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Christopher Winkleblack: not the Cole mine's

Christopher Winkleblack: my father retired from the mine's had 34yrs in Minnesota and loved the car

omgworkffsugh: country.

Donny Balls: how'd you afford it? bought on credit.
Daddy was disappointed

James Kirkland: New county music has went all to hell. whatever happened to tunes like this...

svarteper pus: F....! I wish I could ride you, USA!!

Jeremy Williams: this song is one of the greatest what happened!!!

Jeremiah Newton: This is a sad song

Robert Connor: we play this song at daddy funnel and the pastor of the church said that youns can't play that in here

Longmires tree service Longmires tree service: nope never was I picked him up and brought him myself in the back of a astro van. hes still with me everyday...kinda more of a dodge 4 wheel drive kind!

gargois1: That's a badass mullet there!

MarkLAsche: Love CR. Funny, poignant, and wonderfully musical.

Lombardo ZarateIII: this song needs a billion views this worlds messed up becuz people like this dnt exist anymore

Awesome Bent: Daddy wasn't into flashy Cadillacs because he already had the wife and kids.
His son was into Cadillacs so he could get a girl. After we got married and had kids, he too lost interest in flashy stuff.

Jacob Robinson: I like these guys - how the hell have I never heard them before? freak you Spectrum - this is classic country. Put this on your channels.

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol: For some reason all the country I was ever exposed to growing up was what I now understand to be "pop country". Had me under the impression I hated country. The more of this type of music I discovered the more I realized such was not the case at all.

Ashley Ryan: this is real country with real feelings behind it. these guys are legends freak the new country. they good but not great. ☺

B Cunning: Don't make them like this anymore.

JW Finney: these guys now days don't know country

Benjamin De Vita: daddy never was the pop country kind

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