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Makenzze Edwards: I'd rather listen to this instead of her rap can't even understand her but trap queen I'd better than this

J RENNA: Her and safari at the end tho ❤️

Charvie Shukla: yuck chee moti pagal idiot poty aunty

Bunchy Beef889: does she die her hair or wig

Alexis Joynes: Think this is one of her top 5 hits!

Marie Lolo: I like

Ryuku Jordison: Thanks Glee, and thanks cousin for make this song horrible for me

Gabriela Lux: I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!

Camille R: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass:

It never Ends: Im not really into this music i like alternative music more but i got to say i like this song and Nikki is very beautiful. 

Alicia Dena: I love her music

Prankoholics tv: Cinco de mayo

I Sir Laughsalot: Wow! Male and female objectification in the same video! She accomplished the impossible!

Isabella Quintana: Awesome

FrozenFearification: No one notices that "Super Bass" spells "Superb Ass"

Robert Richards: I kove this song

happy cat lover😸: Favs😸👍

Riley Freeman: I swear one of those freaking dancers was a freaking man

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