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Aug 03 2014 by Fresh releases
Saved by Grace: TY for sharing, this video reminds me of my grandpa Fred, a simple man from Wellsville, Mo. who was very much loved & respected.

Robert Fremming: Forgot how good that song was. Brings back memories of my Grandparents. 

TosTinMan: Good song! These guys were good.

Christy Spaulding: Very good song. When country was still country.

gaoutlaw: Typically, I've never like much of Confederate Railroad's stuff, but this is a good one. The content, tone and overall sound make it a quality country song.

Willie Dixon: Amazing song. Go Danny!

MoparRapidTransit: Where did country music like this go to? COUNTRY MUSIC NOW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Steve Sanders: I was staying at a hotel in Atlanta back in 94 or 95. I was lucky back then because I was friends with a few country stars who lived in Atlanta, (Travis Tritt was a regular pool partner.) Anyway, I ran into a couple members of railroad one night as they went into their room. We played together the whole night and I never knew who they were. I had never listened to them and to be honest only did it later to know what they played. Just saw them on the list as I was surfing videos so I thought I'd come in and say hi to Wayne and Warren from Red.

Mary Wiggins: This is a great song listen to it most of the time

thomas coleman: yea my dad was mopar all the way 5 gen of mopar i love u dad 

ShadowOfTheWave: Refusing to go for a ride with your son because his car is too fancy and paid for with credit is a little stuck up.

Danny Bouges: real music

James Jameson: A poor man is he who enslaves himself to his job and doesn't reap the fruits of happiness from his family . And a rich man is a person that finds love all around him without paying a penny. Quote (Dale Molson)

Peyton II Cottrell: I do love this song!

Steven Spolar: A few days before my dad passed away in 2005 I heard this song on the radio and immediately thought of my dad and how similar our relationship was. So, I downloaded the song and planned to take it to his house later that evening to play it for him. Somehow, I forgot to bring the song with me and when I was talking with my dad alone I began to mention that I intended to bring a song with me that I thought he would like to hear. Before I could tell him, he took a notepaper out of the nightstand drawer and on the paper he had written, "Could you find this song and bring it with you when you come over tomorrow?" The song he was referring to was, "Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind". At the end of my dad's life, it was good to know we were both on the same page.

TheREALkeep00: Music worth calling country

Richard Anderson: Grandpa..Dad... And now may I say me..

Tommy Turner: What is great is everlasting in a humble way This is great 

Billy Hunter: Reminds me of my stepdad

Nuclear-Skull87: The 90s is the undisputed king of Country-Western music!

James Tallent: the story of my life

Andrew Myers: kids now days dont know what a hard life is

Alyssa Yancey: My daddy showed me this song it makes us think of pawpaw. Daddy wont talk about it much, but this song sums up my grandpa. When my dad hears it I swear he tears up. My grandpa wore jeans and a tshirt the day we laid him to rest. Rip Robert James yancey 

Charlie Major: awesome songand video but i hate the fuking long ass advertisings

Joshua Brooks: i personally think that if one was to measure their life's worth by all the nice things they possess, their life wouldn't be worth a penny. it's how you live your life that should make you proud, not what you acquire along the way. these material possessions are just that, material possessions.

raherql: Grew up with songs like these, thanks for sharing!

adforbama: This song reminds us all what is really important in life. Money may come and go but it's the relationships that last forever.

Aubrey Kripke: that's my Father. neither was he! truthfully!

matthewsnare: Just shared the stage at The Commodore in Nashville with the writer of this song. What a high honor

Thi nk: I'm 18 and love this song. My dads the same way.. Awesome song.

Eric Preston: Only thing my papaw wanted in life was to make ppl happy and to help anyone he could. We wore t shirts n blue jeans to his funeral cause he wouldn have wanted it any other way! I miss u papaw!! 

Kenny Lane: My Dad is a healthy 72, but I know the time will come when I have to let God have him back. I am not looking forward to it. Dad's last cool car was a '66 Charger with major problems that he traded in on a '71 Volvo Wagon six months after I was born. Since I've been around Dad has been all Volvo, Datsun and Toyota out of his practical nature. I'm the one who likes big American V8's and I have since my teens. This song will make me cry a river when my Dad goes home.

Caroline Rodriguez: This song made me cry, can't wait to see them play tomorrow at the festival.

Pat Akers: Ditto. ..mine from Kentucky, Tennessee. .....

tina harbison-anderson: the truth is, my daddy IS partial to cadillacs, as am i.

Diana Coy: My dad was an excellent shooter and he would go do shooting competitions (back in the 70's) on the weekends-where you won Ham's and slab Bacon, mom would slice up the bacon and fry it all up and man we'd eat like millionaires-life to me was much better back then! I wish I'd realized back then just how special those days were 

Ines Elkins: Beautiful song and I truly adore the video. My cousin did good in this one too! Love ya Theresa! :)

Jessica Tousignant: Good song

Ej Nicolson: Keeping Country Alive! Simple affective video in another age! brilliant.

Bo Wilson: Dad, was a cadilac man I sure wished he was here to drive mine !!

Rodney A Farris: 

Faith Holstein: Back when country was just that...COUNTRY

Wayne Harris: no you wert

chris kilgore: you got most of my kinfolks in that video, Danny. I talked to your mom the day yall was filming. We was up at Save-A-Lot.

Elaine Musick: My daddy was a coal miner in WV in the late 1930s and early 1940s... cannot help but cry when I hear this song !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyronne Brown: I likes that crap thats some good dam music boy


Chad Scott: one of the best concerts I ever went to 

18winsagin: Wish dad could come back, I would get him a new truck ha, he never had a new car in his life, gone 28 years if he could see the cars they have now, hmmm.

phyllis jaco: This song fit my dad too.

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