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Dave Ewing: I'm a metal Head. I was back then too. still....I loved these dudes. met them once, and they were cool as hell.

V. M. Lara, A Wisconsin Farmer Farmer: This reminds me of what my dad James Millner had taught us kids and where family values have been lost. My dad was always a basic man and believed that money could not purchased love and family. We were natural born workers on a small dairy farm in Illinois.

Bernardo Garcia: Great song

tootall4all: this song was released the week after my dad good as it says everything I need to hear 20 years later....thank you

Randy Jones: rickie frances jones sr just like that in army


Jackie Mcgee: one of the best country bands they never got enough credit

Banana Trish: The more you give them the more they want... so true!

abstrakt man: this song makes me cry sorry dad !

Edward Joyce: Going to see these guys in concert on August 19th. Can't wait !!!!

Heather Wooley: Folks I love this song cause my grandpa was just like this (both of my grandpas rip rev Joe Cooper 2016, rip Claude Gay 1994)

Chris Stanton: I think of my grandpa when I hear this. He done so much for me.

Katie Maniaci: I miss the original lineup of this group. I had such a crush on their lead guitarist, Michael Lamb, and so sad that Gates Nichols, the original steel player, passed. Seemed like such a nice man.

Tameraliegh Benton: so true you don't have to keep up with the neighbors be true to your self we all been there it's about life

Kenny Duncan: freak all of you that dislike this song .

ItsMe Cat: Oh and I seen Confederate railroad live in Pensacola at a fair . I think it was the state fair in 1994 when my youngest was 6 weeks old ( got him a sitter) my other boys loved them. My middle son was born exactly one year after my father passing.I always say my dad sent him too me to heal our family's heart

ItsMe Cat: Song reminds me of my Dad.. We were poor but we had food , a roof over our head although it leaked. We had no hot water and toilet that did not flush we had to plunge it.. But we had love. Sadly I lost my dad when he was 49 of a massive heart attack . My mom remarried to a great man 7 yrs later and they were married for over 20 yrs before he lost he passed away from a stroke

Carson Matchette: I love love love love this song

bobbyloathesyou: I'm a big metal-head, and this song still makes me tear up. I have loved this song since I was a kid.

Matthew Lupe: in green bay Wisconsin there is a station that plays all the classics all day everyday. its on in the truck, the garage, at work. this is real country not that new crap

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