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Aug 22 2014 by MP3 Download
Ariana Grande For Life: Fake bitch, everything about her is fake, fake hair, fake ass, fake boobs. She needs to retire already instead of her being a whore in front of a camera.

Ivy Luna: i would go lez for her

Motaz Taamneh: Iggy>> nicki

rcinglad: iggy is better

Joshua Pereira: WTF is wrong with YouTube, how does this video have more than 400 million views when there is approx, 7 million people living in the world???

Rafael Baldini: This is 10,000,000x better than Anaconda 👊

LuckyMusiqLive: she is a dope rapper, love her style. i dont care what anyone says.. she is WILD. I'm getting known quickly because i rap about real life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your balls

Dawn Breaker: *Why does god allow Nicki to live?* *Shes just a waste of oxygen.*

RezAIIDay: Nicki Minaj got that ass!! she is an amazing talent to. Im beginning to become an big name and my song 'CRAZY' is gaining alot of attention! If you could spare 2min? to check it out and my music it would mean the world :) thank you

ieatbabyclowns: How does this got 425 milion view s if only 70 milion people in world? you tube is dum if they think we wont notic LOL

SikKidMusic: Our generations freakED up... It's sad nicki minaj uses her ass to get publicity in her new song "Anaconda" etc...Thumbs up if you agree! - I also make music myself, I make songs about life, not songs with half naked girls shaking there ass smh. 

trickserOFtricksAJ: This is literally the only good song she made.

BrickeyD: Complete and utter trash ass crap!!! Why the freak do people watch and listen to this crap ass freaking whore ass music!!!

LuckyMusiqLive: she is such a good rapper, i love her style, i dont care what anyone says. shes WILD. im getting popular fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet.....

Bazze: *LEAKED* Footage of Nicki Minaj on my channel! *EXPOSED* MUST SEE.

Mortalfulofcuriosity: She is the future of this generation, 1,071,398 people will be like here, if not they already are. How do you like her or respect her? Most guys just want to bang her to show dominance that you are my bitch and take some of here money. She is not romantic, attractive other than that big fat ass, breast implants not natural, she ever gone through hard labor or a real job like other females do and IQ what does she know other than babble in her video and nobody cares about here lyrics and the meaning of here lyrics not even herself as long as it rhymes with the music, it's all good, but the message of the song good or bad ( I don't think she has conscience, other than don't commit murder) is irreverent because music in these days, it's all meaningless sounds, repetitiveness, and little rhyming. Now, I am not saying that these things were not in the past music, but the qualities and understandable lyrics are greater than now, and that includes rap or hip hop, pop, rock in the 90s and 80s (even though I was born in 1989) was the best, especially they spoke the words clearly and meaningfully. Look, she is parasite like the kardashians to this society, and corrupting young people's mind. Alright, that's enough, just can't wait see here perish from here fame, and that includes the other two whitey, Bieber and Cyrus, eh IDC

catherine tong: 'Tis okay. After fulling listening it to it, and paying attention completely, it sounds like one of her best because she actually sings in her nice voice. Her rapping sounds like whining a bit. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Valentine Milliand: WHY

GedaliahBenIsrael: This is what you blacks and hispanics want your daughters to aspire to? This is crap looks like it came straight from one of those twisted adult swim cartoons. Leviticus 19:29 Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness. This is why black and hispanic communities are destroyed! WHORE-DOM

megalizardfish: miley is an angel compared to this

Derps Uploads: •better then iggy•

Antonio Laínez: The ONLY good song from nicki good lyrics good rhythm the others pure trash

Brittany Habelitz: 1:03 Pants are opened because her ass is too big to zip that crap up haha.

Emre yaylacı: what kind of creature is that

Dolly Joseph: wooooow, she looks really young here than how she does in the anaconda video

Walternumnuts: This bitch is sooooooo fake. 

Eva Creed: I really hate the people who diss her because of her butt and stuff. Yeh that may be true, she's getting publicity because of her butt, but she had a traumatic last life and she achieved this for her mother. You have to respect her, don't just judge her cause of her butt.

Laura Robinson: :)

cowsparks: this song reminds me of 2011 so much its almost devastating

Hidef Manstop: Illuminati exposed 0:39, she says yes I did while she keeps one hand on her eye.

willow pony: Your write cuz have you seen her new video it's freaking racist about skinny people!!! freaking hell bitch!!!!!

Sean Medvinsky: How can there be more than 420 million views if it's only 11:26pm?

S Kroenke: Niki is an awesome person no doubt, my only issue is her songs. they confuse the crap out of me so much. the rhythm and beat are bad ass don't get me wrong. i just listen to music to relate to it. anyone have a song they think is a good one by her?

Arianna Hernanadez: Nicki will always be better than iggy Love you nicki 💙💕💯

Mileena Hasashi: I love this song 


sophia loves bridgit mendler: watch bridgit mendler's ready or not and hurricane

Rafael Johnson: 2 words. What happended?

TheMazzken: This is the Nicki Minaj i miss not SOME freakEN ANACONDA!

Fairy Tail 101: It's funny when she spills the drink on the guy and he's like OH HELL NAW

Jello Krunch: I want to do innapropiate things to her 😍

Sarah Biegger: Can someone please tell me how old she was in this video? She seems younger.. I know there is a two year difference but like late teens early twenties?

Ana Fiorella Trelles: when nicki minaj wasn't fat..

sabrinaa hicks: I love nikki she so great my favorite colors pink to

ZackFairIImetin2: More like Superb Ass lol

iSK' Wize: Stop recommending me this bull crap, YouTube!

Danica Jovic: Idk what people say, I like how she raps, i think it's the ideal job for her cause i think she's the best woman rapper. So freak you all jealous bitches. Idk does she have fake ass/boobs. But if it's what she likes, it's her way/her style, w/e. And all of you people who don't like her, why watching this? Gtfo from her videos and no hate

asdfkle8: andre iggydolla>>iggy>>miley

MrBioSnack: 0:41 freak that nigger GET TERRY CREWS UP IN THIS BITCH

Aurel Garrison: Nicki is not fake back off. iggy is not better nicki beyonce ciara and jenet is all better than iggy so back of nicki bebe

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