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dale Brewer: freaken love this tune

Christina Eckols: dad would always sung this to us but now married and going to he a baby in June I just can't wait

Connie Underwood: dam im from wva he is hot and sings great it means that hs dad never wont to ride a hirst lov connie

Neil Tipton: In an era filled with great music and new forming pop type songs. Songs from this band were about in the middle of the pack. Now listening to it several years removed. Considering the TRASH they play on the radio today. These songs sound like pure Country Gold.

michaelbianchi22: Aye, Wisconsin here. I was just a kid when the recession his us. I grew up fine I think. Definitely take this song to heart.

Amanada Richey: R.I.P my daddy 4-30-03

GENERAL LEE: Never had a dad but I love this song!!!

Jason Hyde: one good song

18winsagin: dad gone now 32 years ago, seems like yesterday, a warm March day ,beautiful clear sky, I started growing up that day as the man of the house took care of mom and young sister ,he would be proud I believe.

Kenny K: My Daddy wasn't much of any freakin kind! I grew up poor white trash! RIFP

bs1820: This hits me right in the wheel house... so good!

Timothy Slocum: bring back real music!

Donald Rothenbach II: A song that everyone can relate too!!

Walker Parisien: I lost my grandpa in 06 this this song always puts me in tears because the song remind me of my grandpa so much rest in peace

Gavin Duncan: I've heard Cody McCarver three times live

Dustin Johnson: good music what they call country today shouldn't be allowed on the radio

heather hurst: My favorite song by them

C W Southern Digger: I grew up in the coal area of the north. Poor. Chevy trucks. Five kids. Log house. This song speaks for a proud segment in our country. Let's not forget...

BarbellRoy: Major sign of respect during a funeral procession. Have seen that in the South many times. Respect still means something down there

The Man The Myth The Legend: Danny Shirley came into my work about a year and a half ago to have some work done on his f150. I didn't even recognize him until my friend asked me if I realized who that was, I said no why? She said that's Danny Shirley from confederate railroad I was like no freaking way lol he came back inside the shop and I was like man I'm sorry I didn't recognize you can I get a picture with you and he was so cool and laid back. He was telling me his your bus broke down after having it fixed and was cussing up a storm lol he had a nice revolver in a holster under his steering wheel too lol probably the greatest day of work I've had lol

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