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kiara Fernandez: las tipas en tanga

Ådagiõ ShineTM: Omg I love this song <3

A Pet Named Steve: the people who disliked this are the people who could never rap the entire song in middle school

Janoy Jones: Nicki need that need diamond

Selina B ClarkSurge: i love it can you keep up with it ? i can

tutorialesymasconpancho xd: simplemente puteria y zorrismo me encantaaaa

Vilu Castillo: #RoastYourself

Stella Wembley: Bleah

Joseph Espiritu: huh

Brian Ruane: What a freaking TURNIP, here is some Irish word's you can put into your next NUM SKULL sh1t song, TIOCFAIDH AR LA.

Apenas uma K-Popper: Jogo no Just Dance até hoje 😂

Mila milongas: October 2017?


Dav'Kessia Hill: her ass is fake

Natalie Cabell: 2017 Anyone??

Kathrine Jones: (.. )
| |\
| |

Manuel Almonte: me gusta Nicki minaj

Gene: Are you guys in love?

Arda Korkmaz: QUEEN OF RAP😍

Amauri Lima: 2017???

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