Diplomats feat Camron, Jim Jones & Santana - crunk music

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annebeth66: Dipset come out and PLAY!

RICKYY !: Bout to whoop t.i's punk ass

vProfessor SGB: This was sh*t back on the day

Dante daniel Lane: jim got three flows for this song he n cam dope cam outclasses thou,jim with the chourus damn

Cameron Stepina: woo woo wah wah beep beep

Cameron Stepina: hootie hooooooo

Cameron Stepina: ricochet rabbit

Cameron Stepina: move cause we in the move to fight

Cameron Stepina: rock and roll like bon jovi

789tundra: I like how this vid is based off the warriors movie btw who is the hot girl with the blond wig!

Coke N Rum: why the hell he gotta chain.lolm he gonna spank somebody with it and somebody will grab it. lol

Konan Paper Angel: pickle,pickle,pickle,pickle,pickles

Orions Belt: this the Dipset I freak with not the ones who jumped and killed me long ago respect to the Diplomats off the real crap they crank still so does Juelz Santana great group

Remy Steel: killa a kill nigga you thinking bout harming me....

Thaddeus Hutchison: One Word To Describe Me? Spectacular! Yes.

This song goes hard, I used to listen to this daily.

John Starks: Who else thinks camron ruined this song....

Nuno Cardoso: Dipset, let's go!

Cholla Springs: the pastor got hit but not by DMX this time around

Jesus Is Lord: hi

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