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Leila Nemir: omfg this music was post 6 years ago

hidan sama: thx Nicki minaj this is my favorite song

Kaylen Robinson: I cannot believe Ester Dean your back up singer

Bunny Cakes Aj: the glowing light part is really ugly and scary

ToroidalVortexLove: "He might sell coke", nothing like influencing your daughters to freak with career criminals who sell poison to their people and may end up in jail leaving you with the kids. As long as he has money and abs, who gives a freak about his morals, right? Can't believe these lyrics are in a pop song with 585,510,542 views. Listen to Lauryn Hill and pray your daughters aren't already addicted to this trash. foh smh

Sik-K Xitsuh: 1:17 those guys so hot.

Zaineb Amal: who watching this in may ?

xbass games: me

xbass games: i got super bass in my rainmeter skin

David Limonka: +NickyMinajAtVEVO How Do I Listen And Download This Song?

Cosmin Bîrsei: lol

Wiz Khalifa: More like Superb Ass. Smoking a blunt to this song right now. Luckymusiqlive is the best up and coming hiphop artist out right now. thumbs up if you smoke weed........

Daisy Segura: Memories

damian lyman: She has a major obsession with pepto bismol pink

Aliyah Julie: She is so precious

Gabriell Pereira Da Silva Moraes: love you

Porchia Pickett: THROW 🔙 👏👏👏💟

Emma Spagnoli: it would be nice if she could actually sing. not talk.

Lark Oliver: WHO IS WATCHING IN 2016!!!!!

Gabriel Smith: Illuminati confirmed

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