Ipi 'Ntombi Featuring Margaret Singana - The Warrior Music Video for Free!

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Greg Lessing: ❤️

Otori Shingen: I work out to this ✌

Tam Tam: memories 😪😪 ... beautiful song

FESTUS OLAYIWOLA Akinlade: Great music good for the soul.

Armin jake: Love this musical, I was 10 years old when I saw it is Cape Town, stayed with me 'till this day.

Zukiswa Mrubata: thank you for this wonderful song

Zukiswa Mrubata: thank you for this wonderful song

Alexander Nilere: being looking for this but kept getting the modern versions

Kevin Johnson: Great to hear.... When we used to go into the Villages in Rhodesia we used to sing this song to break the tension lol Worked

masego maeci: woza woza ooo maidens sitting, sitting on their own each one thinking who is coming home ooo ...

EVZYL: I saw this in Johannesburg in 1974 when I was still living in SA. A lifetime ago!

Last Mammoth: First Musical I ever saw mid '70s London . I must have been about 7-8 .
It has stayed with me ever since . 11/11 Excellent

mick mcgrath: incredible . I have an original - now warped- vinyl . I fell in love with South African music the first time I heard  Singana sing this song and saw the  show on Black and white tv . Its as brilliant as our own irish traditional music. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Murphy: I love this! beings me back to my youth in Lusaka. Thanks.

Mouohouin Patrice Kei: Vraiment je me rappelle encore comme si c était hier ....voila un exemple de combat a suivre
une lutte toujours pacifique porte ses fruits vraiment

Awesome Dragonz: My background is South African!

TheBong195: Margaret Mcingana had a beautiful voice!!!!!

Dirk Felix Ramakers: remembrence of my childhood....

Bernie EOD: In his documentary on his Gunsite Ranch. The Late Colonel Jeff Cooper said "Now it is time for some military music! Most would think John Phillip Sousa and that is fine but I prefer this!" He then put this song on and wen on to explain the respect he had for the Zulu. How every Zulu, man, woman, and child was called upon to be a warrior.

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Ipi 'Ntombi Featuring Margaret Singana - The Warrior 5 out of 5