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Apr 29 2015 by Gossips
Sonny Yombo: Osa Osa ooo. I have this in my loft somewhere. Beautiful song!

Joan Nyenda: I love The Warriors.

owen greenland: This album is so heart-warming as i9t draws one into the depths of Zulu Culture through the undeniable value of our great musicians. Bayete!

patricia doherty: Amazing show. I saw in London many years ago. Got the album and had it signed, then got burgled, and had it stolen. Heartbroken. So glad to hear it again though.BRILLIANT !!

Cassian Humphreys: The 14 that didn't like this - Fags....

София Соня: Offer nissim - Osa osa <3

Joan Peterson: Love this song and album. Had the album in the 70's when I lived in the beautiful country of South Africa.

Adolphe Sapin: Thank you for these good moments. R.I.P

Tom Lasale: I love this musical since 40 years. Great songs never died

Nyirenda Lloyd: Great music south Africa has,it really cools the heart the African way.God bless Africa.

Glen Blignaut: Hoza Hoza julle Zulu Impi's nou toe

Bonaventure Djamie: Very great song!!!!

eya roberts: never knew i will hear this again as an adult.

Olanrewaju Oke: FESTAC '77 (FESTIVAL of Arts and Culture) spirit held in Nigeria in 1977 lives on each time I played IPI NTOMBI tracks.

Leon N: What a song!!!!!!!!!!

femi femo: One of the best songs of all times. I remember FESTAC 77 in Lagos, I was barely in school at the time. Wish I knew the meaning of the words. Please does anyone know where or how I can get the lyrics to the song "The Warrior" as well as its English translation? Thanks in advance.

Samlou305: Doayon know if you can get tis album on CD - the show but the one the picture above and where from. Thanks

Peter Swale: I remember watching the live show as a nipper back in Joeys, being slightly terrified but thrilled.

Realtitus: my parents hear this *LP* as i m a little child ... i missed this song :D so thanks for sharing =) and sorry for my english 

humanotwoleg: music for humans

zimbozombo: Ipi 'Ntombi Featuring Margaret Singana - The Warrior

tuktukskagal: THIS is one of the best musicals I have seen;with the pulse of that great continent running through.Fabulous music.Thanks very;very much for uploading this,Sounds just as good today.

biggy benito: they came in IVORY COAST.. it was a great moment and i was 11 years old unforgottable

Rien Hagen: Dear Friends, My wife and I were in J'burg in 1974 and we seen Ipi Tombia in a very small theatre. We have very warm and sweet memories specialy when we hear all that fantastic singing and music. We would say thank you cast for the musical!!

Ruth Mwangi: Wonderful voices, instruments perfectly blended!!!

Karla Karcher: Does anyone know, where to get the music of the whole show?

DanielR305: I love this when u had a bad day it helps to look for a brighter future and look forward

sam loco: how great thou art mother Africa.brings back floods of gooood memories about Festac 77 in Lagos,Nigeria

Heather Dolly Bright Buchanan: When I was around 5 in the early years in South Africa my mum and dad bought this and another album, I loved it. I have 1 album (still very good condition) my brother has the other one! FANTASTIC thank you for allowing this to be played :-) x

solelve: i feel you am 4ever looking for it too, my dance group once perform it i so want to see it agen....can sum1 please upload the orignal show pretty plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rianne Rijnberg: I lived there in 1974 till 1976

Robi6942: RIP Margaret.

wbmkk: I saw the Ipi Tombi show in the 1970's and was very impressed. Eventually started working in SA and bought the LP for old times sake. Also came home to the Uk with my very own African Queen (look up Kholiwe on YouTube .. in perros Guirec)

handsomeboy490: oh yes your nationality may influence your opinion about SA musicians like makeba, thandiswa and simphiwe. what do you know about music that other pple dont? which songs of yours are better than theirs. pls upload them via youtube to sho your proof. or else shut the f#*K up.

chrisakins14: I'm glad I could listen to this music again. Wish I could see the video

WONDAWOMAN: gUESS what! I saw the production of this at the Spreckles in San Diego in the 80s when I was about 8 or 9! I have the soundtrack too. I was so excited to find it at Ameoba records!

Mai RurunaPaida: This song brings great memories. I am from Zim and during my school years we sang it in one of our inter house choir competitions

FumuJahmez: I grew up to this album!!!! Nice!

wolvesman: one of the best records ever made,i could listen to it endlessly

carlaa1325: this album came out in the early 70's, it's music from the african play ipi'ntombia, which means young woman

jasonmoffat1: When my gran came home from S.A to scotland in 1977 she brought this album home with her,it warms my heart everytime i listen to it.Beautiful just somes it up for me lekker lekker

electraglidemars: got to know the music in Nigeria (lagos , apapa) 1977 . Saw the show 1980 in Rotterdam (the netherlands ) still makes my heart fill with joy it was one the best things ever !!!!!!!

Jim McCann: Proud we stand the warrior noble for the righteous battle - Bayete, nkosi. God bless Africa!

sacoolman: Brings back many,many great memories.Thanks Ipi Tombi.

djhoerbie: It is so great music!!! Has anyone a video of this musical or a part of it? I could offer the music in cd-quality as "payment"!

tacklbery111: I saw this when I was in high school here in vegas at the old SIlver Bird hotel. Great show. Never forget it. That was almost 30 yrs ago.

Ann Wade: Joburg and then London. Wow!!

The1stBigDaddy: FESTAC '77.. Lagos Nigeria... the memories are giving me goosebumps..

Egecha Nduka: I love this song i have the movie of the play its amazing!

MrAustinpen: I have been searching for this forever, I finally found it

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