!! kingston is gonna kick your ass..

MilkedChocolate: sounds like: i eated sheldon! i eated brian! rofl

crystalspyke09: Kofi and kingstonare my best wrestlers in the wwe.

M Zach: et question c'est lui qui chante ou pa vu qua la wwe il y an na qui chante leur chanson d'entree dans le ring

Pinoy Youtoob: BOOM BOOM BOOM!

franxxjavixx: Nice song!

theHDLify: Save Our Souls, Kofi Kingston!

Metalujo Palomino: El Negro Kofi Dx

HajikeKingdom: cool theme!

Filip Przybyl: nice

BaddAssBG: Good music and awesome wrestler

jose gonzalez: boom boom boom kofi

socagunner: Listen, who is a racist? i missed out, surely its not me. Kofi is one of my favs and i hope he wins the MITB, its about time WWE pushes him. And for those who think he's jamaican, he is NOT . Kofi is from Ghana, and has NO connection to Jamaica. Roddy Piper has no connection to Scotland u know> Its just a ploy that WWE uses.

SuperNalaaa: trop bien

argenis veras: Nice. Kofi. Kingston

hinatasexslave: This is the best current entrance song in WWE!

tireb: s.o.s i hear theme party i love that

cenationwwe: dude kofi kingston is 1 of my favorites...espicialy his theme.

socagunner: lol ur a fag arent u?

azertyuyy: c super la sic de kofi mon frere

Vaughan Brabazon: f zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzigler

MsCLARKSON10: LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

legocena333: jamacian music rocks man!

Colonel Radec: oh damn this is so good

The Kaizoku Shinobi: Nikel s'te zik, boum boum boum yeah

TheAleksandra24: kofi kofi

Andréa D.: boom boom boom

carlos pinto: tis is collie budz not kofi

Mikey2654: it was cool when kofi first mad his debut it was the day before i went to jamaica on a cruise :D

totatix: Good Music !!!!

plazmaproductions: i wish he was still interconternetol champ

hatahproof06: he not from jamaica.... hes only billed there

feyjay1903TR: thats right.. i thought he is from jamaica

tonymontana34370: il geere ce gars malgré qui lé pa jamaicains

mikelwithachance: at 0:18 0:19 does it say run for days

MARINE0609: kingston is a amazing in ring proformer

theHDLify: I always thought it was BOO! BOO! BOO!

rosolinioshaolin: cool

iseecreepypeople: He is Jamaican isn't he

moto599599: aliee that tune is sick bruv jamacan bacan

Seb Gigner: I swear he was Jamaican, but then i hear from Ghana West Africa? WTF?

Bartek040797: Super Nuta 5/5 :D I Love This Song

TheUnusualCliches: I watch Kofi's entrance, because it is the last one with pyro-technics. Aside from Kane, of course.

37selimovic: kofi kingston bum bum bum

tmirooo: that's a cool music he's awsome boomboomboom

sebo8125: 0:16-0:30 best part

Roberto Coria: la cancion es la chida

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