Ipi 'Ntombi Featuring Margaret Singana - The Warrior Music Video for Free!

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Dave Crause: ....since i was a little boy this song gave me the rythm and still does so today...you go Magaret....!

Pieter Diedericks: Check out this video on YouTube:

Cassian Humphreys: The 14 that didn't like this - Fags....

Joan Peterson: Love this song and album. Had the album in the 70's when I lived in the beautiful country of South Africa.

patricia doherty: Amazing show. I saw in London many years ago. Got the album and had it signed, then got burgled, and had it stolen. Heartbroken. So glad to hear it again though.BRILLIANT !!

Joan Nyenda: I love The Warriors.

Sonny Yombo: Osa Osa ooo. I have this in my loft somewhere. Beautiful song!

owen greenland: This album is so heart-warming as i9t draws one into the depths of Zulu Culture through the undeniable value of our great musicians.  Bayete!

София Соня: Offer nissim - Osa osa <3

yossi brauman: Hey people, I uploaded a video from the original Ipi Tombi production, you are welcome to watch:
And also, I'm looking for information regarding this musical. If anyone could help with information, it would be very much appreciated! yossibrauman@gmail.com

Nyirenda Lloyd: Great music south Africa has,it really cools the heart the African way.God bless Africa.

Adolphe Sapin: Thank you for these good moments. R.I.P

Glen Blignaut: Hoza Hoza julle Zulu Impi's nou toe

Tom Lasale: I love this musical since 40 years. Great songs never died

Bonaventure Djamie: Very great song!!!!

Olanrewaju Oke: FESTAC '77 (FESTIVAL of Arts and Culture) spirit held in Nigeria in 1977 lives on each time I played IPI NTOMBI tracks.

Innocenta inocenta Innocenta: never knew i will hear this again as an adult.

LN N: What a song!!!!!!!!!!

humanotwoleg: music for humans

Realtitus: my parents hear this  *LP* as i m a little child ... i missed this song :D  
so thanks for sharing =) 
and sorry for my english 

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