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Roy Castillo: un placer oir musica que escuchaba mi viejo que en paz descance

Carolyn Roesbery: okay-- the miner salute along the road really hit me and made me tear up. Generally, I do not like country music  but this is a wonderful song. My daddy was terrified of poverty, He was the "Chrysler kind" driving through Kentucky from Indiana was torturous as was seeing poor children for him/ It is hard for me to see poverty as a virtue; simplicity, yes but not poverty. I am the '98 Jeep Wrangler E, seafoam green kind and yet I am still afraid of being hungry

Kip Bonds: This song is amazing, and truly country! love it!!!

Robert Flecher: robert hello

Clint Cranford: Daddy sounds like tons of fun. He needs to get his prick tugged once in a while, relax a bit. Maybe drop some acid.

molnya2: 1 Coalminer>10 CEO's

Jessica Thomas: took me 10 years to reconnect with my dad and I'm glad I have had the chance makes me think of him

Jjon X: Wow, These boys sure are good. Not like todays music, the same few rhyming words over and over again that you could teach a monkey to do, but a story in the song. I suspect this song touches all of us who realize that our best friend and the one who was always in our corner, although now gone, was and will always will be, Dad. Just a note of gratitude to Gibson, Nelson and CR for a wonderful song.

Quixo667: ....why the hell was this recommended after listening to the jesus and mary chain....?

Felipe Arthur: Bem legal, da pra brisar...

John R. McCommas: Dammit that's a good one!

Mark Perrotte: This song reminds me of my Dad's final ride in a Cadillac.   He was a man in every sense of the word, just like this is true country.   As my boys grow, I hope they look up to me like I looked up to my dad and i make my father proud as he looks down on us.

Geraldine Mitchell: True song

RainbowDash72: I heard this song on the radio the other night. I couldn't believe it. I mean nothing against new country but stations need to play the classics once in a while. The classics will never die. That's what was true country.

Babybluebbw: Aug 12, 1956 - Danny Shirley is born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He fronts Confederate Railroad, whose mix of country and Southern rock gives them a biker image and a handful of 1990s hits, including "Trashy Women," "Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind" and "Queen Of Memphis" Happy Birthday Danny!

Evan Bamford: what happened to Nashville? money

Tiffany Tignor: Had the privilege to see these guys here in WV July 25. They were awesome. And to meet them in person. Even though they are flirts. .lol

Zsombor Jászai: Confederate Railroad - Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind

G Scarlatti: I buried my dad four years ago today.  This song still makes me cry.  Always has.

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