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Bethel Terry: Praise God!  Heard this song tonite for the 1st time and it really moved all over me!  I give God praise every chance I get and this song is a true testimony of how I wanna leave this earth!

april murphy: AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!

Raymond Moore: Love it thanks Brother I can feel the HOLY SPIRIT MOVING just through your videos. You are a Very Anointed Man.

Mon Vivi: I listened to this song's messages over and over and posted in my fcbk page. It's so real and so touching. ... let me say your name one last time before I die.... I'm so glad to have Jesus in my life.

Kay Kirby: Praise the LORD

Tyler “Mackelmore” Lee: Great song sang it in church

Colene Whitehead: Lord when I die let me die speaking in tongues!! Amen!! Praise God! Lord give me the strength to praise You...speak Your name one more time!! Then have Your Angels carry me over to the other side!! Yes!!

Joyce Kilgore: Brother Yocom has blessed me when I first heard him sing with the Spirit of God upon him. I am asking the Lord to let me be in one of his family services at their church,but I live in Ohio and the time has not yet come ,but I know one day God will make it happen. God keep blessing him and his ministry.

Covenant Life Church: Have some chu'ch before chuch...

denise cryer: I want the words to this

Hubetta Lear: Well I'm back again listening to Bro Jeremiah singing this beautiful song and rejoicing right with him on it!! aaww they ain't nothing like it is they!! and honey if ye've never felt that good sweet holy ghost get ahold of ye like this aw just get in and pray He sure won't with hold it from ye!! but you listen to Bro Jeremiah you can hear the difference when the holy ghost really gets ahold of him aaww now he cuts loose and his voice man it's sure rings true!!! ain't nothing like that anointing!! keep on Bro Jeremiah sure am blessed by ye music and ye praise!!!

Billie Kirby: Girls this is a good one...

Hubetta Lear: I would sure love to have Bro Jeremiah sing this at my funeral should I go by the way of the grave!! and honey I would sure like to go speakin in tongues and just leave with the power of HOLY GHOST just all over me!! 

Hubetta Lear: Oh I love this song and honey this would be my funeral plans YES LORD!! great song great singing! what anointing!!! sing it Bro Jeremiah!!! I believe you just enjoyin yourself in the Lord there!!! Ain't He just wonderful!!! He is something!! I would love to go this way!! and I know they's people that have!! You know Ill tell this I was at the er room over at the Berea Hosp. about 5 mos ago and I was laying on  a bed out in the hallway by the door where the ambulances come in at it was packed and the waiting area was packed!!! Noice just everything all around just chaotic!! you know just everything busy!! the ambulance was bringing in a code blue which I aint't the smartest person but I knew that was not good! and sure enough the man was actually dead on arrival He wasn't just brought in and just a few seconds and they tagged him bless his heart. Well then it really was chaotic because they got to trying to catch up and all but all of a sudden there was the sweetest I mean the sweetest voice aspeaking in tongues you ever heard in your life it was angelic sounding!! and you could have heard a pin drop it just silenced!! just that quick!!! even the copier quit and the phone and all the running and the talking it just stopped!! There is still a reverence for the HOLY SPIRIT!! if I hadn't seen it I would not have belived it!! but you know most of those doctors and nurses there didn't have a clue what that was and didn't blieve in that but they knew to respect it!! Tell me GOD ain't still in control!! OH I praise HIM !!! I thought you know I don't know what those tongues were for if it was for that man that passed or what but it was certainly for me to see that the Spirit is still got some reverence today!! I praise the LORD for that!! I always want to respect HIM and honor HIM and Be in HIS will and I praise HIM that HE saved me that I can be!!! Just wanted to share that and hope it helps someone else!!

Amanda McGlocklin: Went and heard him in live, very anointed singer God has really blessed you brother and your family keep singing for the Lord.

CityView ChurchofGod: **Don't Miss this! Don't Miss this! Don't Miss this! Don't Miss This! 
**Revival/Friday Night Fire***November 21st @ 7 pm 
w/The Jeremiah Yocom Tour Band**

Robert Daniels: Y'all gone need new carpet after that praise..wonderful praise!!!

Ruthann Newport: I really love your music

Joyce Barnes: Funeral plans, Jeremiah Yocom, Gary Yocom, Redemp…:

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