Trina ft Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You (Music Video)

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Fan Comments

Oron Grant: Yes. Sorry

Samauria Tatum: I used to love this song too

beingme34: my favorite song...

Chica Dulce: Keyshia is so cute. Very classy.

Antonia Tankson: This is one of my favorite songs by Keyshia Cole. I love her music.

brownsugah93: Mary Janes cuddy buddy 😚😍

Olivia Kennedy: nigga ain't Sht bitches derseve. the world aka rere

myra nealand: I meant Keyshia and Trina good job on this song.

myra nealand: Trina and Keisha a good song.

Cheryl Fairley: is always gonna be my sh&%!

Kelvin Roberts: This is the one!

sabrina al: Im I the only one who wanted to be in Trina's PLACE??????????

vince mutua: Love it

Crystal garcia: Omg

Adrienne Michelle: This song!!!!

rosadiaz446: Bad ass song!

cutiejustinbieber100: i gotta thang for yaa baby you know, dont wanna take it slow i wanna get to know yaa dont wanna play no games listen to whatt im saying i gotta thang for ya (forrrrrrrr youuuu)

the greatest: Trina looks so pretty.

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Trina ft Keyshia Cole - I Got A Thang For You (Music Video) 5 out of 5