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joselito trufil: nice one

Evan Minaj: Iconic song, iconic video! Nicki Minaj I'm so proud of you, she's a legend!

Nantawan Eiadkeaw: listen in 2017

林奕妘: 被這群人毒進來的

Frisk The Human: better than the song anaconda tho

mariela López: Nicki is it true that u have a god sister my friend daeisha said she went on tour with u and asked if we can be god sister

Sabrina Santos: vvh

ชื่อคน นามสกุลมนุษย์ค่ะ: likeeee 2017

MARISOL ADAME: Me fasinas nicky minaj😍🙈

lovin life: this song was made 7 years ago.....feel old yet

FashionFrenzy Z: niki is the only one that looks like she gonna beat the crap out of somebody and the other girls are smiling

Kimberly Gabriel: 👍🔥💯

Ariana Kristelll: listening in 1/26/17

alicia torres: I love you Nicki Ninag I am a very big fan

Stromboli: I wish I could live inside this music video

Annastasia Blake: l

Annastasia Blake: p

Annastasia Blake: p

Incendiary Angel: I like playing this at full volume with ear buds in.

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Nicki Minaj - Super Bass 5 out of 5