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Jessica Rojas: súper like♥

Lauren Valentina Rios Scarpetta: bueno el disco me encanta

Romona Haskins: wow 2015 to 2011 but it's still great!

sifou mebarki: I was 5 when this came out, now I'm 29. Wow how time flies.

Lucy casarin: Hi Nikki I want to go on the Ellen Darenner-ish show with you I really want to I love love love you spot and that I know all I know all the lyrics and everything since I was been singing it since I was five I love this song so much I don't know when I hear my favorite singer and I really want to go to when your cunt cunt concerts I am 10 I just turned 10 and thank you Nikki

Karl Marx: no Feminists bitching about this video?! not surprised.. after all it's just a man that's being objectified. not that there is anything wrong with that though, it's the hypocrisy that's so retarded.

liv viberg: Nicki is life

MILANNA STIERANKA: I love you girl :-)

Alicia S: Amazing rapper damn!

christopher baudoin: j adors

Chonglee White: I Love this song so much

Maria Dallas: am i the only one that thinks her ass looks smaller in this video comparing to the newer ones ?

Melanie Guzman: I love Nicky minaj

Felix Jonsson: i am a nicki fan:)

Caridad Gainza: unico e favoloso

Bethany Joy (Bethxpenn): Ahh😍😍😍

eric BAUDRY: je te kiff trop avec ton nouveau albom

Hatake kakashi_h: 我爱麻辣鸡!!

Thayanon Pongsiri: I like her hair

Chalo Tadeo: nicki minaj is soo freakin hott i would freak her brains out

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