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Oct 09 2014 by MP3 player
Joshua Pereira: WTF is wrong with YouTube, how does this video have more than 400 million views when there is approx, 7 million people living in the world???

Ivy Luna: i would go lez for her

Brooklynn 2Flyy4Life Angeliqué Fontressé: All you Nicki-haters; if Iggy Azalea, even if I still like her, is better than Nicki, please show me one of Iggy's videos that has more views than this video, Super Bass, cause incase you blind hoes can't see, this song has 437,951,350 views. PLEASE show me one video of Iggy's that has that many, or more.

TTCAmerican: How does this have 437 million views when there are only 7 billion people on earth??:0

RezAIIDay: Nicki Minaj has a amazing flow on this beat, this video is so creative and the hook is catchy af! Im an artist excelling each day from my song 'CRAZY' its getting mad hits. If you could take some time to check it? and maybe subscribe it will help me closer to my dream :) thanks for your time.. peace 

BoomBaDoom: Nicki looks really different in this vid! Well mainly where she has the pink hair and the denim shorts. The rest she looks like the Nicki we know. One of her best songs!

Motaz Taamneh: Iggy>> nicki

rcinglad: iggy is better

Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong: Oh How i hate people who say "Why does this video have 400+ Million views when the world has only 7 million people?" I dont understand their childhood. Can they please go through history lessons or they are just 5 year olds.

joe billage: The Ryism & Sons Corporation is a multi billion dollar international illegal arms trading organization participating in firearms transport and trade internationally illegially. 

Shirley Lim: Take a look at this video on YouTube:

sarah mc hugh: Did anyone see the illuminati symbol at 2:61?

Kylie Kardashian: I am Nicki Mianj

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is so addicting. i love the beat its so catchy. love the flow. I'm getting popular quickly because I rap about real life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your balls...

Mortalfulofcuriosity: She is the future of this generation, 1,071,398 people will be like here, if not they already are. How do you like her or respect her? Most guys just want to bang her to show dominance that you are my bitch and take some of here money. She is not romantic, attractive other than that big fat ass, breast implants not natural, she ever gone through hard labor or a real job like other females do and IQ what does she know other than babble in her video and nobody cares about here lyrics and the meaning of here lyrics not even herself as long as it rhymes with the music, it's all good, but the message of the song good or bad ( I don't think she has conscience, other than don't commit murder) is irreverent because music in these days, it's all meaningless sounds, repetitiveness, and little rhyming. Now, I am not saying that these things were not in the past music, but the qualities and understandable lyrics are greater than now, and that includes rap or hip hop, pop, rock in the 90s and 80s (even though I was born in 1989) was the best, especially they spoke the words clearly and meaningfully. Look, she is parasite like the kardashians to this society, and corrupting young people's mind. Alright, that's enough, just can't wait see here perish from here fame, and that includes the other two whitey, Bieber and Cyrus, eh IDC

Veronica Alvarez: The most viewed on youtube is on the floor j lo ft pitbull at all time Check^

Rodrigo Rosas: when nicki minaj was normal...

CheesyTV: This song is great until it gets to the chorus which is so generic and boring. I remember the first time I heard this on the radio I was really getting into the song, then it gets to the chorus and I'm like what?? What a let down!

Joce KayCee: i swear to god i am the only person in my group of friends that liked this damn song

David Pearce: speak english ya hoe bag

James Wood: is it just me or do some of the back up dancers look like munters, like no i wouldn't 

ปรมัตถ์ คุณมี: มาจาก เดอะว้อยครับ

Barbie Roberts: I love this song still

Andrew Zhang: I miss her old songs... Don't like anaconda

Brew Drinking Gamer: Will everyone f**k off with this "There's only 7million people in the world" bullsh*t. It's getting old really quick...

Kamila Cullen: The boners the guys must have xD 

Samuel Schmidt: I learned three things in this video: 1. Way to much silicone (if you know what I mean) 2. Nicki can't dance 3. Nikki can't sing. 

DaylightOwlXI: I saw this even I was like... 10 or 11. Now watching this again, I feel like my childhood is re-ruined.

Derps Uploads: •better then iggy•

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is so addicting. i love her style its dope. I'm getting popular fast because of my song Rap Titan.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...

Fallen But Saved: why is there a full Spanish advertisement on youtube in the united states? when was the national language abolished?

Joker's Apprentice: What does she say at 0:38?

cowsparks: this song reminds me of 2011 so much its almost devastating

Paige Sanders: Mix - Nicki Minaj - Super Bass: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

wendy jazmin: MALDITA NEGRA OPERADA........... DAS ASCO

dylon brady: What the freak did o just listen to 

k emps: Emily I still love you, I want to work things out, and I know if you are reading this, part of you does too.

котя в шапочке: Eminem-god,West-king,Nicki-Quin 

The T Clan: Wttfffffffff is this music????????

Rodney Green: Reply actions and I have been a long term care for their children and adults with an emphasis is a good time and effort into your life is to make sure you have a good thing just as much of the world

yashanda dunston: You ugly and your body is fack

Bouachra Yassine: How could this kind of crap have all those viewers ....

Trustin Christ: Did anyone else ever notice that the thin stars wear this stuff on TV, but in real life the only people you ever see in these clothes are the 700 pound women at the grocery store?

Firewand2235: One thing I really like about this song is unlike a lot of other songs they it doesn't portray black men as sexual bests who only care about ass and tits.

itscindymarks: freak this thirty year old nigger with ass implants. freaking Latina and Asian wannabe. This music is soft and garbage. Bitch can't sing, dance or rap for crap. Kill yourself, Nicki Minaj. You're ugly and fake as freak, attention seeking hoe. Barbie dolls aren't fat like you, piece of crap. Stop trying to look like one, roostersucking whore.

Hidef Manstop: Illuminati exposed 0:39, she says yes I did while she keeps one hand on her eye.

Matthew Mackenzie: Every artist from 1900-1999 > Nicki

Elena Fernández Romero: Como una puta de nuevo

nashee anjel: so this is where coco montrese got her snatch game runway look from

Akhil O' Neal: I wonder why this video and anaconda have so many veiws!...... Maybe it's because of a plastic stripper..

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