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Nov 24 2014 by MP3 player
Amanda McGlocklin: Went and heard him in live, very anointed singer God has really blessed you brother and your family keep singing for the Lord.

Hubetta Lear: I would sure love to have Bro Jeremiah sing this at my funeral should I go by the way of the grave!! and honey I would sure like to go speakin in tongues and just leave with the power of HOLY GHOST just all over me!! 

Robert Daniels: Y'all gone need new carpet after that praise..wonderful praise!!!

CityView ChurchofGod: **Don't Miss this! Don't Miss this! Don't Miss this! Don't Miss This! **Revival/Friday Night Fire***November 21st @ 7 pm w/The Jeremiah Yocom Tour Band**

Billy Hembree: This is so awesome. I want this sung at my funeral. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Have all your lost family and friends in a place where they are singing this and praising the power down?! YES! ! 

Hubetta Lear: Oh I love this song and honey this would be my funeral plans YES LORD!! great song great singing! what anointing!!! sing it Bro Jeremiah!!! I believe you just enjoyin yourself in the Lord there!!! Ain't He just wonderful!!! He is something!! I would love to go this way!! and I know they's people that have!! You know Ill tell this I was at the er room over at the Berea Hosp. about 5 mos ago and I was laying on a bed out in the hallway by the door where the ambulances come in at it was packed and the waiting area was packed!!! Noice just everything all around just chaotic!! you know just everything busy!! the ambulance was bringing in a code blue which I aint't the smartest person but I knew that was not good! and sure enough the man was actually dead on arrival He wasn't just brought in and just a few seconds and they tagged him bless his heart. Well then it really was chaotic because they got to trying to catch up and all but all of a sudden there was the sweetest I mean the sweetest voice aspeaking in tongues you ever heard in your life it was angelic sounding!! and you could have heard a pin drop it just silenced!! just that quick!!! even the copier quit and the phone and all the running and the talking it just stopped!! There is still a reverence for the HOLY SPIRIT!! if I hadn't seen it I would not have belived it!! but you know most of those doctors and nurses there didn't have a clue what that was and didn't blieve in that but they knew to respect it!! Tell me GOD ain't still in control!! OH I praise HIM !!! I thought you know I don't know what those tongues were for if it was for that man that passed or what but it was certainly for me to see that the Spirit is still got some reverence today!! I praise the LORD for that!! I always want to respect HIM and honor HIM and Be in HIS will and I praise HIM that HE saved me that I can be!!! Just wanted to share that and hope it helps someone else!!

Randall Spurling: liberty in the Lord

Angela Flack: Does anyone know where you can get the music or chord sheet for this song ?

Ruthann Newport: I really love your music

Joyce Barnes: Funeral plans, Jeremiah Yocom, Gary Yocom, Redemp…:

Nowhere Special: This baptist Loves Loves Loves this song. Great singing and music. Blessings Rocking the house!

Scotty Searan: Gets in your feet. I love it.

Randall Spurling: my daughter in law is learning this song so she can sing it our church

Colene Whitehead: Lord when I die let me die speaking in tongues!! Amen!! Praise God! Lord give me the strength to praise You...speak Your name one more time!! Then have Your Angels carry me over to the other side!! Yes!!

docofroc1: Well im a oneness believer and id say DONT JUDGE!!!!!>>>>>> great music 

Shannon Harris: Praise GOD....Got me jumpin!

jarrettmma4: I love your music

Jerry Hiles: Great song. And spirit filled.

lordjesusforray: i sing this song in church services, also at wake and funeral services, its a beautiful song.

samstallard00: God Bless this man! =)

apostolicholinessguy: I was thinking the same thing!

kayla q: i love this song! our choir sung it last sunday. he sings it good,but our choir is very annointed and they really brought down the holyghost. i got me a good blessing just listening to this a few minutes ago. thats how i want to die. speaking in tongues and praising my JESUS! love the way he sings it. i just ordered the cd.

AHOWAngelo: Love this song!!!!!

GodGirl02: I am lovin this song!!

nicolerwhisler: LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!! This music and the annointing just makes me sing and dance and clap and just holler for Jesus!!!! Praise God we have people like this to spread the word through awesome songs!!!!! A must have! I tried to go to your website to get an order for your cd's but cant for some reason. can you please give me the info to order cd's??? Thanks so much and God Bless.

RRCgirl: At RRC we never have a dead service.. The annointing and power is always there!

TheDollhouseMuseum: Terrific performer! --The Great American Dollhouse Museum

bamonthedevil: any plans for another trip to VITM in Ohio??

Leon Cole: Awesome praise, I love this song. Is it OK if we do it at Bethel? Great piano and amazing guitar. GOD BLESS YOU FOR SHARING HIS PRAISE.

Truthand Honestly: Anointed sing! By the anointing Jesus breaks the yoke...This young man is blessed by God and it was great to see him move out in the Holy Spirit!

RedemptionRoadChurch: We have a full time B3 man now.

Kevin Day: Love this song!!!! You can feel the spirit com ing through this song !! AMEN !!!

songinmyheart4: SING-IT!!!!!!!

Charity Adams: Very good song and VERY good singer!

skot nabess: Great music! Sounds just like Native/Aboriginal Churches in Canada! FIRE!

Billy Taylor: @Sarahnator44106 :)

rodneylisa1965: An absolutely great song. Thanks for posting! I look forward to more postings of Jeremiah Yocom Gospel Songs God Bless

Destiny Buckley: what key is this in? i need to know!!

Crystal Smith: Lol y'all better sang it and tell the story

Liz Grimes: Hey Cousins Gary and Jeremiah , Enjoyed your music and Videos ! Jeremiah , you look like a Grimes ! ha ! Jeff , I am Walter marshalls Great grandson.

Greaterworks96: What are the chords to this song? i cant seem to figure it out!

RedemptionRoadChurch: 1560 Hustonville Rd. Suite 217 Danville, KY 40422

Holly Beth: @SissySis4ChristandU2: Amen! The first time I saw this I could barely contain myself. It still gets me excited! I love watching Jeremiah dance around the keyboard and jump around!! It makes me wish I was there doing it too. Lol I don't play by ear, I have to have chords. I tried to figure the chords out on my own but I couldn't.

ecarver09: @RedemptionRoadChurch What can i say... God is awesome!! When i get down i move the chair from my computer and put on the video and praise the lord!!! I dance in the spirit... I get a hold of God fast his spirit come over me and i lose time and i just praise him... Thank you Lord...!!!!

Mountain Praise: this is an anointed song you can feel the power of god all over it... thank you for allowing god you use you brother.

Steven Hall: @klankcybangy why would denomanation matter?

starr4586: Just heard you at the Congregational Holiness Retreat! Praise God for the gift he has given you. My prayers for your family! Thank you for coming so we could be blessed with hearing the music! I'm still on fire from this past weekend!

The Dunaways: this is a HOT song!

fire482: WOW!!!!

Pat Marafiote: Great stuff - Jeremiah rocks!

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