Confederate Railroad - Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind (Official Video) Music Video for Free!

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Jj Moore: I love this song. I don't listen to the country music coming out today. it's not the same.

Jim Girdler: this is my dad, learned so much from him

allen ruiz: they should put this country music back on radio. !!!

James Garrett: preach brother!!! Amen that man!!!

cody shockley: this is a very true song

Aiden Turner: great music

Brittany McGregor: I love this

Brian Harsh: i love and have always loved this song and always makes me a little sad missing my grandaddy

Anna Smith: I love that song it's my favorite it was awesome song for long back in the day an I still listen to it today love you 💖💖

John C: Never buy into the allure of materialism. Things of this world will fade away. Especially when credit (debt) is involved, it means nothing but trouble.

Matt CHEVYMAN: This is a great song! I heard it at my union hall yesterday when i went to vote in our election on the radio. Think the last time i heard it was when i was growing up.

James Radford: why is there 909 down likes

Darren Bruner: when country was worth a damn

Richard Burgess: Great country music miss that kind

dannie palfrey: miss u dad love your son

Lord Voldermort: Country like this kicks the crap out of the trash they play on the radio

glenn h: great tune, love my dad, no hugs, but a great man that never waivered

Sandra Miller: beautiful song. I love it good singers.

Fernando Peixoto: linda musica!!

Jacob George: my daddy was a piece of crap

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