Trina ft Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You (Music Video)

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Apr 12 2015 by New Music
Tamika Richardson: Luv tha Video,two beautiful women,amazing voices!!! 

brownsugah93: Mary Janes cuddy buddy 😚😍

Olivia Kennedy: nigga ain't Sht bitches derseve. the world aka rere

Maggie Brunelle: keyshia cole hits songs: 

myra nealand: Trina and Keisha a good song.

myra nealand: I meant Keyshia and Trina good job on this song.

Mzbrighteyez Baker: Trina ft Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You (Music Video) Trina ft Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You (Music Video)

vedell1313: DOMINICAN BOY

Cheryl Fairley: is always gonna be my sh&%!

Nadeya Green: I gotta thang for you Baby

Kelvin Roberts: This is the one!

marcion nottage: like if you still bumpinng this in 2012---2013

JordanSphilner: damm... WTF? Who is this white cunt in the beginning?

MsOmoye: dhiz dha sonq <3 it

lasheka wallace: Damn that nigga fine as freak.

ididntreallymeanit: and thats your problem

Crystal garcia: Omg

Nukee Thoo: diz use twe b mi sng wen i waz single

kukki cookie: this my boys sonq

wilsoncheetah: Why is that advertisement louder than the video???

dontashia holland: I LOVE THIS SONG

ashcali22: this is exactly how I feel about this person I know. I really like them but don't know how to come out and tell them.

Chyna Duhh: trinas hair looks wierd on her in dis vid

Simple Life: Hey Guy's . This Is Lauren From (C) Geffen Records. I'm Looking For Young Stars Who Can Sing, Rap Or Dance . If You Have A Talent We Can Discuss This Further. Good Luck & God Bless. Lauren.

1977quita: dj needs to pop that out now shot

Shoowoop05: yesssss suhhhhhhh :) taste taste :)

Erica Sanders: this song is how i feel about my new guy..... i got a thing for him =-)

Erica Sanders: **singing** i got a thing for u baby u knw....

cunning0915: crapT! I got thing for him too!! lmao....mmm so FINE!

wallace1041: @kelligirl Thomas Jones running back for the Chiefs

HSSS8949: @notorioustia go to this website and you can download any youtube video. just copy and paste the url, convert video, press download then save, when it finishes downloading click open and it will download onto your itunes

notorioustia: Is this song available for download on iTunes? I can't seem to find it.

luckychrm25: Dammmmmmmn #thomasjones

jada miller: dis my crap

iGOteine29: i still love this song<3

Dasza Harris: hell yeah lmao

s1t2a3r4r4: i got man

brianna jones: thomas jonesssssssssssss

Ebony Luter: just noticed keyshia got a gap

Adrienne Michelle: This song!!!!

toppness: This is a tune, and the guy is just jhheezzz! mmmmm


Michelle Carter: @coldbyatch Trina weave be hot, not hatin but Beyonce weave just start doing something and still dont do much...Love all Trin's weave game

Royauté. Né 1996.: LOVE THIS JOINT

Jahniya Yates: thiz mi song

KieraWaters: dis my song

Oliviababygirl91: @cavsgurl23 Hell yES!!

Richard Inengue: Just perfect! Go Keysha go!

squirrelnuts23: The dude is NFL running back Thomas Jones

YoungfyaSODMG: @Tasneed no its not

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