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Jun 11 2014 by Music agent
LuckyMusiqLive: shes is a dope rapper. i love her style, shes WILD. her expressions in this video are crazy, straight up superstar persona. I'm getting popular quickly because i rap with meaning about life.. thumbs up if you piss in the middle of the water to assert dominance

Glenn Quagmire: 0:39 smh

RezAIIDay: Nicki Minaj is amazing. this song is catchy af and i like the way the video is colourful. im getting popular quick because i rap real. if you could spare 2min? to check my music it would mean the world :) thank you

CookieLlama: How can anyone like this whore, the fact that she barely even sings in her real voice and uses Autotune in every video, just disgusts me. Her outfits, LOL, Don't get me started on that. She acts like a slut, Over does her looks, and fakes her music videos. freak this, i'm out.

selena Sweet: 0.39 Illuminati bitch

OTM Channel - Peter H.: We did it barbz and kenz! 400 million views. :O

ruby V.I.P: shes so cute ...but damn thats an ass

Lois Smith: Help! The LSD is making me go crazy, my friend died from the drugs, I'm really excited about that, I'm in a sex dungeon and my kitty is wet, today is my daughters 7th birthday, we're going to disneyland to celebrate...

YoungA170: I'm an upcoming rapper can you guys give my music a listen in my page

Lily Williamson: I dislike this song and Nicki Minaj...

ivy luna: i would go lez for her


Laura Robinson: :)

Kieran Brennan: Lol I haven't heard this song in ages ;)

Nicki Mianj: I am Nicki Mianj

SuperHorseman22: she is a reptile look at her eyes and part of the illumaniti

alex dragonhaven: someone shoot this nigga in the head she is freakin ratchet

LuckyMusiqLive: shes a good rapper. this video is so dope too. shes got such a crazy style lol. im getting known fast because i rap with meaning .. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your nuts

BrickeyD: Complete and utter trash ass crap!!! Why the freak do people watch and listen to this crap ass freaking whore ass music!!!

Brittany Habelitz: 1:03 Pants are opened because her ass is too big to zip that crap up haha.

raymundo osorio: Ugly bitch! Skank!

Jasmine Liz: How many wigs does she have? 1 for every day of the week? Wow... she's too ashamed for her natural hair.

Dirty Harry: Should I be ashamed to admit I like this song?

Alisson Gomes: She have a big ass, but... WTF is that sound coming out of her mouth??? Stop singin and go make so porn, hoe

Hugo Ruiz: "Hip hop is in a crisis...everyone looks good, sound good, the beats are dope, the videos are amazing, the cars are shinning, the rims are spinning, the money is flowing, the liquor is spilling, but we are not really talking about anything in mass when you look at the commercial side of hip hop and those commercial venues" - Lupe Fiasco 

Nathaniel Muliaina: Nicki Minaj ❤ Haterz could you like kill yourself? Lol

Raman Razrola: I did Vomit ... sorry can't hold it while watching this BS ..... 

Deborah Stark: I only watch to see her sexy ass

steinwegj: Give that freaking bitch a headshot!

Colleen Desiles: Spéciale dédicace à Max

Nsanityy Skyy: People who listens to this does not listen to music

TankitUP101: Wait.. Does Super Bass just mean SuperB ass? Like she likes superb asses. 

Bianca Franco: Nicki Minaj!!!!!

Kaoru Hitachiin: Bart Baker got me here :0 


Carl TheNirvanafan: She looks like a freaking clown she should go live with the juggalos she'd fit in with those trash ass hillbillies.

Borja Molina Rosa: 2014, I still hearing. HOLY crap!

DoctorWhoFan10: Her face looks like she had too many happy meals....

Gabi Fun-Time: Guys just stop the hate, if you don't like her then don't watch her, and stop begging ppl to sub you on every video...

ashley gray: Shes so pretty in this 1. I wanna be a dancer, learn the piano, and be a singer!!!

Arianna Style: Beuatiful nicki minaj 👅👅

Its Treezy Or TrLz: Her asss mmmmmm

Maria Urie: I think she's better in singing than in rap.

Catalina Miller-Dueck: *Who really gets a butt job? I mean really, it doesn't make you look any better. Is it supposed to make you look sexier or something? Because if your trying to, it just looks bad.*

João Guilerme Ceccon Ceccon: this is why i don't use drugs

Slickdize: 420M views, Young Money :D

LCproductions: I think Nicki Minaj is a good rapper and all, but this song is meaningless.

NONEYA BIZNUSS: I thought of those brother on Americas got talent because GIRL SHE RATCEEEET

Henclass: 2:19 is the part where the good part starts 

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