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Fan Comments

Mukesh Bertwal: any 2017 squad here

Tommy Hanua: Bro where are you?????? I'm loving your songs..Are you DEAD??? LOLS..Cmon man.

ahmed ali: our song❤️

ahmed ali: our song❤️

Akimbo67: qui est la a cause de rafael

Jacob Estes: MY dude needs to make some more music!

royce brown: come bk with some more music bro love ur songs

Jose Vera: Great music this guy its very cool..

Lieu Bequin: We miss you Chris Rene <3

Kiara Neely: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! 😭

Dannie D: 👍💙

crazygamerboy: how ddi i get here from set it off

Charlie Cat: my mom was friends with him in school, I know him but I haven't met him, my cousin has taken a couple of photos with him.

Jj Ki: This song is old old older then my sister shes3 !!!

YoloGamer PT: 2017 xd

TragestyX: Where you go young homie?

flower frm heaven: team chris renee, still trippin' on u

REZAYIS HEEMI: Nice Chris cool song your Style is nice and coooooool

Mello Miller: i hope you see this comment
i miss you chris rene
please comeback

Dazz Dazz: 5 years later

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