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Feb 25 2014 by MP3 player
Zach Harlan: Super Bass

Russell Perry: My Queeeeeeeen

Samantha Kelch: dat neon tho. . .

Carita Reid: I remember these songs....good days :3

Ben Fisher: nicki minaj is one smart business women. nicki is worth more than drake, more than rick ross, more than legends like Nas even. I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of Nicki Minaj's current sound, but good for her that she's actually making legit money in a very tough state in this industry while most rappers that want you to think there worth $50 million plus are pushing around $1 million to $4 million if they are extremely fortunate even. 

Amin Taha: Nice ass...

MsMinnieMouse513: i love you nicki so much i cant even put it into words i have been with you since you since you were at 4,000 subscribers and i love you so much!!!! freak all those haters they should just go away because no one hates you your too awesome!

Yeng Pu: Nicki Minaj stole this from Jane Goodall. She used it to communicate with chimpanzees.

fckingkim: I only listen to your songs because I hope you'll accidentally mention the name of that plastic surgeon who did that ASS. I could really use some help with my pancake ass. 

SEATTLE BEST: I bet it takes a whole roll of paper to wipe her fat ass

BlazingXbox1080: Like in every Nicki Minaj song, something is Pepto Bismol!

King Solomon: I wanna slap all those viewers including myself for coming here, is this really what you dumb freaks call music ?! I'm sure if a deaf person could hear this he/she would rather go back to not hearing crap . If you are reading and I have offended in a way Good .

viki neymar: Lol i remember me and my cuzzin next to everyone singing this :P still in love with this song

Melanie Marrero: man buffet :d...

Jessica Frank: I love this song 

Tiffany Stewart: wow tbh i love this song and video plus that neon was real nice this video tho <3

Tomás Nierenberger: where is the super bass?

psyzymonkey13: 1:31, what is in this glass? Pepto Bismol ?

Camilo Cadena: Nicki 400millones, congratulations my love!

Joel Charles: Just awful. 2/10 would not download.

annabelle mcmillion: best song ever

Cayliani Ellis: Cool I love it April Fools just kidding

Mizter Horney: sometimes i hide under my blanket and pretend i'm a carrot

thebestpessimistx: Whenever I hear this I think of Sue Sylvester :/ lmfao

Morgan G: 0:38 lol her voice 

London Jackson: You got that super bass

Andi android: ya... very nice...

tomokonbeef17: MY MEGA HIT SONG!! very sexy .

DeletedNinja754: Don't like this type of music like I used to but it's still awesome XD lol

suzanne hyder: I hate this song

NongSom From HaraZ'a: I love Nicki Minaj

Daniel Holmes: Super Bass a so very very good song. Nicki Minaj sexy, very good look, hot. I so tolled would freak Nicki Minaj all day long. 

DANIEL WILLIAMS: wat the freak is she saying????

Silindile Thobela: No! Ur makeup is 2 much shak dat bodie just like dat plz write me back luv u wrk dat ass

budi rahman: SO COLORFULL !!!!! EXICTED!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainbow Raptor: I'm gonna be honest here. I like the Beatles, Queen, Journey, Led Zeppelin...I like myself some good music. And, to be honest, this song is cute. It sounds cute, has all these nice colors in it, and the message is clear. Her more recent work isn't all that...good? But this. This, I like.

حسين الشيخ: follow me plz @hossen187

Aumarika Luehong: good><

Renan MBL: love nicki

Denis Nickolov: Nicki's net worth: 45.000.000 $ Your net worth : 20 $ SO STFU and get lost! :) 

1dlover: your my favs nicki

Lorena Duarte: Love you Nick Minaj, me sou Brasil and Love you rsrsrsrs loveee you sexy RSrsrsrsrs ♥

keanan goddard: This song brings back so kany memorys! Nicki Minaj Had Helped So Many People.. Young Gay Boys First, And Soo Many Young Girls To Get Through Ah Hard Knock Life! Or Maybe Even Just A Tough Situation!! ...She Is Has Conquered The Game #QueenNick

Andrew Gomez: lil chukee singing in the backround

jada richardson: good pickle

Ariconshey Hooks: Id she fake for real

Dewayne Denis: Nicki Minaj made 2010-11 a fun year with this song and the Album

Mariana Bowen: she is like

Razni Yukti Andiyani: so the reff is boom brum boom boom? freak with this song...

isaac Williams: Dam she fine! And a body!!

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