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taquilla davis: omfg she gave me chill bumps all ova my body even on my face like wow someone sign her plz

Dina Zakaryanova: She is amaizing) omg youre awesome!!!

Weeman Jess: AMAZING

Unique Rayne: gave me goosebumps

J Overman: man she has IT!!!! she makes it look easy sings with such grace and ease :-)

Divine Taste: AWEsoME! Watch out Beyonce'...move on over for Ms. MELANIE...Great namesake too! Go MELANIE! lol

wammie22: Excellente, Magnifico!!!!

Dave W: GUESS WHAT PEOPLE...................I HAVE SOMETHING YOU DID NOT KNOW FROM ALL PEOPLE IN HERE ON YOU TUBE..........................SHE MADE ON THE TOP 12...........Plus she sang on American Idol at 16 and DID NOT make it........her voice has matured since then..........FLAWLESS..................FLAWLESS.....You know makes a great singer???????? She conducts her hand movement and means what she singing just like OLD SKOOL SINGER...Thats how great singer sing when they look at people w/confidence

mike johns: She is awesome...WOW. Ok and the winner is...Melanie Amaro

Jennel Jones: That girls voice is the truth!!! Brought tears to my eyes

bassethound1: Beyonce who?

james smith: Damn dude for some reason I found this to be better than beyonce's version. This girl's voice is out of this world. I don't think she should be on xfactor but instead really sign into record companies and do her own thing.

Edmandre1971 Mandraque: I've watched this video about a dozen or more times, it's simply amazing how I tear up and get goosebumps EVERY time! She is one gifted lady, and has one my heart already. I truly hope she wins. She's getting my vote.

thejollychick: wow, she is awesome! the hairs on the back of my neck stand up listening to this.

07rue: cried the whole time and goosebumps alright!!! u are a star malanie amaro!!!!!

selenay2k: I have seen this 3 times now and each time I cried and got goosebumps! This girl is soooooo talented! I just showed this to my fiancé and he said he got goosebumps (I hadn't told him about mine) and he also cried! You don't understand, this us a 6'4" manly man who DOES NOT cry! This girl is beyond awesome and I pray she wins! Even if she doesn't she better get a record deal!

lau chin loon: powerful,great performance,,,

Lauren Finley: I cryed for 10 minutes over Her , she really has a great voice ! Best I've heard yet. She literally brought tears to my eyes

iCuMissHollywood: I love this song and I enjoyed hearing her sing it. God bless you young lady on a promising upcoming music career.

Zaine Junior: What a flawless, outstanding performance. Love this girl! Gave me goosebumps

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