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EVIE NOALL: Brings back memories love this song.

Jim Green: Does anyone know who the tall singer with the alto voice was who sang Pata Pata and a few other songs in Iphi Ntombi?

Greg Lessing: ❤️

Otori Shingen: I work out to this ✌

Tam Tam: memories 😪😪 ... beautiful song

FESTUS OLAYIWOLA Akinlade: Great music good for the soul.

Armin jake: Love this musical, I was 10 years old when I saw it is Cape Town, stayed with me 'till this day.

Zukiswa Mrubata: thank you for this wonderful song

Zukiswa Mrubata: thank you for this wonderful song

Alexander Nilere: being looking for this but kept getting the modern versions

Kevin Johnson: Great to hear.... When we used to go into the Villages in Rhodesia we used to sing this song to break the tension lol Worked

masego maeci: woza woza ooo maidens sitting, sitting on their own each one thinking who is coming home ooo ...

EVZYL: I saw this in Johannesburg in 1974 when I was still living in SA. A lifetime ago!

mick mcgrath: incredible . I have an original - now warped- vinyl . I fell in love with South African music the first time I heard  Singana sing this song and saw the  show on Black and white tv . Its as brilliant as our own irish traditional music. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Murphy: I love this! beings me back to my youth in Lusaka. Thanks.

Mouohouin Patrice Kei: Vraiment je me rappelle encore comme si c était hier ....voila un exemple de combat a suivre
une lutte toujours pacifique porte ses fruits vraiment

Awesome Dragonz: My background is South African!

TheBong195: Margaret Mcingana had a beautiful voice!!!!!

Dirk Felix Ramakers: remembrence of my childhood....

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