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The Vicious Chicken of Bristol: For some reason all the country I was ever exposed to growing up was what I now understand to be "pop country". Had me under the impression I hated country. The more of this type of music I discovered the more I realized such was not the case at all.

Ashley Ryan: this is real country with real feelings behind it. these guys are legends freak the new country. they good but not great. ☺

B Cunning: Don't make them like this anymore.

JW Finney: these guys now days don't know country

Benjamin De Vita: daddy never was the pop country kind

Michael's Mike's:

whitewine101: great song!

Debra Schreiber: Me too danny. I miss my daddy too so much. And l miss my mama too and connie ans marty. Love you sweety debbie

Anna Smith: I love that song it's my favorite song love you πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Duane Pless: This one is for you dad. Its all you!

Bryan Maynard: This song describes my dad to a T. My dad never owned a Cadillac, he never wanted the best clothes, he wanted to make sure his family was provided for, he was a simple man who loved God and loved his family, and wanted them best for them, often sacrificing things he'd like for his family. Love and Miss him...this Nov. will be 2 years since he passed. He was a great man who taught me so much.

Benjamin De Vita: thank you to all the hard working loving dads out there. you are the rarest man out there. God bless you!

Phyllis Hall: This is my life. Daddy was a coal miner and certainly NOT a Cadillac kind.

Christopher Jordan: Wish Donald trump would make country music great again πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Marc Harrell: my daddy was an out cast in his family cause the all had money and he didn't we got wat we needed and we all ways had clothes and shoes and food on table and some time wen me and him would be goin some were this song would come on and he would start crying cause he said it made him think of his dad and we played it at his funeral and ever time i hear it i start crying cause it makes me think of him i miss u daddy i love you

Antonio Dias: beautiful!!!!

Jj Moore: I love this song. I don't listen to the country music coming out today. it's not the same.

Jim Girdler: this is my dad, learned so much from him

allen ruiz: they should put this country music back on radio. !!!

James Garrett: preach brother!!! Amen that man!!!

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